Nude Lipsticks 

Nude lipsticks are definitely my lipstick of choice, I think it stems from me being lazy with my makeup and once applied on a morning I don’t like having to think about it. When I wear bright colours I find myself being constantly conscious of where it has migrated to, whether it has ended up on my teeth or the dreaded ‘ring around the lips’ situation. Nude tones are so much easier as once they are on they tend to just wear down and don’t cause much hassle, plus I think it fits a lot better with my love of dark eye makeup (bold lips and dark eyes are sometimes a *little* overboard). Nude lipsticks have become so popular recently and I completely see why as they are so perfect for everyday and you can also wear them into the evening. I have tried many different brands and formulas over the past couple of years in order to find my perfect shade, so I thought to share my top 5 picks…. and yes they are all different (or so I tell myself to justify buying them all 😂). 
So in no particular order… 

Mac- Velvet teddy 
Right I know I said there wasn’t going to be an order, but because this is my favourite lipstick ever it did deserve to come first. If I could only have one lipstick in my collection, I would 100% choose this one. It is a darker nude but it is not too brown toned, and instead verges more on the side of pink. I absolutely adore this and it is my ride or die lipstick, I originally bought it because of the social media hype a couple of years ago and since then I have worn it most days. It goes with every eye makeup look under the sun as it is quite a subtle shade but is still noticeable on the lips. It is a Mac lipstick so obviously it is such good quality and I can get a good 4/5 hours weartime from this before I need to reapply. 

Velvet Teddy

Velvet teddy is a matte finish lipstick but if I want something more glossy, I often find myself putting the ‘nudist’ gloss stick by soap and glory over the top. They are a perfect combination for a glossy nude lip that isn’t sticky. 

Velvet Teddy with Nudist gloss

Jeffree star- mannequin

Probably my most recent nude lipstick purchase is mannequin, which is a cool toned pink nude shade. This is not usually the type of lipstick I go for but when I applied it for the first time I fell in love with the unique but still quite ‘normal’ shade. You will be able to see in the photo, but this is a very matte lipstick so it is best to exfoliate your lips before applying so it doesn’t cling to dry patches. However a perk of it being so matte is that it lasts all day, honestly up to 10 hours and at the end of the day I have to scrub off the excess as it hasn’t fully disappeared. This is the shade I turn to when I have a busy day and know I won’t have time to consider my lipstick, as it is so budge proof. You can hate on Jeffree all you want but nobody can deny that his products are incredible quality. This one also looks amazing as the centre of an ombré look as it is quite pale, sometimes I put ‘androgyny’ (another Jeffree Star lipstick) around the edges of my lips and blend them together… so pretty! 

Mannequin- Look how dry it makes my lips look!

The dream team!

Tarte- Namaste 
When I was on holiday I got given a tester of this (half the size of the original) and I have nearly used it up, but I am definitely going to purchase the full size once it has ran out completely. This is a peach/pink toned nude, and is a perfect natural lipstick for everyday use. Something I love about this one is how different the texture is, it is a matte finish but is actually really comfortable on the lips and you can almost feel it moving around (It doesn’t set down like other liquid lipsticks). I really like this and the small tester size is perfect to throw in my college bag so I tend to wear it a lot. Plus the peppermint scent of the product is gorgeous and so unique for a lipstick! 


Due to this one not setting down onto my lips, I tend to wear it with a lip liner in order to prevent bleeding onto my skin. My two favourite nude lip liners are ‘boldly bare’ by Mac (a paler tone) and ‘cappuccino’ by Rimmel (a darker brown). I would definitely recommend trying lipliners, I never used to wear them as I didn’t understand the point but since I tried them I now very rarely apply lipsticks without lining my lips first. 

Holy Grail lipliners

Kat Von D- Bow n Arrow  

This one is probably my second favourite after velvet teddy. ‘Bow n Arrow’ is a darker brown nude, which is perfect for the evening time in my opinion. I love how it is not completely brown but still goes so well with the 90s lip trend that is circulating at the moment. The best thing about Kat Von D liquid lipsticks is the formula, it is the best formula I have tried as it is long lasting but doesn’t completely dry out your lips and doesn’t cling to many dry patches. I have four colours now because I love them so much! I can usually get about 8 hours wear out of this liquid lipstick, as I don’t reapply throughout the day at college. This shade would suit any skin tone, my friend has it and she paler than me and I can also imagine it looking stunning with a tan because of the deep shade. If you are looking for a ‘starter’ brown lipstick to introduce yourself to the trend, I would certainly recommend this one. 

Bow N Arrow- slightly darker in real life

Closer colour match of this shade, hope that helps!

Makeup forever- Mat 1 

This is not to everyone’s taste but I like the look of a dark smokey eye with a really nude lip, and this lipstick certainly provides that. This is a pale peach toned nude, with a matte finish (as the name suggests). I had never tried any makeup forever lipsticks before but I found this in TK max for a discounted rate so I picked it up and I love it. The formula is quite thick and opaque, which is a good thing because it is paler than my natural lip colour. The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t last on the lips very long before wearing off, this only looks good for about 2 hours before I have to reapply. However overall a really beautiful colour and I can look past the fact I have to reapply quite a lot.

Mat 1 with cappuccino liner

I hope you liked having a little look into my makeup collection and seeing some of my favourite nude lipsticks, they are all amazing and definitely worth looking into if you haven’t tried some of them. In the future I was thinking of doing the same post but with my bright lipstick top picks, I never wear bright lipsticks so it could be interesting to see the ones that are good enough to make my collection. As always, thank you so much for reading this… the amount of people reading at the moment is increasing so quickly and everything is growing I couldn’t be more grateful! In particular my Instagram is currently so close to 1000 so if you aren’t following me already please go and take a look ❤

For reference: my skin in all of the swatches is the same tone as Mac NC20, these lipsticks could easily look different on different skin tones so make sure you swatch yourself before purchasing ☺️



  1. July 18, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    I love your colour selection. Most of these are my favourite too (especially velvet teddy)!

    • torityreman
      November 4, 2018 / 2:33 pm

      Velvet teddy is one of my all time favourite shades!

  2. July 18, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    I love your colour selection! Most of these are my favourite too (especially velvet teddy)!

    • July 18, 2017 / 7:40 pm

      I just love nude lipsticks! Definitely, velvet teddy has to be my fave! Thank you for commenting 💜

  3. March 25, 2018 / 9:00 am

    I was wondering to start the post with Nude Lipstick that really matters that they name the products with those kinda words to attract attention 🙂 lovely blog of you hopefully interacting more

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