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Firstly, I am very sorry for my lack of blog posts over the past few weeks. I have struggled to keep everything afloat (as I mentioned in my hello December post) and that paired with trial exams at college and a lot of personal life rubbish, it meant that I have not had the time or inspiration to write like I aim to. I would rather have a couple of weeks out to gather my thoughts as opposed to writing something without my full heart put into it. That being said, I have planned a lot of festive/reflection blog posts for the holiday period which I am very proud of and excited to share, so I hope to make up for my absence in the coming weeks.

Recently I have been putting a lot more effort into finishing my room and living space off. I am in a very fortunate position to have a floor in my family home with three rooms for myself (my bedroom, bathroom and then a living space) and recently I have been focusing my time on my living area and renovating it. I really love how it has turned out therefore I wanted to take some photos and share my interior taste.

My bedroom is the place where I probably spend the most time, and not only do I sleep in the room, it is where I keep all of my makeup/clothes. On top of this I also tend to do revision in this room. It is a bad habit to do homework on my bed but I find that I can spread out easily, and I am comfy so I seem to work better as opposed to sitting at a desk.  

The first thing I ever bought for this room were these green drawers from a charity shop in my local town centre. When I bought them they were just wooden but my nan kindly painted them this colour for me because I really like the bright green. I am very much a neutrals girl but I love the pop of colour in this room, and it felt fitting because green is one of my favourite colours. In these drawers I keep all of my cosmetics. Makeup is my passion and what I enjoy, so I do own a lot of products and these drawers are perfect to store them all. For anyone wondering, I organise my makeup with muji storage although I would like to do a whole post on how I store my beauty products in the future. Underneath my drawers I have a vintage suitcase where I keep all of my hair appliances, such as curlers and my hairdryer.

I really like my coffee table, which I usually keep underneath my window. It is a small 1950s style table (as you can see there is a running 1950s theme throughout my interior) but I decided to keep this one plain unpainted wood. Due to the table being quite small it is very versatile so if I wanted to use it in my living room (if friends came for example) I find it easy to move around and use in many different ways.

One of my favourite parts about my bedroom are the chain of fairy lights which I have placed around the top of my wardrobe, because I think they are very cosy and add such a nice warm light on an evening. On the little shelf I also have some wooden letters that spell out ‘love’ and this is so sweet with the fairy lights behind. I love simple touches that make my room feel homely and comforting.

The last and newest feature to my room is my Christmas present from my best friend. She knew that I wanted this giant penguin so she very kindly bought me it for Christmas. If you know me personally you know I have a slight obsession with plush animals (I have had wilma the walrus for nearly 4 years) so it is a lovely and very large addition to my bedroom.

Now onto my living space. This is a relatively new room for me as due to some building works happening in my home it has meant that this room became a storage space for a period of time. However now that the renovations are finished, it meant I can organise my room and make it exactly how I would like it. I wanted this room to be completely relaxing and where I can go to completely chill out, which is shown with the neutral colours throughout the whole room.

The main feature in this room is my sofa and foot stool. It is a modern style but with a 1950s twist, which I absolutely love. When I went to see in it DFS, it wasn’t in this colour however I chose to get it made in this deep grey/purple shade and I couldn’t be happier with it. It fits perfectly in my room and paired with the footstool it can seat up to 6 people, so it is perfect for get togethers. All I would say is that the style is quite thin, so although it fits perfectly in the room and isn’t too big, it does mean you can’t get two people laid side by side, but apart from that it is perfect.

Next to my sofa I have my blanket box, which is potentially one of the best ideas I have ever had. I love soft blankets for when you want to cuddle up and watch tv or even just lay across my lap when I am doing college work on my laptop, for some reason they just make me really happy and cosy! My blanket box is perfect to keep them all together and is a nice touch especially for the Autumn and winter evenings.

Something I have wanted to do for a long time is create a gallery wall full of all my favourite images, so when I had a plain white wall to play with I decided to create one. I chose predominantly metal frames from a local shop (however they are very on trend at the moment and can be bought in many places) and filled them with photos that I have taken over the past year. What I love about these frames is ,because of the simple clasp at the top, it is so easy to change the photographs so my wall can always be changing and developing with more memories. In the more ‘traditional’ frames I chose to put some quote prints and I also have a print that I bought in Dublin a few months ago. Overall I am very happy with this wall, and whenever I look at it it makes me smile to see all of the amazing memories of 2016.

Towards the right of my gallery wall I decided to leave a large white space. To most people reading this you will not understand the true significance however to me this is one of my favourite areas of my room. Makeup artistry is something I devote a lot of time to and it is lovely to now have a white space with natural light where I can take my photos, it makes my images look so much more professional and I love that it’s so easy to just take a photo without the hassle of setting up my background like I used to have to do.

At the other side of the room I have a long sideboard that I decided to keep all of my college work in. I like this because everything is hidden away and when you shut the doors/drawers you can’t see anything. This means that I don’t have to look at all the work when I want to relax on my sofa for instance. To fit with the neutral and calming theme I chose to paint these drawers a simple light grey, which fits with the aesthetic but isn’t just plain white. The legs were kept wooden so that it gave some contrast with the floor, and I really like that.  

Overall I am so happy with how everything has come together, and i love spending time and relaxing in my own little space.



  1. December 23, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    Looks great! Love your photos!

    • December 23, 2016 / 9:12 pm

      Thank you so much! Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

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