Jeffree Star and Manny MUA 

If you saw my last post, you will know that last week I went to Manchester in order to see Jeffree star and Manny MUA on their UK tour. As promised, I said I would do a separate post about my experience and some of the products that I bought when I was there. When they revealed that they were doing a UK tour, I almost instantly decided that I wanted to go, both of them are incredible but Jeffree has especially been a huge inspiration of mine for a couple of years now. I know he isn’t the most liked person in the world, but I respect how he does what makes him happy despite going against the current of society and he is literally living my dream of owning his own makeup brand. I was so happy when I got tickets!

Just before entering the pop up shop

A selfie with a giant poster of Jeffree 😂

In order to avoid large crowds of people turning up without a ticket, they didn’t reveal the location of the meetup until the day… which at the time was annoying to not be able to plan ahead but in hindsight it was probably a good idea as it was crowded enough without even more people hanging around. The location was pretty central but not right in the main centre, instead about 5 minutes taxi from our central hotel. It would have caused so much chaos being in the centre, purely due to the amount of people that turned up, so I am glad that it was out a little. The building was called Victoria Warehouse and I don’t know much about the history of the building, but it was a huge brick building with beautiful architecture. I presume that it used to be a factory of some sort but now is used as a conference centre, and I think a hotel as well. 

Such a lovely building, with beautiful architecture

The queueing was long but quite a good system, if not pretty cold! We also met some lovely ladies in the queue (a girl around my age and her mum) who made the experience a lot more enjoyable as we got talking and ended up having a laugh. However my highlight of the queue was when Jeffree and Manny drove past in the car and the crowd was on their snapchat. It really got the atmosphere going and made everyone excited, so many people were screaming! It was so nice when I finally got to meet them, even though it was a quick experience due to them being on a strict time schedule. I still cannot believe that I got to hug Jeffree, speak to them both, and get some photos. To be fair, it was worth the queuing just to get the chance to see them. 

However there were some downsides to the day, which I need to share. The organisation of the day wasn’t great in my opinion, and some people typically got more than others. For example we weren’t allowed products signed, whereas people closer to the front of the queue were allowed selfies and signing. However I don’t have the right to complain as luckily I wasn’t turned away. I later found out many people were not allowed to meet the pair due to ‘time constraints’, which must have been so disappointing! These people were queuing for hours and I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I was turned away, luckily beauty bay are aware of this and as far as I know are trying to help the people who this happened to. I just wish they had been quicker (and not don’t signings etc) or distributed less tickets to start with so everyone had the opportunity to meet them. 

So now the meetup is talked about and shared, its time to move onto the products! Before you meet the pair, you had the opportunity to shop the new collection alongside the other products that Jeffree has brought out over the past few years. I loved this, because at the moment the brand is solely online so it was nice to have the opportunity to swatch the products before you bought them. I have only been trying the products for the past week or so, so I am not going to have an in depth review (like I do with brand insights) but overall I absolutely love every product that I bought. And yes…. I did go overboard but you do only meet the queens of makeup once. 
Mannequin and androgyny liquid lipsticks- these are probably the classic products in the range and I absolutely love the formula and texture of the,, and they are so long lasting which is also great! Mannequin is the perfect nude shade for me (especially when paired with a brown lip liner to darken the edges). Androgyny is a lot darker and probably a bit too much out of my comfort zone as a nude girl but I will find a time to wear it as I love the colour! 

Left: mannequin Right: androgyny

Dark horse highlight- this is way too dark for my skin tone but I bought it for two reasons. The first being that it will make a really pretty eyeshadow colour for a deep brown smokey eye which I really enjoy doing in the summer coming up, and the second reason is that I needed a highlight for darker skin tones. Due to me doing makeup on other people sometimes, I wanted to expand my collection to suit darker skin tones as well as my own, as most of the highlights I own are very pale and wouldn’t suit a large range of tones. 

Eclipse highlight- this is the product that I was most excited about purchasing as it was the reason the whole meet and greet was happening. Overall I absolutely love it, the packaging is gorgeous (love the matte black and holographic touches) and the shade is to die for. The only thing I would say is that the formula is a lot different to the other Jeffree star highlights, this one is chunkier glitter so you have to swirl your brush in a lot more than the others and I have found that using fix plus also helps a lot to bind the glitters together. 

‘You betta glow bitch, long lasting extreme beauty. The definition of highlight on fleek 😍

In love with the holographic details on this packaging

Ice cold highlight– this wasn’t actually bought in the meetup but I tried in on when I was there and fell in love, but chose not to buy as I had already bought some of the other highlights. Then beauty bay very kindly sent by 30% of the range as an apology for the logistical issues of the day, so I thought to treat myself because I loved it so much. I wouldn’t wear it on my cheeks as it would be too white (would look gorgeous on paler girls though 😍) but it looks seriously stunning on my brow bone and inner corner to really make them pop. 

Androgyny palette- this is the product that I was most unsure about, as I already have so may eyeshadow palettes and I wasn’t sure I needed another one, especially considering that it is more on the expensive side. And then I swatched it when I was there and fell in love, the shades are amazing (so pigmented!) and I know I will get a lot of use from them as they are very ‘me’ colours. If you read my blog quite a bit, I think you will be seeing this palette around a lot. 

Top to bottom: charm, de ja but, fetish and poison. My favourite shades from the palette!

Overall the day was a good experience and I would do it again because they are huge inspirations but the organisation was poor, and I wish it was better planned to give every ticket holder a better/the same opportunity. However it was the first event of the tour so hopefully the others were better and our afternoon was purely a teething issue.  


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  1. May 4, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Awesome post Tori! great to see it all ended well despite the questionable organisation. the event itself looked like it was worth while and you’ve got some great memories to go with it. I haven’t heard of that building myself but may keep a look out for it during my next trip to Manchester (it’s been a while). I always loved the architecture there and in Liverpool so looking forward to the next time. Here’s hoping for more experiences like this for you x

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