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Recently I was invited to the beautiful restaurant in York called ‘The Botanist’ to sample their range of cocktails. It was a very spontaneous evening, having the plans finalised at 1pm and the event starting at 6pm. I actually think this made it more exciting though, as you didn’t have time to see what to expect and instead it just all happened without much thought. I went with my lovely friend Pippa, who I met at the last blogger event I attended. It was so nice to have a friend there as last time I didn’t and I was so much more at ease when I know some people. 

There are two words to describe ‘The Botanist’ and that is Instagram heaven. Seriously, everywhere you look is a perfect photo and I was snapping away all night. The decor is very organic and natural, but with a cosy feel. I didn’t expect it to be as big as what it was, there is a large downstairs section and two function rooms upstairs, as well as a beautiful conservatory area that would be perfect for drinks. As far as my knowledge, there are 16 of these restaurants all over the country so even if you don’t live near York it is worth having a look online to see if there is one near you. 

The blogger event was being held in one of the upstairs rooms, and usually this is part of the restaurant but it was closed off for our group only. It was a very small event of around 12 bloggers, which I really liked because it meant I could get to know most people there. When I walked in, I was greeted with my first cocktail and I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down! This one was a strawberry based cocktail with an actual strawberry in it, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was predominantly prosecco based and usually I am usually not the biggest fan of prosecco but it was actually really nice and tasted very fruity. 

Then the food started coming, and it was absolutely amazing. We had canapés but it was with a twist, as they were all classic pub meals but smaller versions. Potentially my favourite example were the mini fish and chips, they were so cute and tasted amazing as well! Other ones we had were mini burgers, pork crackling and also tiny sausages… all of which tasted gorgeous. I liked that they were different to regular canapés and they seemed to go down amazingly with the other bloggers as well. 

Cocktail 2 was a photographers dream as for a start it arrived in a plant pot, filled with crushed ice to the top. We thought that was pretty enough but then in front of our eyes the waiter poured the mixture together and dry ice started to emerge from a smaller cylinder that was hidden inside the drink. It was so amazing, I have never seen anything like it, especially not from a cocktail! I expected the drink itself to be underwhelming due to the huge build up which couldn’t be beaten, but actually it was really nice. Raspberry was the main taste, and I really liked the berry flavour of the cocktail because it was really sweet and almost tasted like a soft drink. Overall this was probably my favourite one out of the ones that I tried that evening. 

Something I didn’t realise until later was that all of the music being played throughout the night was actually live music from downstairs near the bar. It was recorded and then played through speakers so customers upstairs could also enjoy it even if you couldn’t get a table near the act. I really liked this touch as it added a really authentic feel to the place. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the singer, but it was a really relaxed acoustic set which I liked as it went with the atmosphere of the restaurant and blended nicely. 

How beautiful is this conservatory though? 😍

The next cocktail was slightly different, and it was an apple based martini. This wasn’t my favourite one out of them all, but I think that is because I prefer the berry taste. However I loved the colour as it was a really bright green, and when it was served the waiter dropped a dark green liquid into the glass with a pipette, which was a nice touch. Something I loved about the entire experience tasting the cocktails is just how interactive it is, and there is always something to see and take photos of in the cocktail. One of the guys there, Nick, really liked this one so he ended up finishing ours off as me and Pippa were more excited about the berry ones. 

After this cocktail, quite a few people started to leave so we ended up with 6 of us (including the two employees that were looking after us ever so well). It was so nice to get to know them and have a proper in depth chat, I love meeting new people who have similar interests to me. The conversation topics were diverse to say the least, from musical theatre to dodgy nightclubs in Sheffield…. trust me many topics were covered! I really enjoyed being able to just sit and talk, and ask questions about the Botanist as well. 

Here are the links to everyone’s blogs in case you want to check any of them out (they are all lovely I promise!):

We were lucky enough to get another cocktail after the ‘official’ event had finished, because there was only a few bloggers left so there was enough to go around. I think this one was the biggest crowd pleaser, purely because of how cute it was. It was a berry based cocktail in an actual teapot, and it was served with a teacup of ice to pour the cocktail in ourselves. I absolutely loved this, mainly because I love a cup of tea and this was such a cute idea. The tea set was so pretty too with the pretty liberty print flowers all over! I loved the cocktail as well, it was based around pimms, which is a really nice summery drink. This type of cocktail would be perfect for a hot day, it just completely reminded me of summer. 

Overall such a lovely night, and I’m so lucky to keep having these experiences recently. Honestly I am so grateful for anything that comes my way due to my blog, as I didn’t expect any of it. So so lucky! Thank you so much to The Botanist in York (particularly Ellie!)for such a lovely evening, and if you are around York I would defiantly advise popping in and trying their cocktail menu. If you visit please take some photos and let me know! 

If you want to check out the Botanist check out this link: 

A bit of an outtake but I actually really like how this photo turned out 😍



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