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I am thinking about starting a new ‘series’ on my blog about my favourite makeup look of the month. I might try it for a few months and see what the response is, but now I have started creating little videos I think it will be a really good idea to push myself a bit and force me to practise them. I know that they are not great at the moment but I know that the more I practise the more that I will improve! I love makeup and I love sharing products that I adore with people who also have a passion for cosmetics, and I think this is a really good way of doing that. 

Red eye makeup is a huge trend that has been going around recently, and although I love seeing it on other people I was always too scared to try it on myself. I am very much a neutral smokey eye girl so it is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but one evening a couple of weeks ago I decided to just try it and I fell in love almost instantly. Red is complimentary to green which is my eye colour, so I think it makes them pop and I love that. It is relatively spring like because of the brighter colour but equally smokey enough for it to be in my comfort zone. 



Makeup forever flash stick– a product that is relatively new to my collection and one that I have been trying out a lot recently, it’s such a heavy coverage and perfect for someone who needs a long lasting product that is easy to work and travel with. 

 Mac Pro longwear concealer– this is such a good concealer for under your eyes in order to clean up my eye makeup. However it is not too great for blemishes as it is quite a thin formula and so doesn’t really cover redness well. 

Hoola bronzer– one of my favourite bronzers, this is perfect for both general bronzing and also contouring/sculpting your face. A perfect shade for pale to medium skin tones. 

Mac soft and gentle- I used to love this highlight and then I didn’t wear it for months whilst I was trying other products but I have fallen back in love recently. If you use a dense brush sprayed with fix+ it creates such a pigmented and wet look champagne highlight. A classic product in the beauty world! 

Mary loumaniser- I use a large fan brush and place this over the top of the first highlight to give that extra glow. The Mary loumaniser is probably my favourite highlight of all time and looks amazing on every skin tone, a must have purchase if you love a strong glow. 

Anastasia dip brow pomade- I use this product everyday on my brows, it is so hyped up by online makeup artists and I can completely see why because it is such a good quality and unique product. It is a mousse like texture and when applied with an angled brush it gives a strong but natural look to the brows.  


Kiko longlasting shadow stick– I love using cream shadows as a base for my eyeshadows as it helps the powder to stay place on the lid and helps the shadows to blend beautifully without looking patchy. This is in the shade #37 and is a beautiful deep red colour but still very bright, I adore it and I think the eye makeup wouldn’t look the same without it!   

Kat Von D shade and light palette– this is typically a contouring/sculpting palette but for this look I chose to use it in order to blend my eyeshadow out. I like this palette for eyeshadow because the shades are quite natural and also quite cool toned, which is good when doing a warm toned look in order for balance.   

Morphe 35b- this is the brightest palette I own but it’s one of my favourites and I use it all the time for brighter makeup looks and creative styles. For this look I used the bright red shades in the lower left hand corner of the palette on top of the cream eyeshadow and blended it as much as I could with a fluffy brush. The key to this look is to keep adding product and then blend, then add and blend again… keep doing this until you have a very blurred look and although it is a bright shade it looks like a natural transition. 

Makeup up geek- I used the shade bitten very similar to how I used the Morphe palette. Bitten is a bright but medium toned red so I focused this more on my crease as it is a slightly darker shade in comparison to the 35b, which is brighter. The quality of MUG shadows are amazing and so blendable, for the price I would highly recommend them. The shade range is especially incredible! 

Gwen Stefani palette- I only used the shade punk in this palette which is a really deep red toned brown. I used this in my outer corner only in order to smoke out the eye makeup a little because a deeper toned eye is my favourite. With a smaller brush I worked it into the outer corner and then using the same fluffy brush as before I blended it out. I also used this shade under my eyes to smoke it out further. 

Kat Von d tattoo liner– I adore a thick winged eyeliner but I know it isn’t for everyone, but if you are a liner lover like me I would highly recommend the tattoo liner. Such an intense black and stays on all day, even on my eyes that water like crazy! It is expensive for an eyeliner but is definitely worth the investment and I wouldn’t go back now. 

Soap and glory kohl pencil– this is a simple step but I always line my waterline if I’m doing a more smokey eye because it helps to blend everything together. This one is especially good and lasts most of the day, when often kohl liners fade quite quickly after putting them on. 

Ardell lashes– this is the full ‘wispies’ style and are my all time favourite lashes. Natural enough to wear during the day but big enough for a nighttime look as well, I always recommend these to my friends! If you have smaller eyes or are new to eyelashes I would recommend the Demi wispies, which are half the size but equally as stunning. 


Rimmel cappuccino lip liner- I only recently bought this as I have been loving the look of a dark lipliner and then a pale nude lipstick over the top. This is a perfect cool toned brown shade and looks very similar to a nineties style lipstick. 

Mac honey love– the Mac lipstick formula is such good quality and a classic makeup product, especially the matte formulas. Honey love is a pale nude shade and a perfect ‘your lips but better shade’ if you wear it alone, and a perfect nineties lip if paired with a darker lipliner. 

Overall I absolutely love this makeup look and although it is not something I will wear everyday I think it is perfect for some occasions. Do you think I should continue with this series of makeup looks? I really am curious to know if they are informative and whether the video is any use and aid to the blog post in order to see how I apply the products. 



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    Amazing work Tori, this is ART! 🙂 x

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