Missing Miami 

It’s a cold November evening, pouring down outside and I am sat on the sofa after spending all day doing homework. As much as I love Autumn this time of year always drags, as it’s too wintery to be Autumn but it’s not festive and Christmas time yet. Mocks are around the corner, and this week has been pretty challenging to say the least. So I’m very much missing Florida and the sun on my face every day like I had back in July. When I travelled to the US earlier in the year, my blog hadn’t launched however I always had the fact that I could share these photos in the back of my mind, so I had my camera out constantly and was always snapping away trying to get the perfect shot.

For a few days when we were travelling, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Miami, which I am very grateful for. Miami is most certainly the place of sun, sea and sand, but I can equally see why it’s know as one of Americas biggest party cities. The day lasts 24 hours there, and nothing ever seems to slow down. Honestly, I was apprehensive to go to Miami because I thought it would make me feel like a small fish in a very large (and very beautiful) pond, however everyone had their own vibe and it was probably one of the most inspiring places I have ever travelled to. I came away feeling very tired, but very refreshed and also bursting with new ideas.

Feeling very swish on the boardwalk


We stayed in the fountain bleu hotel, which is right on the south beach. This hotel is gorgeous, and was actually part of the set for a James Bond film… Which definitely gave it the 5 star touch for me. I loved the little details, such as the colour changing floor in the bar and the huge chandeliers that you couldn’t help but stare at. We didn’t get chance to go to the pools because they were so busy and we wanted to explore, however they looked incredible and if I ever get the chance to go back I definitely want to plan in a relaxing day in one of the huge round sun loungers.

A gorgeous view to wake up to

I will be the first to admit that I adore shopping and when it comes to retail therapy Miami certainly does not disappoint. At first I presumed that the streets would be lined with very high end boutiques (Chanel etc) and although a lot of the shops were on the designer side, there were also an overwhelming number of ‘normal’ shops. Lincoln road was the best place we found to shop, and it seemed to be the central place with many other roads coming off it. Whilst shopping, I found my first ever Ulta and if you are a British makeup addict like me you will know how amazing it was to have a browse and see what was on offer. I loved it, and we need them in the UK!  
Miami is famous for its beautiful stretches of beach, so whilst we were visiting we had to spend some time there. It was far too hot to sunbathe during the day, so we decided to go down closer to sunset when it was slightly cooler (and also less people). That was an incredibly good decision, as it was so relaxing and peaceful to sit whilst there were very few people around.

Potentially the most beautiful place

Something I was incredibly proud of when I was away was having the confidence and ability to wear a bikini in public, without feeling self conscious of my figure or weight. It was an absolutely incredible feeling to be not only comfortable but confident in my skin and have photos taken without the embarrassment or fear of people seeing me like that. I’m proud of my figure and who I am, and if you can’t wear a bikini on Miami beach where on earth can you? I touched on it earlier in my post but I think one of the reasons why I was so comfortable was because everyone there was different and not acting like they cared about what anyone else thinks of them. I had built up an image of Miami in my head of beautiful, tall and slim girls lining every street and me feeling so out of place however that couldn’t be any less of the case.

I’m secretly missing my long princess hair 🙁

Probably the most inspiring place I have been to all year was Wynwood walls, on the outskirts of Miami. This is a upcoming art décor suburb, and although some parts are underwhelming (as they are still being developed), the main section was breathtaking and like nothing I have ever seen before. The basics of the idea is each artist gets commissioned to create a wall, and all of these walls are placed together in an outdoor art gallery where people can walk around and take photos etc. I adored the concept, and I especially adore that people have taken matter into their own hands and have started putting graffiti on doors and floors outside the main attraction. This has in itself created a little art village and wherever you look there is something to see.


One thing that was slightly disappointing about Miami in my opinion was the food and drink. I was expected lots of individual, quirky and industrial style coffee shops however it appeared to just be Starbucks after Starbucks after Starbucks. We were perhaps looking in the wrong places but it appeared to me that there was very little ‘normal’ restaurants, it was either at one end of the spectrum of fast food or the other of incredibly posh dining out. However we did find one lovely little café called the ‘tasty beach café’ around a 10 minute walk from the hotel. It was a vegetarian café, and despite me not being a vegetarian myself the food was gorgeous and it was also a lovely atmosphere to sit and have breakfast. We went there both mornings that we were in the city for and I would definitely recommend them to anyone visiting the area.

@tastybeachcafe on Instagram

Miami is definitely a vibrant and different place, a city overflowing with culture and diversity. I hope to return when I am slightly older and therefore can experience more of the nighttime Miami life, but overall I love the city and I can see why it is viewed as one of the top places in the world.

Salty air and sandy hair


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