Instagram is certainly my favourite social media platform, probably because of my love for photography. I love how everyone can post different styles and different themes of account, and you never ever get two feeds that look the same. Not only do I love posting to my own Instagram, but I can spend so long procrastinating and scrolling through other people’s photos. Over the past 3 years of me being on Instagram, I have come to find some favourites and I thought to share these with anyone reading this, as after all if you are reading this you probably like a similar style to me. There are so many that I like but I didn’t want this to be too long, so I have narrowed it down to my top 10. I have also tried to include a bit of every style as I follow every genre, so I picked my favourites from each ‘category’. 

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These are in no particular order… 

Pippa is a friend of mine in real life, who I met at the lush blogger event last month. I love her account and I’m not just saying this because she is my friend, honestly I adore what she posts and I particularly love how she writes paragraphs as captions as it gives such a good insight into her life. The mix of what she posts is something for everyone as it is very lifestyle based, although I really like what she uploads about her chronic illness because it raises awareness of what she goes through. Her blog is also incredible and a great addition to her Instagram… honestly this girl is amazing and she deserves all the success that comes her way. 


Ellie is a gorgeous blogger, and I adore her feed so much. Her account is mainly focused on beauty and lifestyle, with parts of travel thrown in as well which I love. She uploads very frequently to Instagram that I really like, as I love seeing her photos in my feed. Like Pippa, she also has a lovely blog that I read a lot and is worth checking out when you get the chance. 

Emily Dixon (@emily_dixon_28)

Emily is a friend who I know from ‘real life’ as we attend the same college, although we have known each other for many years now. Her photography is incredible and she uploads very frequently to her Instagram, I particularly like her macro photography. Recently she started a blog as well, and I absolutely love it because her writing style is also really nice to read. Her account is relatively small in comparison to other photography accounts of the same standard so if you do like photography please check her out and look through her photography and videos. She deserves so much more recognition. 


Emma is the first ever ‘beauty and lifestyle’ account that I followed back at the start of 2015, so in theory she is the reason that my Instagram is the way it is today. She doesn’t post as frequently now (and I really miss her YouTube!) but she still inspires me with her makeup flatlays and her amazing purple hair! 

Shaikha (@_shaikha.7)

I first found this account because they are so active on my account, and often comment on my posts which I love! I checked out the account and fell in love, as it is full to the brim of beautiful photos. The professionalism of the account is stunning and there is honestly not one photo that I don’t like, I find myself commenting on all of them! City and street photography is one of my favourites and the lifestyle parts of this account are incredible, if you love photography then certainly check them out. 


This account is so inspiring for someone who loves makeup like me. She is absolutely gorgeous and uploads her makeup looks very frequently, and I love every single one of her posts. Often I find myself scrolling through her photos if I need some inspiration for a makeup look. I particularly love her stories as ‘sneak peeks’ of the main posts, so talented and definitely worth a follow if you love makeup. 


This is the biggest account on the list (I prefer smaller accounts due to the community atmosphere) however Jamie is just so stunning that I couldn’t not include her. If you haven’t heard of her then where have you been? Her account has rocketed recently and for all of the right reasons, I love her YouTube channel and her Instagram is definitely a good extension to this. 


I am in a Facebook group of local beauty addicts in my area, and this lovely lady set it up. I recently found her Instagram from loving the Facebook group, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Lydia is so talented, and her makeup looks inspire me so much. I particularly love the ‘sunset’ style eye makeup that she created recently too, honestly you need to follow her as an upcoming beauty and makeup addict. 


This girl is my complete inspiration. I am quite an academic person and I find that having ‘study’ style posts in my feed really inspire me to stop procrastinating and work harder. Jades account is so inspiring because she is my age but it is not always studying and she also involves so much lifestyle in her feed as well. Her YouTube is equally as fantastic as well, and I don’t think I would have revised half as much this year if I didn’t have people like her online to give me inspiration. Definitely give her a follow, although be prepared to want to change your entire life and be more organised. 


I met Amanda at a blogger event last month and I had never seen her account before, but I followed it that evening after the event and I certainly didn’t regret it. She is gorgeous and funny, with even more beautiful photos in her feed. Her account is so professional and every photo is such a high quality and fits,perfectly. She deserves so much more recognition for what she does as you can really see just how much time and dedication goes into her account and blog. 

So these are my favourite accounts, and I hope that this had inspired some of you to follow them and support them all. I might do another one of these in the future but condense it down even further, so for example ‘favourite beauty accounts’ etc so I can share even more that I love. Let me know your favourite accounts and I will check them out, as I am always looking for new people to follow! Also if you don’t already, please check out my account by clicking the little Instagram symbol at the bottom of my page. Thank you! ❤



  1. Jade :)
    July 13, 2017 / 5:39 am

    You’re an ANGEL!! Thank you for the beautiful words my friend ❤️

    Your blog is also amazing! I had a bit of an explore and I’m so proud of you for having set this up; following what you love utterly beyond the school curriculum.

    Sending you all my love for the future 💛
    UnJaded Jade x x

    • July 13, 2017 / 9:23 am

      I’m going to lose all of my dignity and say just how much I’m fangirling a little inside right now 😂 your words mean so much to me, honestly I have so much to thank you for and I can’t believe you have seen my blog, it makes me so happy 💕

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