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So in my last few days of being 16, it was time for reflection. Over the past year I have achieved so much and being 16 has potentially been my favourite age yet. I was contemplating writing a post about my big achievements of the year, but I thought that the majority of people reading this will know them if you read regularly, and also it is quite generic. So I got thinking and instead I am focusing on the little things. Tiny things that are insignificant to anyone else but me, but I wanted to write them somewhere and I think it gives some insight into what I am actually like. So here goes nothing… 16 things that I ticked off my mental bucket list whilst I was 16 (I really should write them down). These are in chronological time order, with the most recent achievements being at the end of the list. Also beware, this will be a long post full of rambles… I’m sorry in advance. 

August 2016

So whilst I was 16 I… 

 Went to Sephora for the first time- If you are not a makeup lover you will not understand the significance of this, but if you are like me you will know EXACTLY where I’m coming from when I say that walking into a Sephora was one of the best/overwhelming experiences of my year. We don’t have the shop here in the UK (why?!) and when you finally go it’s everything you imagined and so much more. I honestly spent half of my holiday in various branches, and I spent wayyy too much money… so much so I received my VIB card within 3 weeks. It’s a shop filled with brands that are hard to access in England, so it turned into hours of swatching and trying products, much to my families boredom! I was even lucky enough to have my makeup done by such a talented employee at the Disney springs branch, and I would definitely recommend that service if you have the time available. 

Experienced 4th July in Disneyworld- This is something that has always been on my bucket list, due to the 4th July being Independence Day in the USA. This year, without planning, we happened to be there over the 4th so went to magic kingdom (my favourite Disney park). I had high hopes of huge firework displays and decorations… in reality it was practically just another day apart from the addition of a lot of extra tourists. So not most perfect day in the world and nothing like I expected, but I’m glad I did go to tick it off my list.  

Felt confident enough to wear a crop top– One thing that I NEVER thought would happen but whilst I was 16 it did. Everyone has something about their appearance that they aren’t a fan of, and mine is definitely my stomach. For the majority of my teenage years I have tried to cover it up but last summer I decided to purchase a cropped top and just embrace it, and weirdly it actually worked. I always saw other people wearing them and they look so pretty, but then I realised why can’t I? The only thing stopping me is myself and my own worries. Yes I still don’t like my stomach by any means but I have come to accept it more and I do like how I look with more cropped styles, especially when paired with high waisted skirts, it’s such a pretty look!

Went camping- Now camping certainly is not my thing, however I decided that it is something that I should have done by the time I was 16 so I agreed to going with a group of friends. I can’t say it was the best few days of my life, but I loved spending some time with my friends doing something different and experiencing another type of trip. However I do doubt I will be going back anytime soon 😂

Cut my hair- My long hair was me, and its weird to think that it’s not there anymore (although I don’t miss it at all). I had what I named ‘lion hair’, which I could practically sit on for 14 years of my life, but as time went on it became boring and very hard to manage. So when I left school I decided to have a change and have it cut to an average length. I was so scared at first however I couldn’t be happier with it and I fell in love as soon as it was styled. Honestly I can’t imagine my hair like it was and I certainly wouldn’t go back! 

My long hair

 Had people recreate my makeup- This is something that I never expected to happen in a million years, and I’ve been lucky enough for this to be sent to me a few times over the past year (I only started posting my makeup photos in 2016). It’s one of my favourite things to see, it’s honestly the best feeling in the world to know that I have inspired someone. If ever you do take inspiration from my looks, please tag me as it makes my day every. single. time. 

Started sixth form- This is probably the biggest achievement on this list so I had to include it. When I was 16 I left my secondary school that I had been attending for 5 years, and started sixth form. Change is not something I usually take to well, however I surprised myself and fell in love with sixth form from the moment that I walked through the door. The people, the atmosphere, the lessons…. everything is so much better than I imagined. I know a lot of my audience are around my age so may be starting sixth form next year, all I would say is to try not to worry and just get involved in as much as you can. You will meet so many new people and sixth form is honestly the most fun you will have in education so far, well it has been for me anyway. 

