Brick Lane 

A couple of weeks ago, when I went to London, we spent a couple of hours in the Brick Lane area and I absolutely loved it. It’s such a different part of the city, with an amazing vibe and it made me want to take so many photos. I love how ‘artsy’ the place is and it seems like a silly thing to say but I love how there seems to be an Instagram opportunity around every corner, whether it is incredible street art or a brick wall or a pretty street… Everywhere has such a cool and laid back vibe. I could imagine it being the home of creative students and people with incredible fashion sense, the street style in the summer would be insane.

One of my favourite things about London is the harsh contrast between new and old architecture

The first place that we went to was Spitalfields market, which is a huge independent market in the centre of the building surrounded with more nationwide shops and restaurants (such as giraffe, Mac and tiger). I love the mix of both and I ended up really enjoying the market stalls when originally I didn’t think they would be something I would like. There was a lot of antiques but also a few stalls selling handmade new jewellery and cards etc, I ended up buying a beautiful silver ring to add to my collection. I have 5 that I wear all the time now and my hand is slowly filling up but I love the style of lots of different rings! I didn’t purchase it, but my grandparents bought an old map that used to hang in the London school of economics with all of the old trade flows and deals marked on. As an economics student, I am so happy that we bought it and although it seems quite expensive for a market stall item I think it was defiantly worth it. It was helpful that all the stalls were undercover as well because there was a storm on the morning and it was good to be able to get out of the wind and rain for a bit, although it was freezing so definitely wrap up if you go, I felt so sorry for the people behind stalls all day.

My new ring from a lovely market stall

It is very short walk from the market to brick lane, and it was nice to see all the street art as we passed. One of my favourite things to find the work as I adore how large scale it is yet so detailed, ever since I went to Wynwood walls in Miami I have fallen in love with different forms of street art. I wish people created these on every wall in the country as they just make me so happy to see the colour and talent… it’s very rare that you see really creative and pretty ones where I live. Most walls are covered on Brick lane but I decided to take photos of my favourites only or else I would have been there all day. If you like street art as much as I do, it is worth going on a tour where you go around the brick lane area and a specialist tour guide shows you the best pieces and some history etc, I have never been on it but it has been recommend to me and I’m certainly going to make time on my next trip.

The brick lane area doesn’t have many nationwide shops and instead there are many independent stores offering mainly alternative style. Although my style isn’t unique in the slightest, I love looking at different styles and I am always inspired by the different fashion tastes and statements that seem to congregate in the brick lane area. I like how you don’t often see two of an item and instead everything sold is unique, we even went into a huge shop selling different handbags and I don’t think I saw the same bag twice. It’s an amazing place to go if you are looking to differentiate your style or if you are part of the alternative style community, as it would be so easy to find some incredible pieces.

At the end of our visit we decided to have a drink in a coffee shop, and it kind of turned into a photo shoot in its own right! The coffee shop was called ‘Cafe 1001’ and it was really nice with a chilled out vibe, plus it was a huge building so nice to spread out and not be cramped in with other customers. From what I have gathered, the building is a coffee shop by day and this turns into a nightclub and bar on an evening. The decor was pretty cool and very ‘brick lane esque’ in the sense that it was quite industrial style with big windows and brick walls, I really like trying different coffee shops to sit and have a drink as opposed to the typical Costa and Starbucks.

Hot chocolate is always on the agenda

Overall I really enjoyed exploring this area and I definitely want to go back, but I am wanting to go in the summer months as I think there will be more people with lots of diversity and fashion styles. I would love to see the street style that East London has as I think it would be so inspiring!!

Only on Brick Lane


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