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I recently went to a lush blogger event and wrote a post all about the evening, in case you haven’t had a look I will leave a link at the end of this post (spoiler: it was amazing). Anyway, in the comment section of that post a lovely reader suggested that I should do a brand insight on lush… so here we are. Lush is one of my favourite brands and has been for a long time, and because of that I have tried most of the products available (sorry bank account!). This post would go on forever if I talked about every single product I have tried so I have narrowed it down so I discuss a few of my absolute favourites instead of everything really briefly. 
For anyone who isn’t aware, lush is a UK based all natural shop of handmade products. Launched in 1994, this ethical company have expanded their range hugely recently and have also launched shops in other countries as well as the UK. So in short they are a pretty huge deal and I can completely see why. It is instantly recognisable and you can smell the classic scent of the shop before you even see the shop itself. The fun doesn’t stop there because as soon as you step into the store it is an array of colours and scents. I have found that shopping at lush is just as much an experience as the shopping itself, as the staff are always so friendly and constantly demonstrating products etc. I could spend hours in a lush store!

The most classic product from lush has to be the bath bombs. I feel like most people have had one and if you haven’t heard of them then where have you been? I love them for a pamper evening, as they are such good quality and seem like a really nice product. There are so many different scents and textures and colours, that there really is something to suit everyone. I personally like the ones that make my bath really pretty, so ‘intergalactic’ and ‘shoot for the stars’ are amongst my all time favourites. If you are looking for a beautiful scent, I would recommend ‘dragons egg’ (a really fresh lemon scent) or ‘big blue’, which is actually the scent that they use at the lush spa for the treatments. 

As part of my gift bag for the lush event I got gifted a couple of bath bombs and since writing my last post I have had the opportunity to try them. There was the ‘yellow submarine’ and ‘metamorphosis’, and even though they were launched at a similar time they are completely different styles. I really like how metamorphosis is a deep coloured bath bomb because its rare you get dark (almost black) coloured ones, however overall I think I prefer yellow submarine. This is because I prefer the fresh and quite tropical scent, and the colour is perfect for summer… plus look how cute it is! 

Intergalactic bath bomb 💜

Bubble bars are another bath product and I think I actually prefer them to the classic bath bombs, as although they are less exciting they are better for everyday use. They smell incredible and are perfect for the bath as they produce so many bubbles, my favourites are ‘the comforter’ (the most famous one!) and also ‘the green one’.  I tend to cut mine up into numerous pieces and then I can use them more than once as they are so big. With the comforter I can usually get 5 baths out of one bubble bar, which makes them better value for money than bath bombs as well! I bought a little sieve from the supermarket and I crumble my bubble bar into there and then run it under the tap… this way it makes so many more bubbles and you get the most use out of the product. 

Some bubble bars that I still need to use up, ‘the green one’ (my fave!) and Rose Jam

Now onto my favourite lush product of all time, which is the ‘rub rub rub’ shower scrub, and I am being serious when I say I don’t think I could live without this stuff. It is a bright blue shower scrub, which you can use on your skin and hair and the scent is the same as the ‘big blue’ bath bomb that I mentioned earlier. I use it dry before I get into the shower when I need to scrub my fake tan off, and it works so well for that because it is quite an abrasive scrub. However my favourite use for this product has to be for my hair. I get quite a lot of product build up in my hair and because this is a scrub it works so well to remove that and get my hair back to its normal state. I wet my hair and use it before I shampoo, then rinse it out and wash with shampoo as normal. Honestly I have so much to thank this product for, and if they ever discontinue it I will be so upset! 

A bright blue scrub, that kind of reminds me of a slush puppy!

Something to note is that if you have a product that you buy a lot (like me with the rub rub rub) definitely save the empty pots. This is because if you save 5 lush black pots (any product!) you can take them back to the lush store and get a free face mask. I love this as the face masks are such good quality and you can feel them working on your skin. They are a fresh face mask and are made up of all natural ingredients, so once opened they don’t last too long however this makes them perfect for sharing with friends and having an excuse for a pamper night! There are quite a few to choose from so it can be quite overwhelming, but I would ask the employees to talk you through them and they can suggest the best ones for your skin type and concerns. 

I much prefer shower gels over the traditional soap, and even though they are quite expensive at lush the quality is incredible and I do think they are worth a couple of pounds more than other shower gels from the drugstore. My favourite is ‘grass’ because my favourite scent is freshly cut grass and this smells exactly like it. Unfortunately they discontinued this product last year (😭) but luckily they keep putting it on lush kitchen, so I am able to buy more bottles. Lush kitchen is an online store of exclusive products that are made weekly, so once they are gone they are gone. I love the lush kitchen as they often bring back discontinued products, so you can stock up, like me with my love of grass! 

Favourite thing about the shower gels: look at the ‘how to use’ section

I haven’t tried much of the lush skincare range as I am happy with my current skincare routine, however the parts that I have tried have been so lovely on my skin (probably because of the natural ingredients list). A particular favourite is the ‘full of grace’ serum bar, my best friend introduced this to me a few years ago and it tends to be a treat purchase for my skincare routine now. I apply it inbetween my toner and moisturiser and it really hydrates my skin but without blocking my pores. I would definitely recommend it as it isn’t really talked about much but is such a great product! The ‘cup o coffee’ scrub is also very nice as a facial scrub, I have ran out at the moment but I have got through so many of them. I am not the biggest fan of the scent but it is such an effective product that I can look past it, as my skin looks so radiant after using it. 

My most recent lush discovery is the ‘feeling younger’ highlight that was recommended to me by a lovely staff member at the lush event. I bought one and have been using it ever since, and I have fallen in love. I’m usually not a fan of cream products but this blends beautifully and doesn’t take my foundation off underneath. It is perfect for all skin tones and types, I have even got my nan obsessed with it too! Such a good product, and makes me want to try more of the lush makeup range as I haven’t tried any other products. 

Quite a well known product from lush are the lip scrubs. I really like these, although I do question how effective they are as I think they are more of a gimmick product than anything. However that being said, they taste gorgeous and are a nice stage before you put on lipstick. The bubblegum one is probably my favourite however I have run out of that currently, so I have been using the ‘sugar plum fairy’, which has the same scent as the comforter (are you seeing a trend yet? 😂). This is really nice but I do think I prefer the sweet taste of the bubblegum one. 

Nobody can deny that the best time of year to visit lush is around the Halloween/Christmas time where they are launching all of the seasonal products. Lush do autumn and winter incredibly well and you end up spending so much money on beautiful smelling products. Me and my best friend always go at the beginning of the season as it really gets you into a festive mood. It is July at the moment so I obviously have no products to take photos of, although my favourites are the snow fairy scent and also the ‘so white’ bath bomb, although everything is gorgeous. This year I may do a haul blog post with a breakdown of the Christmas range to show you all what’s available. 

Overall I absolutely love lush and there are very few products that I have tried that I haven’t adored. The next on my list is going to a lush spa, I have been researching it but it is quite expensive so I want to make sure I pick the right treatment before I spend so much money. If you have ever been to a lush spa please let me know how you found it as I would really appreciate some help! ❤ 

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  1. July 15, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    I’ve been wondering whether to grab a lip scrub but it’s interesting that you think they might be a gimmick!! I’ll just pop in and get a face mask instead 🙂

    • July 15, 2017 / 9:33 pm

      I definitely prefer the masks over the scrubs so you have made a good choice! Yeah, I think the lip scrubs work to a point but they aren’t the best I’ve tried, I think they are just popular because of how lovely they taste! Xxx

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