EDIT: This post was pre written and scheduled for today, ironically considering the events of yesterday. I have chosen to upload this post regardless of the horrific actions, because at the end of the day you have to continue as normal and not let acts of pure hatred and terrorism dictate normal behaviour. My thoughts go out to everyone who was caught up or affected by the attacks yesterday, including the police officer who died in the name of protecting others. ❤️ 

So now back to the post…. 

A smaller post today, and one that’s slightly more photo heavy as I wanted to write about another London location that I had the opportunity to visit and take photos of. I have never really been to southbank before apart from when I was very young, so I really enjoyed going back and visiting the more ‘tourist heavy’ part of London and seeing the classic attractions, such as Big Ben and the many street performers. 

We visited on a Friday lunchtime and it was incredibly busy, but we did go in the half term holidays so there were lots of families as well. I suppose because of how busy London is, there will be no time you go where it is quieter but I found that the further along southbank you go the more peaceful it gets. The end near the London eye at the beginning of the walk was particularly busy and I didn’t really like it, but by the end of the ‘strip’ there were very few people around. 

Southbank is an incredibly good location to take the classic London photos, and it is easy to see a lot of the main attractions. I didn’t think I would see St Pauls cathedral but you could actually see it really clearly from the walk. I would have really liked to have walked along again on an evening, as the classic city lights from across the cathedral would have looked so beautiful, but unfortunately our hotel was slightly too far away to go back for a second trip. Next time I am going to try and have dinner along the walk in order to take some photos, as I love classic city night skylines. 

One of the main aims of our walk was to take some outfit photos and I found two amazing locations to do so. My favourite has to be the classic skatepark on southbank as although it is not street art and instead just the normal ‘graffiti’, the mix of different scribbles and doodles in an array of colours actually looks incredibly pretty and such a standout location to take photos. I love full length photos however I always feel so weird taking them, I feel like I’m constantly getting stared at but the outcome looks really good in my opinion. I feel confident in the final images but I just need to learn to be confident in the process, as I would like to bring more fashion into my blog over the coming months. 

There seemed to be a lot of street food vendors and small street style cafes along the entirety of Southbank. We walked along on the morning so we had just eaten breakfast, however if ever I go back I would love to try some of the different foods on offer as everything looked amazing. I really enjoy trying independent food businesses as opposed to chain restaurants, and especially towards the end of the walk there were many different options that took my fancy. A random thing that I really enjoyed passing was the ‘this morning’ set, as I am a grandma at heart and love this morning, so it always intrigues me to see where shows are filmed. 

So that was my little taste of Southbank, I loved the atmosphere of the area however I wish I had spent more time there! There is always another time, and it would be a lot better if it was warmer as that morning was particularly bitter and cold.  


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