Discovered my favourite subject- One word, economics. I had never studied it until the past year and as soon as I came out of my first lesson I fell in love completely. It was a 100% spontaneous decision, I was unsure of my A levels (originally I was meant to take psychology) and a teacher on my induction day suggested economics. I thought ‘let’s just do it, I can drop it after the first year if I don’t like it’. A year on and it’s practically shaped my entire career, and I have met the most amazing people (including my two teachers who are incredible). It sounds ridiculous but I honestly can’t explain how much both the subject and the atmosphere of economics has benefited me this year. Well for a start, at least half of my funniest memories of the past year have taken place in my economics classroom. 🐟

I’m surrounded by many good people ☺️

Launched my blog- Kind of an obvious one if you are reading this but ah well. On the 24th October 2016 I pressed upload on my blog for the first time, in my favourite city and then turned my phone on silent whilst all my friends discovered it as I was so scared of everyone’s response. Just over 8 months on and I couldn’t imagine not having this space to share whatever I like, I just can’t wait to see what the future brings for it. If you are reading this, it means that you have helped make this blog what it is and I can’t thank you enough for that, having a little community of people who I know will support my content always gives me so much motivation to improve. 

The first photo taken after I pressed upload- celebratory drinks

Started my bullet journal- For the last couple of years I have seen people all over the internet start their bullet journals, and I always put it off because I thought it would be too time consuming and just a phase. But this year I finally fell for the hype and bought my overpriced little book, and honestly I don’t think I will ever go back now. I love organisation and this gives me enough structure I need to have the motivation to do it, but still some creative freedom (for pretty text and page layout etc). I love that I can make every week different and adapt it to suit my own needs for the week, plus dotted paper is my new favourite thing. Just trust me. 
Went for a weekend away with a friend– You may have seen the many blog posts (I love creating travel posts) but recently I have been on trips my best friend, which I love! As I am an only child, it’s so nice to experience something with someone who is a similar age to me. It’s so fun! Within a few months me and Emily went to both London and Manchester together, and I can’t wait to organise another trip for later on this year/earlier next year. 

Went back to St James Park- Leading on from the previous point, whilst I was in London I went back to St James Park. I briefly spoke about this in my London post back in March but I used to spend so much time at the park when I was really young and I went away to London. It was so weird to go back and see it again as so many of my childhood memories are around that area. It was so fun to recreate some photos as well as seeing how small everything actually is! 

August 2005

February 2017

Had acrylics for the first time- Whilst I was at school I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish, so when I started sixth form I couldn’t wait to experiment with different colours all the time, not just in the holidays. I put off acrylics for so long because I didn’t think I would be able to operate with long nails, and also they destroy your natural nail. But I tried it around April time and I don’t think I will ever go back now (I’m sorry poor nails). I love them so much, they look gorgeous and they are actually more practical than you would think… apart from picking up coins which is close to impossible! 

Found the Winnie the Pooh song- Potentially the most random on the list and one that certainly requires some explaining. When I was really young (5/6ish) I can remember listening to a song from Winnie the Pooh, and in 2014 I was talking to my friend Isy about it… but when we searched for it it was nowhere to be found. We remembered the vast majority of lyrics, and we kept searching and searching. We made it our mission to find the song and this year we found it! We finally found it! You have no idea how happy I was to confirm that I hadn’t been making up a random song for the best part of 12 years of my life. 

Saw a panda– Something that wasn’t really ever on my bucket list, but is on my nans and was actually a pretty amazing experience. We went to Edinburgh zoo, and it was so nice to see a panda in real life, because of how little they are held in captivity I never expected to see one. We were lucky as well, because one of the staff members told us that you usually can’t see them very well (they sleep 16 hours a day!) but we had a good view. 

Attended my first blogger event– We are finally on the last achievement! If you are still reading at this point then I am very impressed as this post is insanely long. So the most recent experience that I ticked off my bucket list was being able to attend a blogger event, and I was so grateful that lush were the business that contacted me. They are the most beautiful brand and I was so lucky to have such a dreamy evening meeting some lovely people (some I now class as friends!) and trying new products. 

So there we go, 16 things that I have achieved/ticked off my bucket list this year. It’s a strange mixture of events and experiences, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope being 17 involves more things being ticked off the random list! As always, thank you so much for reading ❤ 


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