Benefit: Brand insight 

My last ‘brand insight’ post was very well received and I really enjoyed writing about products that I enjoy, so I thought I would go back through my makeup collection and pick another brand that I love. Benefit was the first ‘high end’ brand that I bought a few years ago, and I can remember being envious of my nans collection of benefit products from a very early age. I think the thing that draws people into benefit is their eccentric packaging and branding. I think that some customers believe that the products are going to be of worse quality because they are ‘paying for the packaging’, and although this will increase the price slightly the quality is incredible and could stand alone in its own right without the extensive branding. Having tried the products, I would still buy them if the pretty packaging was removed, but it is definitely a bonus and I love how these photos have turned out due to how gorgeous the products look.

Benefit are probably most famous for their box powder products, and I can definitely see why. I currently own three of these boxes, two blushers (Rockateur and coralista) and their ever so famous bronzer (hoola). I use the hoola the most out of the three, as it is amazing contour shade but still works well as a bronzer, honestly I would say that if you can only purchase one benefit product I would invest in the hoola. I even use it as a crease colour for my eye makeup! Out of the two blush shades that I own, I definitely get more use from the Rockateur because I find it a more wearable shade for my skin tone. However the coralista is equally very pretty and would look lovely on darker skin tones, but I only suit it when I am on holiday really.

Something that is amazing about the box products is that they come with a free little brush that is perfect for contouring. I tend to use a fluffy brush with a bronzer and then use the little benefit brush to carve out my cheekbones further. If you purchase one of these box products, definitely do not throw it away as I have heard of so many people that just put it in the bin as it is not a ‘proper’ brush, but it’s amazing.


I own two highlighters from the brand, the high beam and the moon beam. High beam is a cool toned pale pink shade and moon beam is a very strong yellow tone with a pink iridescent shine through it. Both are so pretty, but I tend to use the high beam more. Moon beam has unfortunately been discontinued now (I bought it so long ago!) but I thought to include it in this post regardless in case it ever makes a reappearance on the shelves, but for now it has been replaced with sun beam (a golden highlight). I have very mixed opinions about this product. Highlighter is potentially my favourite makeup product (bold statement to make I know) and I love having a really strong glow. Now I tend to stay away from liquid/cream highlighters purely because I have found that a powder is a lot brighter and easier to blend, however I purchased these long before my (or the worlds) obsession with highlighter truly took off. For me, these are perfect for under the brow bone but in terms of the classic cheekbone highlight they have nowhere near the power that I would like them to have. However on saying this, the quality is amazing and they are so blendable so I do think they would be perfect for someone who prefers a natural glow as opposed to the very ‘Instagram’ artificial highlight. I hope that benefit bring out a powder highlight sometime in the future, currently they don’t have one that completely appeals to me and I would instantly buy it if they did release one.

Benefit probably inject the most branding into their mascara, and I definitely was influenced by this as I very rarely buy higher end mascaras. This is because the life expectancy is short so I would rather invest my money into products that will last me longer if I’m going to buy higher end, plus there are so many drugstore mascaras out there that are fantastic and as I wear falsies most of the time I don’t need to invest in a good one. However I thought to broaden my horizons with benefit mascaras and try them, because it was so heavily advertised and everyone was claiming they were amazing, and they were so right! I have the full size of the roller lash (that I was kindly gifted as a birthday present) and then a sample size of the other two. The ‘roller lash’ is my favourite, followed by ‘they’re real’ and then the ‘bad gal lash’ (It flakes really badly on me). What I like about the roller lash is that it gives me the length, and yet the ‘they’re real’ gives me so much volume so it is nice to own both and interchange them. I have already repurchased the roller lash before, and I am planning on buying the full size of they’re real once I have got through the sample, although I do love the travel size for weekends away etc. They now do coloured versions of they’re real as well, which would look amazing in the summer and festival season.

Top to bottom: bad gal lash, roller lash, they’re real

Through Christmas gift sets etc I have ended up with 3 miniature benetints and one lollitint. These are liquid stains that you can use on either lips or cheeks. I never took an interest in these products and I wouldn’t have bought them alone but I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to try them because I actually really like them. I don’t use them everyday but if I am having a natural/Sunday makeup day they are so nice as a lip stain that is natural but still looks like you have put in some effort, plus it lasts all day. I think people are scared that the benetint is going to be so red but because it is very watery it isn’t too pigmented and works perfectly underneath the benebalm as well. The lollitint doesn’t really suit me, but I have used it when doing someone else’s makeup and the quality was amazing, but it is just too cool toned for my skin. The only thing I would say is if you are putting it on your cheeks, put it on one cheek and blend and then do the other cheek. Don’t put it on both and then try to blend because if you don’t rub it in quickly it dries down and it is impossible to move.


When it comes to lips, if you want something bolder than the tints then the newly released ‘they’re real’ lipsticks are a good buy. I got gifted a set with a few in for Christmas and from what I have tried I really like them, despite not being a bright lipstick girl. The concept is amazing, as it has a slightly darker lip liner and then the paler lipstick shade, so it cuts out the two steps of applying lipstick. I hope that they bring out a nude shade in the future as I really like the formula, and I would wear it constantly.

Pink Thrills- you can clearly see the two tones by the swatch

Overall I absolutely love benefit products and I think that if you have some money aside to splurge, benefit products are a good place to start with high end makeup. They are so pretty, and the quality of the products is amazing. In the future I would love to try the brow products as I have heard amazing things about the launch back in June but I haven’t actually tried any.

What are your top picks from benefit?  



  1. January 25, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Love this blog post! Benefit are my no.1 for mascara and blusher! x

    • January 25, 2017 / 9:06 pm

      Thank you so much!! I’m exactly the same, love benefit! Xxx

    • January 26, 2017 / 7:35 am

      Thank you so much! I know, such a beautiful brand ❤️ xxx

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