Urban Decay: Brand Insight 

Urban decay is one of the first high end brands I bought from back in 2014 when I was just getting into makeup and really wanted to treat myself to a better quality product. 3 years on I still love the brand as much as I did back then, especially the infamous naked eyeshadow palettes (of which I do have all of the classic ones apart from the basics). However I have found that recently urban decay has become a much bigger brand and I am branching out and trying their other products, when before I was only focused on their eyeshadow. 

One of the most recent products the brand launched last year were the 5 colour correctors for different skin ‘problems’. I has been wanting to try the naked skin concealer for a while but I thought this would be a better purchase as I had never tried a colour correcting concealer before whereas I have obviously tried an ordinary one. I typically get quite purple/ blue under my eyes and the lovely lady in Sephora recommended this shade to me. It’s so effective! I use it as the first thing I put on my face, before my foundation, to neutralise the darker colours under my eyes. The texture is so creamy, it blends so easily (I use a damp beauty blender) and once foundation/concealer is put over the top you can’t even notice it is there. I was worried that with correctors you would be able to see the hints of colour but they are so subtle that you can’t at all. The only thing I would say is that it is light on my skin and I’m quite pale, which I like because it gives a highlighting effect but for anyone with a dark skin tone it may be too contrasting, but the correctors themselves are amazing quality. 

When I went on holiday last year I was treated to having my makeup done in Sephora, and I asked for the most sparkly makeup that she could do, she ended up using the solstice pressed moondust pigment. I adored it, but I wasn’t talented enough to use it myself because it was so glittery and there was so much fallout, I knew it would be a waste of money for me as I would rarely use it. However around October time last year, the brand launched a liquid version of the moondust pigment, and it had the exact same shade but in a liquid and more useable form. I instantly fell in love and purchased the matching shade to the one the MUA used on me. Solstice is the most stunning shade but not for the faint hearted, I’m very much a neutral eyeshadow kinda girl and it pushes me outside of my comfort zone when I wear it. I would describe it as a pink toned base with iridescent blue glitter running though it in certain lights, it would be perfect for a night out as it is super sparkly. If you find that solstice is a bit too bold and you prefer something more neutral, the moondust liquids do have some more natural colours but with a glittery twist, there is a deep bronze glitter that I have my eye on for summer parties. I find that it dries down quickly and therefore is a challenge to blend, but that makes it perfect for a cut crease style eye look which is so fashionable at the moment. 

The naked palettes are certainly the most famous products to come out of urban decay, and potentially one of the most famous products in modern makeup. Everyone seems to love the palettes, and they certainly have taken the world by storm. All of the palettes are of identical quality, and I find the shadows are very good, easily blendable and if used with a primer they last all day. Each palette has 12 easily wearable ‘natural’ shades, with a mixture of chunky glitter shadows, ordinary shimmer and matte shades. 

Naked 1 is full of classic warm colours, and the typical neutral shades. There are so many looks that you could create with this, from natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look to a deep smokey eye, and there are two matte browns which I always use to blend out my crease of the eye. This would certainly be the palette I would recommend to someone who is just starting out with makeup, as there is everything in here that is needed for so many classic looks. The only downside is the packaging isn’t great in comparison to the others as the suede looks beautiful but it is so hard to not get grubby, especially if you keep it in a makeup bag. I’m hoping that one day they will change the packaging to be like the others, as I find them so much better.

The naked 2 was the first high end palette I owned and it is still one of my favourites today, and certainly my favourite from urban decay. The range of colours is amazing and more on the cool toned side, which is more up my street day to day. The matte black is also so helpful to make your eyeshadow more smokey (which is my favourite eye makeup) or to set my eyeliner, as I typically wear eyeliner everyday. This is the palette I reach for when I go on holiday as it has everything I need for a few days away and also a large mirror, which is perfect for on the go. 


The naked 3 is probably the one I use the least, but it is still pretty nonetheless and would be perfect for someone who likes a more pink toned eyeshadow, however I don’t suit these tones very much, especially the lighter pinks at the left. On saying that I love the purple/taupe shades at the end of the palette as my typical ‘going out’ makeup for a meal etc is a dark purple smokey eye, and these tones are perfect for this. I especially love the darkest shade in the palette, as it is so unique and I have never seen a black with red shimmer before, it’s such a pretty shade that I use quite often. The rose gold packaging of this palette is also my favourite one that they have done, as I love the worked metal effect and the rose gold is ever so pretty. I would definitely recommend this palette if you like pinker tones, or you want a change from the typical golds in your collection. 

