Hello June 

I’m glad May is over, because I feel like I haven’t been able to do anything for the majority of the month due to exams. For most days I have been revising and focusing on college, often spending my frees at college working instead of going home because I tend to be more productive when I’m alone in the library. I feel like I have barely left sixth form this month (including a few Saturdays where I have had to go in for extra revision classes) but looking back on this month I have actually had a lot of fun and had many good days amongst the exams. 

It’s been so lovely to get out and about in the sunshine this month and take more photos ☺️

We started the month off well and on the first day my friends let me play around with makeup on them. I love practising on other people and on other face shapes as I find it challenging and it really pushes me, they are often not the best looks I have ever done but I always have fun creating them and I always learn new skills about applying makeup on others. I’m grateful to have friends that let me experiment on them! The first look I ever did on someone else was around 2 years ago and it was a tribal themed makeup on my friend Isy, back then I was so proud of it because it was my first ever ‘costume’ makeup look but recently I found the photo and laughed at just how bad it was. In comparison, I have improved so much and it just shows that practise really does make perfect. I wanted to recreate the same themed look but two years on and you can clearly see the difference. It kind of makes me want to recreate all my old looks! 

The original photo from 2015

The recreated version- so happy with how much I have improved

 I also spent some time doing more traditional beauty makeup on my friends. I had such a fun time creating them and taking some photos, it makes me want to do makeup everyday and I can’t wait for a day where I can do more makeup on others. My initial intention of the day was to take photos for a prom themed blog post, but I never got around to writing it and uploading it. I think it was because I know the makeup wasn’t my best work so I didn’t want to upload it as a standalone post. I can still do a prom themed post though if anyone does want some makeup tips and inspiration before the prom season starts, if you let me know I will definitely upload it.  

Seriously…. how is she so gorgeous? 😍

I adore this photo, smokey eyes are my favourite on Emily 😍

Like I have previously mentioned, my month has predominantly been taken up with end of year exams and that is the reason that my blog hasn’t been updated half as much as what I would like. I am currently in year 12 so taking my AS exams, so I haven’t had as much pressure as my full A level next year but (as the perfectionist I am) I always want to do the best that I can and devote as much time to my studies as possible. Overall I feel like they went successfully and I will have achieved some good grades, as I tried my best and I think the majority of the exams went well. However I made a lot of silly mistakes on my business papers, and I was really annoyed at myself because they were easily avoidable errors. I am pretty certain that I will not achieve the grade I hoped in that subject, and I feel like I have let myself down because of that but nothing can be changed about that now unfortunately. I just have to look past it and wait until my results in August. 

May is a month of beautiful rich sunsets 💥

I wish for my blog to be a place of happiness and an escape for people to read, but sometimes you cannot look past certain events and they need to be addressed. It feels frivolous to talk about this month without acknowledging the shocking attack that was executed at the Manchester MEN arena on the 22nd of this month. 22 people (many children) lost their lives, a further 59 were severely physically injured and hundreds more will have to cope emotionally and live with the events of that Monday evening for the rest of their lives. Music isn’t exclusive, it is something that has been known for bringing people together regardless of age, race or religion. Concerts are such an amazing experience and nobody should be made to feel unsafe in an event that should be enjoyed by all. I want to extend my condolences to anyone reading this that has been effected directly or indirectly by the attack and I hope you are receiving the support that you need at such a frightening time. 
In addition to this, there has been many other attacks this month, for instance the Jakarta bus stations bombing (taking the lives of 3 police offices) and the Egypt bus attack, which killed 23 innocent people. Despite not having the same media coverage as the manchester attack in the UK, these attacks are no less horrific and their lives are not worth any less, just because western media tends to prioritise western news. It is unlikely that anyone influenced will be reading this, but if any other terror attack has effected you this month then I also extend my condolences to you. ❤

Peace… something I wish the world could experience 🌎

Now back to a more positive note. Over the past two weeks the weather in the UK has been delightful, and it has been lovely to finally have a bit of sun and a hint of summer. With the heat, it has seemed to bring some amazing days with it and some amazing memories, so much so that I think the last week or so has been my favourite time of the year so far. I have spent numerous afternoons sat on the grass at college, in the sun and talking the afternoons away. Moments that are so beautifully spontaneous, and the smallest situation that sparks the largest effect of happiness. Another fantastic day I had was when I went to my friends farm and spent some quality time with all my friends doing something that was fairly out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t on my phone and it was so good to just switch off and really chill out. I am honestly so lucky to have such a nice group of people surrounding me and supporting me at the moment and it makes me so excited for summer where I can spend everyday like I have been doing. 

Despite having the underlying pressure of exams, May has been a lovely month filled with happiness and sunshine and lots of fun. It has made me even more excited for June, which is the busiest month of the year so far. It’s my birthday month and I have so many other exciting things planned as well, I’m looking forward for sixth form to take a backseat on my priority list for a couple of months over summer and instead focus on my friends, and my blog and having a good time. I have so many exciting blog posts planned as well, to make up for the lack of posts in May. Amazing times are definitely ahead and I couldn’t be more excited for it. 



  1. June 1, 2017 / 4:52 pm

    What a wonderful blog entry Tori! it transcends it all, its great to get a full picture and summary of the goods and bads – its relatable in every sense. Condolences to those who have lost their lives to terrorism and other related crimes, not just Manchester, but the world. The picture of the shoreline encompasses what peace should look like and you always capture imagery so well. Glorious warm tones during the sunsets and cool and serene tones during the day time. It’s great to see you smiling despite all the pressures and getting on with it. Very uplifting stuff Tori! keep it up

    • June 1, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      Thank you so much! I love receiving your detailed feedback and continued support on my posts 😊

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