Old Town Chambers 

If you have seen my previous post, you will know that I have recently had a trip to Edinburgh and, as promised, I said I was going to write a post on the accommodation we stayed in. I wasn’t involved in the booking so I can’t take any credit for choosing this company, it was a complete surprise for me but what a lovely surprise it was. The hotel itself is in such a photogenic location with high ceilings and industrial touches so I thought to create a blog post sharing my views alongside some pretty images. In addition to this, I believe that this is a small company with only a few branches in Edinburgh, and I love sharing smaller businesses on my blog as they often have less reviews than the big nationwide companies have. 

Beautiful views from the hotel 😍

The location is very central, and it is tucked just behind the royal mile (which is one of the biggest tourist areas in the city) meaning we were in a perfect location and in walking distance to the majority of things that we wanted to see. It is in a little courtyard, so although it is really close to the centre it is also quite secluded and very quiet, as not many people pass through. The only thing to bare in mind is that there is no car access, so if you are driving like we were you have to park about 10 minutes away and walk to old town chambers. This was fine for us as we only had a few bags, but if you are staying for an extended period of time or have a large party then it’s something to note. 

Taken from the royal mile, old town chambers is just behind

The set up itself is like nothing I have experienced from accommodation before. They are seen as ‘serviced apartments’, so you have all the perks of a hotel room (fresh towels, cleaned every day etc) but with the independence of an apartment. I found it hard to get my head around at first, but it is practically a flat (you have a kitchen and an upstairs area, which you never get in a hotel room) but with the staff and security of a hotel. It’s the best of both worlds, and I really enjoyed the set up once I begun to understand it more. Because there is only a handful of rooms (due to them being a lot larger than average hotel rooms), the communal areas such as the lobby are a lot smaller and more intimate… for example there are only a small number of staff members that you tend to recognise after a while. I liked it as it seemed more personal than a large hotel with hundreds of employees. 

I love flowers, these in the lobby added a nice touch

The room itself was gorgeous and I really liked the decor as it was an industrial style (they have kept the old ceiling beams etc) however with comfortable touches, as cliche as it sounds it did feel like a home away from home. We had two bedrooms, which was nice for me to have some of my own space, and the apartment was spread out over two floors so it really did feel like our own flat. I particularly liked the photos of how the old town chambers used to look like, before they renovated it, as it gave a bit more insight into the history of the place and showed how much regeneration there has been. 

Photos showing the history of the building

It was nice to have a kitchen, it’s not the stereotypical hotel

A lovely little touch to the room and something that is perfect for a beauty addict like me is that they provided cowshed products for guests to use. I love the brand cowshed, but never tend to purchase it, so it’s a nice way to try the products and pamper yourself when you are away on holiday. I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner, and it is so nice to have luxury products to use as opposed to little testers that are usually in hotel rooms. Although it is a little touch it definitely didn’t go unnoticed, and really showed how luxurious the company is. 

To sum everything up, I adored my stay at this accommodation and I loved the different style to a traditional hotel. If I ever go back to Edinburgh I will certainly stay again, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a little luxury in the heart of the city. Absolute bliss! If you would like a closer look at the business, take a look at this link https://www.lateralcity.com/property/old-town-chambers 

A small piece of the city



  1. June 19, 2017 / 8:19 pm

    This has inspired me to go back to Edinburgh! I loved it last time I went – I’m already looking into Old Town Chambers! 🙂 x

    • June 19, 2017 / 8:22 pm

      Awh I’m so glad!! It’s gorgeous accommodation, more on the expensive side but made my trip so dreamy and magical! Hope you are okay 💕

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