Mother’s Day ❤

As it is Mother’s Day in the UK today, I thought that this was the perfect time to write a little post about the best lady in my life and give her some recognition for being the best nan in the whole wide world. I’m not going to go into details but for anyone who isn’t aware, I live with my grandparents and I have done for around 6 years now… so my nan is the main ‘mother’ figure in my life and why this post is dedicated to her as opposed to my biological mother. I didn’t really know where to start with this post so I thought to write about 5 reasons why I am lucky to have her in my life and share some photos (that I’m sure she will dislike when she reads this because she thinks she ‘doesn’t look nice’… I know. I don’t understand either). 

My favourite photo of us- such a happy day

Seriously? How gorgeous 😍😍


If you ask anyone who knows my nan to describe her in one word, I can almost guarantee that this is the word they would use. Seriously, she never stops working and not only at her job but at home and behind the scenes of everything as well. It’s very rare that she completely switches off and isn’t focusing on a project and I completely respect her for that. She inspires me to work as hard in my own projects and ambitions, it shows me that pushing myself will be rewarded after lots of time and effort. 

Snapchat selfies are always a good idea


Funny isn’t even how I should describe this quality, absolutely hilarious maybe *just* explains it. There are not many people who can make me laugh until my sides hurt but my nan is certainly one of them, maybe because we have the same sense of humour, but maybe because we are just plain crazy! I don’t think many days have gone by where she hasn’t cracked me up or we haven’t laughed together about a situation. Naturally I am a very giggly person but that is definitely heightened when we are together, even this morning before I wrote this we were in hysterics when listening to the radio and singing along.  

My birthday last year, in the beautiful sunshine

She has taught me that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. 

My nan is not the ‘stereotypical’ nan and she taught me that I just have to be myself and I don’t have to conform to what everyone else is doing. I went through a phrase of feeling like I had to ‘fit in’ and I am so lucky that she has been there to teach me that if I am just myself people will respect that and it’s now a huge part of my personality and values. I love that (thanks to her) I have the confidence to be myself and not worry too much about people’s opinions. I think everyone takes into consideration people’s opinions to a point but I have learnt from her to listen to opinions but don’t let it dictate how you behave. 

‘Turn on the lights mickey’ (one of the many funny moments)

Sometimes a blurred photo is the best kind


This is the word that’s first springs to mind if I had to describe my nan, as she is honestly the strongest women I have ever come across. Trust me when I say that she has been through some shit across the course of her life and more than some people could even imagine… but every situation that the world has thrown at her she has taken with unbelievable strength and I hope to also have that trait as I grow up. Life has taken turns and there has been rough patches, and my nan has taught me that there is always good to come out of something and even if something feels like the worst situation in the world there will always be good moments again. She has also taught me to stand up for myself and take no shit from anyone, which I think is an amazing quality to have and one that I think people should learn more.  


I’m pretty sure that my nans advice is so good that it could solve a global crisis, and it has certainly solved a lot of my mini dilemmas over the years. She certainly is very patient when it comes to me being stressed and having mini breakdowns more often than a natural amount, and she is always there to listen to me no matter how silly or easily solved the problem is. Even if she personally doesn’t agree with my choices (although that’s very rarely happens because we are basically the same person), she supports me and always sticks by me. I will be first to admit that I am the biggest pessimist (I’m working on it, I promise!) but I think if I didn’t have my nans support I would be even more negative and stressy about everything!shes definitely the more level headed one out of us two. 

My nan is quite frankly the best person in my life and she will always be my number 1, I couldn’t have possibly have gotten through my life without her and particularly the last 6 years wouldn’t have been the way that they were/are if my nan wasn’t my main support. She deserves a million more percent recognition in comparison to what she gets currently and I can’t thank her enough for everything that she does for me. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

I had to put some old photos in here, I love this one from 2004

To nan: 

You have got this far, and I know you are going to kill me for being so nice and posting some of these photos!! Sorry for not telling you I was writing this post, I wanted you to find it on your own and prove that you truly are my ultimate blog fan, hahaha I’m only joking but I did want it to be a little bit of a surprise for you. You truly are my mum and I love you with all my heart (despite you being the biggest underachiever I know!!), I appreciate everything that you do for me, you are my best friend and my biggest rock ❤❤

Lots of love from the best and most annoying granddaughter you will ever have 




  1. Grandad
    March 26, 2017 / 10:04 am

    OMG I’m supposed to be going out for a walk with ya Nan in ten minutes and i look like I’ve been cutting onions… are truly a fantastic ,lovely and thoughtful person and I couldn’t love you anymore or be more proud ,I’m sure nan will freak when she reads your you more, GrandadXXXXXX

    • March 26, 2017 / 10:23 am

      Hahaha, unlucky!! Thank you, I love you loads too 💗

  2. April 1, 2017 / 10:41 am

    Aww what a sweet, touching and sentimental post. What a wonderful woman and person! I’m sure she knows too! 🙂 x

    • April 1, 2017 / 10:43 am

      She certainly does! Thank you as always xx

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