Valentine’s Day: 3 looks 

Just before Christmas I made a post called ‘festive makeup: 3 looks’ and it was the most well received post I have ever made so I thought to do a similar idea but for Valentine’s Day. This year I don’t have a valentine (😕) but that isn’t going to stop me from wearing themed makeup on the day, and I thought it might help a number of my readers who do have something planned with their love on the 14th.  

Always time for a smile when spending the afternoon doing makeup

These makeup looks make me feel confident and pretty, however I am by no means saying that you have to wear this particular makeup… Or even wear makeup at all. Your actual beauty comes from you and not how you look, and your valentine will love you for that… So as long as you are confident, happy and comfortable you will exude beauty regardless of what products are on your face.

For all of the looks I kept the same base and just changed the eyes and lips. The products that remained the same throughout all of these looks were  

  •  Nars sheer glow foundation 
  • Mac Pro longwear concealer  
  • Kat Von D shade and light palette  
  • The balm ‘Mary loumaniser’  
  • Soap and glory ‘love at first blush’  
  • Ardell ‘wispies’ lashes  
  • Maybelline lash sensational mascara  
  • Anastasia dip brow pomade  
  • Mac Fix +  

Natural glow

For the first makeup I wanted to do something relatively simple and natural but still quite sultry, so it would be perfect for the people who don’t often wear a lot of makeup but want to experiment more for a special occasion. This is the perfect girly but still relatively simple makeup, and because both the eyes and lips are matte it is so classy and sophisticated. I usually wear a heavy winged eyeliner but I decided not to for this look and I actually prefer it, because it looks so much softer.  

For this look I used:  

  • Kat Von d shade and light palette (as eyeshadow)  
  • Makeup geek eyeshadow- bitten 
  • Urban decay gwen stefani palette- punk  
  • Kiko black creme shadow stick (as a base)  
  • Kat von d liquid lipstick- Lolita  

The key to this makeup is to keep blending the eyes as much as possible to create a ‘blown out’ effect, that opens up the eyes and makes it the eyeshadow as natural as possible. If you are a red lip kinda person, you can easily pair this eye makeup with a red lipstick for an ever so classic vibe.  

Evening glamour  

As part of the second look I wanted to do something more sultry and more evening appropriate (as many people have a date night on Valentine’s Day) , but without the eyes being too heavy and weighing the whole makeup down. It’s quite easy to pile on the deeper shades and they look amazing and oh so gorgeous, but for Valentine’s Day I think it is nicer to look relatively natural but use certain shades to accentuate features. I decided to wear winged eyeliner for this, as it makes it look more glamorous in my opinion but still keeping the eyes quite pale.  

For this look I used:  

  • Naked 2 palette- shade YDK, busted and blackout  
  • Mac- all that glitters eyeshadow  
  • Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner  
  • Mac retro lipstick  

One tip I would give for this look is to make sure to focus the darker shades only on the outer corners of the eye and make them paler as you continue into the inner corner. This creates a classic cat eye shape which looks amazing on everyone. When applying the paler shimmer shade, I would recommend wetting the brush with fix+ as it exaggerates the shadow and heightens all colours.  


Now I do not expect anyone to recreate this as an actual look however I wanted to experiment with pink shades and what is a better time to do that than Valentine’s Day? This is like the 14th February exploded on my face and I couldn’t be happier about it, although I don’t wear makeup like this very often it is my favourite thing to apply and I love just how creative you can be with brighter colours.  

One of my favourite eye makeup looks- I feel like a princess!

For this look I used:  

  • Morphe 35B palette (the 4th column and the 3 middle shades of the 6th column)  
  • Boujois liquid lipstick- pink pong  

I wanted to do a more ‘Halo’ style eye as I think it looks so pretty and feminine. For anyone who doesn’t know a halo eye is where you place the darker shades in the inner corner and outer V, and a paler colour in the centre of the Mobile lid to create rounded effect. For this I chose to use deep purples and pinks as the darker shades and a really sparkly pink (with fix +) for the centre. However if you wanted to make this more wearable, you can use any shades for a halo eye. I think deep Browns and then a shimmery gold would look so beautiful!  

I’m not usually a bright lipstick girl but for this I chose a super bright pink shade for my lips and I actually really love it. These liquid lipsticks are incredible and so reasonable considering they are from the drugstore, it’s definitely worth checking them out if you want to try liquid lipsticks but dots want to spend high end prices (like Kat Von D or Anastasia).  

If you recreate any of these looks on Tuesday, please take a photo and let me know! It’s one of my favourite things when people take inspiration from my work.
In the future I really want to incorporate a video aspect into my blog posts when doing makeup looks, almost like a tutorial but I’m not sure of people’s opinions on this and I am pretty nervous. What is your opinion? 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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