Hello November 

On the first of every month I have decided to make a post with a reflection of the previous month and then talk about what I hope from the following month, and have a ‘hello’ series. I think this would be nice to look back on in a years time to see how my emotions have changed, after all I want this to be an online diary and this is a good start to that. Expect these posts to be a bit of a monthly emotional ramble.

Autumn makeup for the best time of year

So October. My favourite month of the year because Autumn is my favourite season and this month certainly didn’t disappoint. I have barely been in my house, my calendar has been full to the brim and I have had the best time, potentially one of the best times I have had all year. In addition to this some huge life changes have happened and I have been so genuinely happy.

Autumn- St Stephens Green

This month has been the month of friends, and even though some of the time it has been a negative outlook on them, they have predominantly been the biggest and best support network I have in my life. I have focused a lot of my time this month into making and spending time with them, and it has made me incredibly happy. Since starting college I have had more free time and so have they so it has been lovely to see my closest friends more inside and out of lessons, especially as most of my friends are not taking the same subjects as me. On the topic of friends, there has also been maybe the biggest (and probably the most unexpected) change of my year within the last two weeks, but for the sake of ‘early days’ and privacy I choose and will not be talking about that topic anytime soon. Although I did feel the need to mention it briefly, purely for the sake of it has most certainly been the best moment of my month.

Due to Halloween, I have really been working hard on my makeup artistry and luckily I have had the opportunity to do other peoples makeup within the last 4 weeks alongside the usual of my own. This month I have done 4 main looks, all of which I absolutely loved and I hope they did as well. The first was a deer inspired face on my gorgeous best friend Emily, the second was a Halloween mermaid for my stunning friends Libby’s party, a crying look to help with my friend Eves art project and I also took the time to complete a rainbow highlight look on myself (which you would have seen if you follow my Instagram).

As you will have seen if you have read any of my previous posts, towards the end of the month me and my family travelled to Dublin for a mini weekend escape in my favourite city. It was a fantastic couple of days, and they were very much needed, and to top everything off on the last night there I plucked up the courage (which I was trying to muster all weekend) to launch this blog. This is an incredibly cliché thing to say however I was and still am genuinely blown away by every single one of your supportive comments, it was so overwhelming to have people who I both know and don’t contact me with such lovely and kind words.

And here we are in November. This month is slightly less busy than the last but there are still a few events in my diary which I am excited about whilst writing this. My aim for the next month is to focus more on my college studies alongside all the fun social things, as I have certainly let that slide a little bit in the last month and I need to re focus my attention. I haven’t got any trips away planned, so it will be lovely to stay at home and spend time finishing off the decorations in my bedroom as well. Regardless of what the next month brings, I hope I am as happy as I have been in October.  

‘We were God in our eyes, above the clouds above the skies’


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