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If you have seen my Instagram, you will know that I was luckily invited to the Lush York blogger event on Thursday evening. I’m not just saying this because I was invited, but lush is one of my all time favourite brands and I’m so honoured to even be noticed by such a lovely company. The first conversation I ever had with my best friend of almost 4 years (another lush addict) was actually about our favourite lush products, so I have a lot to thank the brand for personally as well as for producing incredible products. 

I love this photo of pippa taking an Instagram 😍


I was excited but nervous to go, as it was my first event as a blogger and I really don’t feel professional enough to be invited to such gorgeous evenings. I was going by myself and I hadn’t seen a guest list, so I was worried I would be a small fish in a large pond and everyone else would know each other… especially considering I’m a small creator. However that couldn’t be any less of the case if it tried, the atmosphere was so relaxed and everyone was really friendly. I was also really pleased to see so many other smaller bloggers there as well, which was lovely. The event was in York which is about 50 minutes away from my house, so we drove there before it started. Lush hosted this event to celebrate the launch of their new refurbished shop, that opened on Friday. To my knowledge, the shop has been shut for a few weeks whilst they have regenerated everything and changed the layout completely. Before they opened the store to the public, they let a handful of local bloggers in to have a look around and see what they have changed, and I must say it is so beautiful. 

The new perfume wall 😍

The shop looks wider, and I was informed that this was because they have made the shelves thinner, but to keep the same amount of space made them higher… which really opens up the place. Before I found the shop quite dark, but they have added so many lights and also white tiles to really open up the place and make it look airy. Some of my favourite parts of the new decor are little signs and objects around to really add an authentic feel to the place, for example next to the coffee scented products there is a jar of fresh coffee beans and I really like that touch. I also love the new ‘kitchen’ area with the fresh face masks, it even has seats so you can sit down and have a face mask consultation. Before it was right in the middle of the store and if you were chatting to an employee I found that you got in the way of other customers but with the new seating area it will be so much more relaxed.

When we arrived, we were treated with drinks and nibbles and were introduced to all of the members of staff who were organising the event that evening. They had been working all day to set up the shop and ensure that the event was the very best it could be for all of us, and they did an excellent job of that. All of the staff were so lovely and helpful, particularly a gorgeous girl called Shola. I was talking to her for quite a long time, over our mutual love of makeup and my camera (it always seems to be a talking point because of how pretty it is). She was showing me the makeup side of lush as we are both makeup lovers, particularly the highlighters which I did end up purchasing on her recommendation. I doubt you will be reading this Shola, but if you are thank you for recommending it to me as I absolutely loved it when I tried it yesterday! I hope you have the confidence to start vlogging soon as you seem like such an amazing person and your channel will be so good, I would be one of your first subscribers without a doubt 😘

This blue shade would make a perfect eyeliner!

It was so nice to be treated to drinks and treats ☺️

The evening seemed to be well organised, and every 10 minutes or so we all gathered around a focal point in the shop to be shown a product. They were all new or exclusive products that I hadn’t seen before, for example 

  • Yellow submarine bath bomb 
  • Metamorphosis bath bomb
  • Two new soaps (with a new texture) 
  • The honey range 
  • Sleepy body lotion

The employees would explain them really well and we would be allowed to pass the products around and try them as they were talking about them. 

The relax bath gift set

Yellow submarine bath bomb, inspired by Liverpool

The rest of the time we were allowed to walk around the shop and look at the new layout, whilst taking photos (after all we are all bloggers). I loved being able to walk around the shop and look at everything, as usually it is really busy and you can’t have a proper look at all of the products on offer. There was plenty of time for shopping and I came away with some skincare items, and the highlighter that was recommended to me. Due to it being a small event, I was also able to speak to the majority of bloggers there and everyone was so lovely and friendly. It was also most people’s first time at a blogger event, so it made me feel a lot more at ease knowing everyone else was in a new situation too. I’m so glad that everyone was so welcoming and talkative, as it made the atmosphere really upbeat and I loved that. 

Lip scrub pyramid

I love the new layout of the store, including the new bath bomb tables

Overall it was such a gorgeous evening, and I really hope I will have the opportunity to go to another blogger event soon as I had the best time. Before we left, we were all very kindly treated with a bag filled with lush products. I found this so generous, and a lovely surprise! In mine there were some bath bombs that were demonstrated in the evening, alongside some mouthwash tabs (I have never tried them before!) and also the sleepy lotion that is launching soon. If you are reading this Lush York, thank you so much for having me and I am so grateful for my invitation. So much love ❤ 



  1. June 11, 2017 / 10:21 am

    This is an amazing post ! ✨ you seem like you had a really good night ! Please do a review on some of the new products you’ve tried out and please check out our blog for Lush reviews
    ( we are a very new blog and your feedback on our posts would be most appreciated !💕)

    • June 11, 2017 / 10:23 am

      Awh thank you so much!! I love receiving comments from newer blogs and people who have just found my blog! Yeah, I might do a lush brand insight next month, with these products and some others I’ve tried from the brand. I’ll certainly check your blog out 💕

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