The naked smokey is the newest addition to my naked collection and one of my favourites, and certainly the one that I was most excited about buying as like I have mentioned I am a smokey eye girl at heart. The packaging for this one was improved and it is the best quality packaging, and I like how it stands up on its own so you can easily see the shades if it is on a table etc. I also like how they changed the format of the palette so instead of in colour order (Pale to dark) it went in blocks of four of the shadow types. At first I didn’t like this but actually I have started to really like it as it is easy to create different looks. Weirdly and ironically, my favourite eye makeup to create with this palette is a pale gold look, by blending whiskey into my crease and then adding dirtysweet and radar all over my lid with a flat brush sprayed with fixed+, it is so pretty and perfect for a summer everyday look. 

I bought the naked on the run as soon as it launched, and I expected it to be life changing and perfect for travelling… in short it wasn’t. It was maybe just me but I found this product to be a waste of money and I never turn to it, there doesn’t seem to be anything that draws me to it for daily use. The set includes an eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara (all travel sized), 5 natural eyeshadows, and a bronzer/blush duo. I use the mascara and eyeliner a lot and think they are really good (I have actually bought the full sized perversion since then), and the eyeshadows are good quality but very similar to the other naked palettes so I rarely turn to them. The main problem is that I find the bronzer and blush too bright for my skin tone and it ends up looking very orange on me, so I never use them. Overall I think the products are good quality but the way the palette is set up doesn’t work well for me and in the future I will just buy the individual products. 

Gwen Stefani collaborated with urban decay in 2016 in order to create a lovely collection, which included this beauty of an eyeshadow palette. I absolutely adore these range of colours, they are all relatively natural and light for during the day but you also have two pops of colour (a vivid blue and pink) that are fun to play around with and also some darker mattes to smoke out the neutrals. Honestly it’s such a great palette and one I would recommend to people who are starting out in makeup and want to experiment with eyeshadow (but nothing too heavy). My favourite shade in the whole palette is punk, it’s a really deep brown with red undertones. I wear this shade most days and I absolutely love it, it’s a staple in my whole collection and like no other shade I own, it’s so versatile and perfect for both everyday use and on an evening as well. This collection was limited edition but if you can get your hands on it buy it, it’s a perfect neutral palette especially for brown eyed makeup lovers, as the deep blue (danger) would look so beautiful underneath your eye to make your eyes pop. 

This was such a long post, and certainly the longest post I have done for a makeup brand insight. I just love talking about cosmetics so always go off on tangents and can’t cut it down, I just hope that if you have got this far you love makeup as much as me so you don’t mind all that much. Overall I love urban decay and it is a really good brand, however in the future I want to move away from eyes and try some other products that they make. I’m in particular awe of the lipsticks, they have over 100 shades I believe and some of them look very interesting. I tried a matte peach nude on in the carnaby street store last month and loved it, so I might have to treat myself in the future. 

What should I try? 



  1. April 6, 2017 / 6:22 am

    I love Urban Decay products. Their Heavy Metals glitter liners & Perversion mascara are my faves out of the products I’ve tried x

    • April 6, 2017 / 6:30 am

      Hey! I have never tried the glitter liners, they sound amazing, may have to check them out! The perversion mascara is certainly a must, it makes my lashes have so much volume 💗👌🏼

      • April 6, 2017 / 2:45 pm

        The liners are so pretty! Yes couldn’t agree more that mascara is everything!x

  2. April 6, 2017 / 7:48 am

    Comprehensive post! Admittedly, I have not bought anything from them since the 90s 😂 your post makes me want to give them a go

    • April 6, 2017 / 8:01 am

      I love them! Such a nice brand, I wish I had some older products as I bet they have changed a lot since then! 😘✨

      • April 6, 2017 / 8:08 am

        Big change. Their cream concealer used to be in a tin with corrector 1/3 and concealer 2/3. The packaging now has more goth in it then before?

        • April 6, 2017 / 9:01 am

          Oh wow! That sounds quite cool, although I do still like the packaging now… yeah it is quite an alternative style but I like it! X

    • July 27, 2017 / 1:25 pm

      Thank you! Yeah I love urban decay shadows, such a classic product that will never fail for most eye looks! Thank you for your feedback 💕

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