So today is my birthday! 🎈🎁🎉 Well it is as you are reading this, but I have pre scheduled these posts so I can relax and enjoy myself over the next few days. The last post that was uploaded was all about my achievements as a 16 year old, so I thought my birthday was a perfect time to set some goals for the next year. I’m 17 now, so I’ve written down 17 things from my bucket list that are realistic for the next year. I hope that I can achieve them all, or at least the majority of them. Also as you read, you get the delight of looking at some embarrassing childhood photos of me from various birthday parties I have had in my life.

Last year my birthday was spent in disneyworld, an absolute dream come true 😍
These are in no particular order by the way, nothing on the list has a priority 😊 so whilst I am 17 I want to… 

Visit Bath– I don’t know why I want to go, but recently I have had such a desire to go to Bath. I haven’t heard a lot about it, but from what I have seen it looks like such a picturesque place, with plenty of history. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to visit sometime in the next year. 
Visit Brighton– A very similar to point to the last one, but I really want to visit Brighton. It looks like such a cool place with a really nice vibe, particularly in the summer (which is when I would like to visit). 

My 12th birthday party- I still wear this dress now!

See the Courteeners live– They are one of my favourite bands, and my dad has seen them live a few times and thinks they are incredible. I am not sure whether they are actually touring next year, but if they are I am certainly going to get tickets and have a night out seeing them perform. I tried to get tickets to their recent Manchester show but it sold out pretty quickly which was disappointing. 

My 6th birthday- dancing whilst eating garlic bread. Has anything actually changed?
Magic Mike on my 6th birthday party

Learn to drive- Probably the biggest and hardest one to achieve from the list. Now I am 17 I can begin to learn to drive, and I am so scared about learning but I need to push myself and just do it. I am planning on getting lessons over the summer holidays, so hopefully I pass first time but is not making any promises! 

Film a carpool karaoke- Leading on from the last point, when I learn to drive I am 100% filming a carpool karaoke style video with some of my friends. I have seen so many people do this and one of my favourite things to do is sing in the car, so it seems like such a fun thing to film and look back on in years to come. You may even see it on my blog (depending on how embarrassing it is of course). 

My 13th birthday party ❤
I love receiving flowers 😍

Go away with friends (Or at the minimum book it)- This is the year where the majority of my friends turn 18 (How did that happen?!) so I would love to plan a holiday with a large group of friends somewhere sunny. I highly doubt we will have been away by my 18th, but I would like to think that we have booked it and have all the plans are in place for the following summer. 

Find a flavoured tea that I like- Another strange one but this but makes sense in my head. I have been trying for what feels like years to find a flavoured tea (not the classic British brew) that I like and I can’t find one! So this year I am determined to keep trying and become one of those people who love different teas, because they all look lovely but taste not so lovely. I am pretty sure my friend Isy will help me with this, as she annoyingly seems to like them all. 

My 9th birthday party, some of the people on this photo are still my close friends now!

Get a piercing– Whilst I am 17 I am going to get my bellybutton pierced. I have been putting it off for so long but I love how it looks on other people, and I just want to do something out of my comfort zone a bit. If I don’t like it I can always take it out, but if there is an ideal time in my life to get a piercing it is right now. 

Have a spa day- Most spas don’t allow treatments until you are 16, and this year I just haven’t got around to it. So next year I am making it a priority to book a spa day, to completely switch off and devote 100% to relaxing… potentially even by myself (although I will probably end up going with some other stressed out friends!). I think this one on the list might come in handy near exam season next year. 

A funny candid from my 15th Disney themed birthday party
I still adore this photo from my 15th birthday

Attend a festival– In summer I am going to Leeds fest and it is my first festival I have ever been to, and honestly I have no idea what to expect from the experience. So this one maybe shouldn’t be ‘attend’ but instead survive a festival, because I seem to be throwing myself in the deep end with Leeds fest. I am so excited to see the concerts though, the ones I’m most looking forward to are Bastille, Eminem and milky chance. I am also intrigued to see what the atmosphere is like, which I expect to either be incredible or a disaster (preferably the first). Are you going to Leeds fest? 

Survive 4 A levels- The more I think about it, the more I don’t know why but next year I am continuing with 4 A levels. I love all of my subjects and I couldn’t think of one to drop so I have chosen to carry on with all 4, just with a fair bit of added unnecessary stress. I am looking forward to giving myself a challenge though and I do think it will pay off in the future. 

I don’t really know the context behind this photo, but I love how happy I look 😂

Hit 1500 followers on my Instagram- It is not about numbers by any means, but sometimes it is good to give myself regular goals to work towards when it comes to analytics. Whilst writing this I am so close to 1000 so in a year I would love to have 1500 followers, it’s still a small number in comparison to other creators but I think that it is an established size and I would love to think that all the work I put into my Instagram is being recognised. Plus I love hearing people’s feedback and comments on my posts and hopefully that will increase as time goes on as well! 

Hit 10,000 followers on my blog- Very similar to the last point in the same sense as it is not all about the numbers, but imagine having 10,000 people reading this… 10,000! I can’t quite comprehend how many people that is and it still baffles me that we are well over halfway to that now in just 8 months, I’m so grateful for just how much support I get. 

My primary school group of friends ❤

Work with a company on my blog– This is something that I don’t really expect to happen, but a girl can dream! The year I have had the opportunity to go to a couple of blogger events, so I would love to take the next step and actually work with a company on a collaborative post on my blog. That would be so surreal for a company to actually trust me that much, but I think it would make my life if it did end up happening. 

Post once on my blog everyday for a month– I don’t think people realise this but blogging is so time consuming, so I have no idea when this will be taking place… but I would love for it to happen! I think it’s a good challenge to set myself one month to really devote myself to my blog and connect with people who read this more. I was contemplating doing 31 days of Halloween but I’m not sure whether that is too much pressure to put myself under?! 😂 

Last year, my birthday party before I flew out to Florida

Start a YouTube channel- I have started to create the videos, now I just need the confidence. If you read my blog frequently you will know that I have recently been integrating more video content into my blog, almost like dipping my toe into the world of YouTube but without the commitment of uploading to another platform frequently. This year I am getting a friend (who owns a photography/videography business) to help me film more videos so it is more efficient for me, so hopefully I will push myself and just finally do it. This time last year I was like this with my blog and look where I am now so I know I need to do it and worry about it later. 

Do something completely spontaneously- the last one on the list and one that I can’t really explain as I don’t know what it will entail. I am someone that likes a plan, but recently I have started doing more things with less organisation so I would love to just jump in the deep end and do something completely spontaneously. I find that the best things happen when you least expect it, so hopefully whatever I do will come with some amazing memories and a good story to tell. 

My favourite photo from my 16th birthday party
This fairy light wall is my favourite, im putting it up this year!

So there you go, 17 things that I want to achieve in the next year… or at least try to. I really want to remember this post and in a years time go back and see what I have achieved. Hopefully them all! What do you want to achieve before your next birthday? 

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  1. Happy Birthday Tori, hope you’re having a wonderful time and great new post. You’ll definitely love Brighton! can’t recommend it enough 🙂 here’s to many new exciting ventures and look forward to the spontaneous adventures too!

    Andrew x

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