Kat Von D: Brand Insight 

I really want to inject more beauty into my blog, but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t make it a ‘classic beauty blog’. Makeup artistry is my passion and I don’t want to completely ignore it but equally I also don’t want people who view my page to automatically perceive it as a beauty blog. So I’m not sure how to slowly add touches of my love for makeup, but I thought this was a good place to start. However if anyone who takes the time to read this has any suggestions, please let me know! Looking in my makeup drawer I have come to the conclusion that I stick to particular brands that I trust and love, therefore I do have clusters of a businesses where I have a lot to talk about. So every once in a while I’m going to do a ‘brand insight’ on one of these brands and discuss my favourites and sometimes products that don’t work for me either.

So starting with Kat Von D, in case you aren’t aware she is an incredibly talented tattoo artist who in 2008 launched her own self titled makeup range. Personally, she is one of my biggest makeup inspirations however I have only really been exposed to her brand recently when I went to the US on holiday. When I got the chance to go to Sephora I went a bit crazy for the stand, and came out with many different products that have been hard to get if you are a UK beauty addict. Although luckily for us, Kat Von D has recently launched her products in debenhams so it is a lot easier to buy them now.

Probably the brands most cult product is the shade and light palette. This a powder contour set with three matte highlight shades and three matte contour shades. In my opinion, this is not only the best Kat Von D product I own but also the best contour kit. Due to it being a powder, it is so much easier to blend and use than a cream which means I lean towards it more for day to day use. I have a pale to medium skin tone, and the only shade I do not use is ‘lucid’, which is the darker highlight shade on the right of the palette. The darkest contour shade ‘sombre’ is too dark for me however I use this shade as my crease colour on my eyes most days, so I still get enough use out of it. As you can see by the images, I have hit pan on the ‘subconscious’ shade, I use it most days as it is the perfect grey toned contour (that doesn’t look muddy). It is quite a pricey product at £36.00 but personally I think it is worth every penny.  

Another very famous product from Kat Von D and especially popular in the beauty community is the tattoo liner in the shade ‘trooper’, which is a matte black liquid eyeliner. It has a very flexible felt tip end, which makes it incredibly easy to create a winged liner look. It claims to be waterproof and although I can’t prove that, I wear winged eyeliner most days and I have never had a problem with the eyeliner smudging, and I usually wear it for up to 9 hours at a time (for sixth form), suggesting that it is pretty water/budge proof. The only thing I would say is I have to set it with a matte black eyeshadow, purely to ensure that the deep black colour stays throughout the day as it does have a tendency to fade to a slate grey, although for me personally that doesn’t bother me because I usually set my eyeliner anyway regardless of brand.

Although not a completely new product for the brand but did have a relaunch in the summer of this year, the lock it foundation is an incredibly heavy courage matte finish foundation. One thing I love about this foundation is the amount of shades available, there is literally a shade to suit everyone including a complete white which is an incredible for a brand to even consider, let alone launch. I also adore the packaging, its so edgy but chic at the same time and it is so practical for someone who travels with their kit a lot. For example the pump has a cap (with the logo on) so the foundation doesn’t leak in your makeup bag. Now I really want to love this foundation, because whenever I wear it my skin looks flawless and I get so many compliments however it does appear to break me out more than other foundations that I own so I can only wear it when I go for a night out so its not on my face too long. From talking to people who own this foundation, it either really breaks you out or it doesn’t at all… so I think it’s a risk that the customer has to take. If possible, I would request a sample before you buy the full sized to avoid that problem.

Shade light 44

Liquid lipsticks have become so popular recently, and for incredibly good reason. They last for hours, easy to apply and the colour ranges are amazing. Most brands are jumping onto the band wagon and Kat Von D is not exception to that. I own three of their ‘everlasting liquid lipsticks’ in the shades Lolita, bow and arrow and echo.

Lolita- deep brown toned pink shade

Bow and arrow- true brown toned nude

Echo- very deep blue shade

I find that the liquid lipsticks aren’t too drying, but are more drying than the average matte lipstick. Although they do last so much longer than an average lipstick, for example when I am at sixth form I only re apply these once in the 8/9 hour days so they last for an incredibly long time without flaking or transferring, which is amazing. I find that echo (the deep blue) does come off quicker than the other two but that is understandable considering the nature of the colour. I do only wear this shade for my makeup photography, so it doesn’t affect me as its only on my lips for a short amount of time usually.

Lolita, bow and arrow and echo (left to right)

(Left to right) Lolita, bow and arrow and echo

In conclusion, Kat Von D is an incredible brand and every product that I have tried I would happily repurchase and recommend to others. Is there any other products from the brand that I must try? Please let me know


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