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I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in ages, mainly because I have been focusing on my end of year exams so blogging has unfortunately taken the back seat. I only have one exam left now though and then a couple of weeks off so I definitely want to get back into the swing of writing and uploading more frequently. I have been intending on making a brand insight on Mac since I begun this series of posts a few months ago, however I have been putting it off because of how big this post is going to be. Mac is one of my all time favourite brands and I often turn to their products because I know they are going to work, this post is certainly going to be full of positive reviews! Although being high end, I think that you normally get what you pay for and the price does reflect the amazing quality of the products. 

If you think of Mac you immediately think of the lipsticks, and I certainly know why. They are the classic product from the brand and you cannot go wrong with them, even if they have increased the price recently. I went through a phase of buying Mac lipsticks all the time, but I don’t buy them as frequently anymore as I am going through a stage of loving liquid lipsticks instead. Nonetheless, the Mac lipstick is a bestselling product for a reason, even down to the sleek black packaging and amazing formula. The shade range is like no other and there are many different finishes to choose from (My personal favourite being the lustre or matte finish). In fact, my all time favourite lipstick is in the form of velvet teddy, which is the perfect brown but still pink toned nude. I wear it constantly and if I could only have one lipstick for the rest of my life that would 100% be the one I choose. 

I don’t often line my lips (it always seems to find a way of going wrong) so I don’t own many lip liners but I do like these two. I invested in a good red lipliner because bright lipsticks do tend to smudge and bleed, so a lipliner is a good way of trying to minimise that. I also have a nude lipliner called ‘boldly bare’, which I bought because it is a very classic nude shade and therefore will work with the majority of my lipsticks that I wear on a day to day basis. 

 Mac eyeshadows are also a classic product, and not only is the quality great but I love that you can create your own palette of ideal shades. I always purchase a palette and never touch some of the colours, because I have replicas in my collection already or they just don’t suit me. With this way you get a palette that is perfect and specialised for you, so you have every shade that you love in one place and you are only purchasing products that you will actually use. My two favourite shades are satin taupe, which is such a unique purple toned brown shade… I am pretty sure it is the most worn shadow in my entire collection. Another one I love for my classic smokey eye is the shade club, this is a deep brown/black colour but with really unique blue specks running through it. It is strange because it’s still subtle even though it looks blue in some lights! It adds such a unique touch to a classic smokey eye, particularly for green eyes. 

The only slight problem with Mac eyeshadows is the price point, as although the quality is great they are pretty expensive to collect (at £10.00 per pan). I have chosen the colours I really like now and doubt I will be purchasing anymore. If anyone is looking for the same ‘build your own palette’ set up but without the high price tag, makeup geek is the same quality in my opinion but a lot cheaper. You cannot swatch/test them because they are online only which can be a bit of a problem but there are plenty of swatch videos online and on Pinterest so you can visualise the shades before you purchase them. Something to consider if you are on a budget but still want a large shade range and excellent quality. 

Something still for your eyes but a little different are the pressed pigments. I am very much a matte eyeshadow girl but I received this as a gift last year and I absolutely love it. Purple is my favourite colour for my eyes (away from neutrals) because it compliments the green in my eyes. This is perfect because it is glittery but you don’t have the hassle of fallout that you get from a loose pigment. I wore this to my birthday party last year pressed all over my lid and it made me feel like a princess, I loved the sparkles as it is different to what I usually do. 

If you know me you know that highlight is my favourite makeup item, who doesn’t love a socially acceptable way to cover yourself in blinding glitter? Mac soft and gentle is a very famous highlight in the world of makeup, and I don’t think many people who have tried it don’t like it. It’s quite chunky glitter but in such a good way, and the pink tone reflects the light beautifully. It’s slightly too dark for me if I don’t fake tan, so if I am pale I put a tiny bit of a lighter highlight over the top to balance it out a bit or just use a lighter brush (as oppose to a fairly dense duofibre brush that I usually apply it with). When I was in London a few months ago I gave into the online craze at the time and picked up another Mac highlight but this time in the shade ‘bleaming blush’. So many people online were talking about how amazing it was, but honestly I am undecided. The formula is different and it’s more smooth in texture which I do quite like, but I feel like I have to swirl my brush around a lot to get enough on to apply. It’s maybe just because I love a really strong glow, but I feel like this applies in such a natural way despite the shade being quite iridescent. I wish it applied like how it looks in the pan, but it doesn’t seem to. I would definitely recommend soft and gentle instead if you are looking for a strong highlight. 

Look at this glow though 😍

The base products that Mac do are pretty heavy duty and very full coverage. When I want a base that will last me the entire day (even in the heat) and not budge I always turn to Mac Pro longwear foundation, which is a very matte finish and does last all day regardless of what you are doing. I have quite dry skin so I would recommend that if you are the same as me to use a good moisturiser before or else it can cling to dry patches, particularly around my nose. It’s good to set a foundation with powder so when I am using it I do use the matching powder, honestly I don’t think it is much different to a drugstore powder so I won’t repurchase it however it does set my makeup well. The product that I use the most from Mac is the prolongwear concealer, and I must have finished 6 of these since I first started using it a couple of years ago. It is an absolutely incredible concealer and so good for cleaning up eye makeup and for under my eyes, I use it most days and it covers all dark circles perfectly. 

In my opinion the most underestimated product from Mac has to be the fix+ spray, people who do makeup artistry adore it but I feel like nobody who I know in real life uses it. It is so good and because it is so versatile I use it all the time when doing makeup. It’s good for setting the face and giving your skin a dewy finish, and I also spray it before applying highlight in order to make the powder really gleam. Probably my favourite use for the fix+ though has to be for eyeshadow, I spray it onto my eyeshadow brush before dipping it in the pan and it almost creates a new eyeshadow shade. The shadow gets a new dimension and the pigment increases so much, honestly it’s so good that I very rarely apply eyeshadow without it now. 

 Overall Mac cosmetics is one of my favourite brands and I will keep purchasing products from them because I trust the quality so much and I know I will always find a product that surpasses my expectations. In the future I would like to try the liquid lipsticks, because they launched them relatively recently and I am loving liquid lipsticks at the moment so I hope I like them too. I would also like to try the bronzer as one of my friends swears by it and I haven’t got round to buying it yet, so that is also on my list for the summer. 

What do you recommend from Mac?


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