Hello March 

I feel like I say this every month but February has flown by. The shortest month of the year was definitely filled with lots of fun and memories, and I finally feel like winter is behind us and we are going into spring time, which I love! Lighter nights and warmer weather is ahead.

A very happy month filled with many genuine smiles, like this

I feel like I have got back into the swing of blogging this month after taking the vast majority of January off and only posting once or twice. I have been upload a fair few posts this last couple of weeks, and I have many more planned for March which I am looking forward to sharing. Sometimes I find it hard to find a balance between blogging/makeup and college work, but I think I have begun to find that balance this month and actually make time for what I enjoy. My favourite post that I have created this month has certainly been the yay coffee review, as I have wanted to do a post about coffee shops for months and it started off the future series nicely in my opinion. I always feel a bit nervous to ask whether I can take photos in independent businesses like that, but I need to be braver and just do it… The worst that they can do is say no and if they do agree I end up getting some really nice photos and having a good time taking them as well.

Once a coffee addict, always a coffee addict

In February, we get a week off from college and I definitely managed to fill that to the brim of activities. Recently I haven’t really spent much time with all of my friends, so we decided to go out for a meal and catch up with everyone. It was filled with laughter, especially when I accidentally fell flat on my face outside the restaurant… Although luckily only one of my friends was there at the time! I didn’t take many photos of that night because I was too busy chatting and having fun but I did get this quick (but quite blurry) snap outside at the end.

Something of little significance but quite a big deal to me was that I got my hair cut again this month and it is now the shortest it has ever been. For my entire life I have been known as ‘the girl with the long hair’ so it is so weird to go shorter and shorter, in all fairness it is still longer than average but to me it seems so short and such a huge change! I love it though and I think I will be keeping it at this length for a long time.

Bouncy hair is my new favourite thing

As you will know from my previous post and all my Instagram posts, at the end of the month I went to London for a few days. I had the best time but I have already got a blog post live about this and I have a few more fashion orientated posts coming from my trip as well.

She dislikes it, but my favourite photo with my girl ☺️

Feeling very swish, always

Overall February was such a good month and it’s making me really excited for warmer weather so I can go out more and be more social. March is already looking quite busy with family friends visiting, which I am looking forward to. I already have some ideas for makeup that I want to try as well, which I am equally excited about sharing.


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