Hello February 

January has flown! It doesn’t seem like a week ago since I was sat writing last months hello post, and looking back I haven’t done a great deal in January. I wasn’t going to post this because there is barely any content but once I have an idea in my head I want to carry on with it, so therefore I want to have a full year of these posts. I just need to accept that some months are not going to be as exciting as others. January is always a ‘boring’ month as people are readjusting to the new year and getting back to work, everyone is always poorly and it just seems like a slow down in comparison to the party month of December. That being said, I have been very happy throughout the whole of January despite my diary being pretty empty and it has been nice to focus on college work, because I definitely didn’t focus enough towards the end of last year!

How the majority of my month has looked, A levels are hard!

Probably my favourite weekend of the month was having a shopping day in Leeds. Leeds is relatively close to where I live but I never travel there, but me and my friend decided to try the city centre for shopping and I absolutely loved it. So much so I took absolutely no photos, for me that shows just how much I was enjoying myself as I was so busy having a good time I didn’t even think to take out my camera. I had full intention of taking photos of the trinity kitchen for a blog post as well… Oops… But it does give me the excuse to plan another trip soon. I would love to do a series of blog posts similar to my Dublin post where I round up my experience of a particular place. I love exploring cities, I’m definitely a city girl (which is rather odd considering I don’t like chaos). I just like the feeling of being alone but being surrounded by people all doing what they do, I equally love seeing city street style (why is it so amazing?) and feeling so inspired after coming away from the city atmosphere.  

Due to my social calendar being pretty bleak all month, it has given me more time to invest into makeup. After all it is my hobby and what I love to do, so when I have spare time it’s what I immediately turn to. Im so proud of the looks that I have created, I’m really trying to push myself and try challenging concepts instead of sticking to something that I know will work. I’m especially happy with the home photo of this blog post, as it was the first time I have ever used body paints and it turned out so well, I love the pulling back of the skin texture as it’s something I never thought I would be able to achieve. I have also invested heavily this month in a new lighting setup for my photography. Some may call it exaggerating considering it is only my hobby, but I was fed up with not being able to take makeup photos when I come home from college because of the evening light, and if you have the ability to change something then I think it is a good idea. I haven’t really played around with the set up yet but I hope an improvement is noticeable in the quality and the professional aspect of my photos in the near future.  

January rocked the world politically (rightly or wrongly), but one thing that I absolutely loved about January was the Women’s March, which was a worldwide protest that took place in 30 different countries across the world on the 21st. It was the most inspiring thing to watch women (and men) across the world stand up and protest peacefully for something I believe so deeply about. The main source of the protest was against Trump, and although that is truly down to a matter of opinion I loved how it flipped from a rejection of trump to a global March about human rights, equality, women and patriarchy. It truly empowered me as a young woman, and it showed that even though alone an opinion is quite insignificant but when they come together it creates a force that is hard to be reckoned with. Something I found incredible was that there were no arrests directly relating to the March, which shows just how much togetherness and solidarity there was. These are my favourite images from the March, but as a quick disclaimer that not one of these images belong to me, they have all been sourced from various media platforms.  

This is probably the smallest post I have ever written, but it’s still nice to record a few highlights of the month. Next month is looking a lot more busy, I have a week off from college when I am going away for a swish shopping weekend with my friend (expect a lot of blog posts) and I hope to take more photos as well considering how lacking this post is in photography. My camera needs an airing!  


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