Hello July 

June has been a whirlwind, but what a fantastic whirlwind it has been. It has been the busiest but best month of 2017 so far without a shadow of a doubt and my calendar has been full practically every day. I have had so many opportunities to post on my blog, and I hope that you have enjoyed the increase in my uploads. I have adored posting more frequently and I really want to try and keep it up over the summer! A number of exciting things have happened so I have tended to create individual posts on them… this means that if you are up to date on my blog you probably already have a good idea about how my month has been (spoiler… incredible). When I came to write this post, I knew that I didn’t want to repeat myself about the big events as everything I have wanted to say is already shared. Instead I have decided to focus on moments in my month that couldn’t fit in any other post, or that I haven’t mentioned yet on my blog. So don’t worry, there will be very little repeating! However if you do fancy a look at the bigger parts of my month, make sure to have a little nosey at my other posts once you have finished reading this. 

Beautiful York after the blogger event 😍


After our exams had finished, me and my friends decided to treat ourselves and have a day out to flamingo land, which is a large theme park/zoo quite close to where I live. I have never been with just friends before, but because we now have drivers in our group (how did that happen?!) we all jumped in the car and off we went. The sun was out, which was very unexpected, and it overall was a fantastic day. I’m not the biggest thrillseeker in the world but it was nice to go on some rides whilst also having a chilled out day with my friends. The original plan was to create a blog post all about the day but I was having too much fun and didn’t take many photos, which I actually think is a good thing. 

And my obsession with oversized cuddly toys continue 😍

 I also collected my exam results this month from my first year at sixth form, and I couldn’t be happier with how they came out. This year has been my favourite academic year so far, I have loved every single one of my subjects and lots of hard work has certainly paid off. I am so proud of my grades and I cannot wait to carry on next year. I still have one grade to open but that is not until August, and annoyingly it is the one I am most nervous about. However I’m trying to put it to the back of my mind until then, and focus on the marks that I have already received. Talking about education, June is also the start of university open days. It feels so weird to think that I am at the age where I consider university, for such a long time it felt like years away and now it is here so suddenly. I feel far too young to make such big decisions about my life and the direction it is going, but I have also been enjoying visiting universities and seeing what they are like. This time next year I will be very close to moving to a completely new place and starting a completely new chapter, which is quite a scary thought!

On the way back from Leeds university I bumped into Polly at the train station and it completely made my day. For anyone who doesn’t know, Polly Vadasz is a graphic designer extraordinaire with a beautiful blog and small businesses. Her work ethic and attitude towards her social media has inspired me ever since I discovered her account in early 2014, when she was doing her A levels at home alongside her small business. I have watched her grow online, and to spontaneously run into each other was just so strange but amazing all at the same time. I wish I had taken a photo with her but we were both in a rush for our trains 😭 If you are reading this Polly, thank you for being so lovely! 

Bunting at a university is certainly a selling point!

I don’t like to ignore current affairs in these posts, as even though I like to paint a positive image there is so much more to the world than just my life and it feels selfish to not acknowledge this in these posts. At the moment there seems to be more and more going wrong in the world, which is a terrifying concept. This month has not changed that, and it feels like every morning when I check the news something else has unfolded. A particular example that has been a huge focus of this month is the Grenfell fire disaster in London, which has taken the lives of many. I watched a video of mothers throwing their children out of the window, and I can’t even begin to imagine what these innocent people feel if that is your only choice. I hope that anyone affected has been able to get the supplies that they need in the short term, and that everyone receives as much support as possible in the coming weeks. ❤ 

The biggest thing to happen this month was my birthday! I love celebrating my birthday each year and I was so lucky to have a weekend spent with all of my friends and family in the sun. I had a party on the Saturday night, however I am going to do a separate post on this all about the decorations and set up in a couple of days because it deserves its very own post! The Sunday was such a sunny day and I spent it with my girls having lunch and just having a generally relaxing time. Monday was my actual birthday and although I was at college I did have an exceptional day with my friends, and then I spent the evening celebrating with my grandparents. The whole weekend made me feel so special and I’m so lucky to have an amazing group of people around me who spent the whole weekend making everything perfect. 

The last on my list for June was prom, where I was honoured to be asked to do the makeup for two gorgeous girls. They both looked absolutely stunning, and I loved having the experience to be part of such a special day for them. Prom season is an exciting time of year, and although I never went to my own prom I do completely understand the appeal of getting dressed up and feeling like a princess for the day! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do more looks for prom next year. 

How beautiful is this hairstyle? 😍

Overall June was overflowing with events and activities but it was the best month and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! July is looking to be slightly quieter, and I can’t wait to break up from college and have some time off to spend having fun over summer and creating lots of blog content. 

June has been such a happy month 😊


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