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This has been a post that I have been thinking about creating for a long time, as I always like seeing other people talk about their ‘holy grail’ products. If someone loves a product enough to claim that it is an all time favourite, it must be good quality and perform well. I know I own way too much makeup for my own good, so narrowing my favourite products down to my top 10 was certainly pretty challenging, although I think I have created my perfect list here and I hope it helps some people reading this. These are the list of products that I couldn’t imagine my makeup collection without now and will forever repurchase, most of them I even use everyday. 
In no particular order…  

Nars sheer glow 

This is the foundation I turn to when I want something that I know will never let me down. It is such an all round product, with a satin like finish and medium coverage that is easily buildable with a beauty blender or a buffing brush. It wears down beautifully throughout the day and at the end of the day it still looks as good as it did that morning, especially when you powder. The shade range is also incredible and there is something for every skin tone, I wear the shade deuville which is perfect for if you have warmer undertones in your skin like I do. The only downside is that there is no pump, so it is quite easy to waste product by tipping too much out onto your hand. However you can purchase a pump from nars if you really want to, which is what I have done. Due to it being by the brand Nars, the foundation is quite a treat purchase but definitely worth it… if I could only have one foundation in my collection I would choose this one. 

Mac Pro longwear 

This is such a great concealer and perfect for travelling, because it is good for both blemishes and under the eye (most are only suited to one). The coverage is very full, which I love because once you blend it in it doesn’t wear off all day and doesn’t move around your face unlike other concealers. I blend it in with a beauty blender, and use a colour lighter than my natural skin tone in order to highlight the face slightly. Unfortunately I have ran out at the moment (as you can see by the lack of photos) but it is on my repurchase list because of how much I love it, honestly I must have got through 5 over the past few years! 

Becca highlights 

There is one word to describe the becca highlighters and that is insane. The products are very well known on the internet as being incredible highlighters, so I fell for the hype and I’m so glad I did. Honestly I cannot get over how beautiful they are, in general highlight is my favourite stage when doing my makeup and this is my favourite product.. so trust me when I say it is good. It is a very very bold highlight (not for the faint hearted) but the glitter isn’t chunky and instead very smooth on the skin. I own two currently, champagne pop (more golden) and I recently purchased opal (more pink toned). They are again quite expensive and a treat purchase, but well worth investing in if you are a highlighter junkie like me. Opal is going to be my everyday highlight from now on, it catches the light so beautifully and is just overall gorgeous. Adore!! 


Kat Von D shade and light 

I bought this on holiday last year and I am so glad I did because it has become one of the most well loved products in my entire collection. The three darker shades are perfect for contouring (and for a crease transition shade), I use the first two for carving out the cheekbones and my nose and then the last shade for just overall bronzing of the face. The powder highlights are also really handy for setting my concealer, especially the banana one in the middle which I have hit pan on. The only shade I do not use in the third highlight shade, as it is too dark for my skin tone but too light as a transition shade. Kat Von D is my favourite makeup brand of all time and this palette certainly didn’t disappoint. I really want to try the cream contouring one next, because it looks so intriguing and I have never tried cream contour before. The only thing I would note is that this palette is perfect for my skin tone, but if you are paler or darker than me you may find it is not the best idea as they only have one variety of the palette. Please bring out more colour selections Kat Von D! 

As you can see, a very well loved palette ❤

Maybelline colour tattoos 

This is a drugstore product but honestly if you made someone try it without telling them I’m pretty sure they would think it is highend… the quality is just so good! I love cream shadows and wear them most days, as when applied as a base for powder it increases longevity and makes everything easier to blend out. Maybelline have launched a wide shade range of these, but my two favourites are ‘on and on bronze’ (a classic golden bronze) and ‘permanent taupe’ (a purple undertoned matte grey). I also love them to take on holiday with me, as they are such a quick product to apply alone to make a really natural but lovely look. For such a reasonable price, it is definitely worth picking one up to try!  

Kat Von D tattoo liner 

Again another product from Kat Von D (her products are just too good!). If you know me you know that I often wear a thick winged eyeliner, so over the past year or so I have tried many different ones. This is by far my favourite and the one I use everyday now. I love the brush tip as it is so flexible, making it so easy to apply… even if you aren’t good at eyeliner like many people claim. The thing I love most about this product though is that it is so pigmented and doesn’t come off during the day no matter what. I have been known to cry when wearing this and it hasn’t budged one bit, it’s incredible! 

Anastasia dip brow 

I have been using this on my brows for nearly a year now and I don’t think I will try anything else as I adore how it makes my brows look. I have quite thick brows but they are sparse, and this fills them in without making them look really blocky and unnatural. The texture is like nothing I had tried before, and was actually quite hard to get used to because it is a mousse consistency… I found it very easy to get too much on your brush. However once you master doing it there is no going back and it is such a fantastic product. Anastasia are pretty famous for their brow products, and although this is the only one I have tried I do completely understand the hype surrounding them. There is something for every shade, unlike most brow products where there is only a ‘light medium and dark’ option. Another thing that I was very pleasantly surprised about is how long it lasts, I have had one pot for nearly a year and I use it practically everyday and it hasn’t dried out yet, making it incredibly good value for money. 

Ardell wispies 

After highlighter, lashes are my favourite makeup ‘item’ to wear and I do actually wear them most days. They make such a difference to my makeup and I feel so much more confident when I wear them. Because of this, I have tried a lot of pairs from a lot of different brands but I always tend to go back to these. They are quite long and wispy as the name would suggest, so are perfect for everyday and also into the evening too. On top of this the band is quite thin so is very comfortable and easy to get on the lash line without much hassle. I even adore how they look without liner, which is surprising for me as I find it hard to make lashes look seamless without liner. If anyone is new to lashes and wants to try them out these are always the ones I always recommend. 


Velvet teddy

If you have seen my nude lipstick post you will know that this is my all time favourite lipstick, so I won’t talk about it for too long as I explained my full opinion there. However in short this is the perfect nude colour and I would recommend it to anyone with any skin tone. It is matte but still a comfortable texture, so it it fantastic for everyday. It is just the best lipstick! 

If you want to read my full opinion and see some other of my top nude lipstick picks, take a look here:

Mac Fix + 
If you are interested in makeup I am sure you will have heard of this as it is quite famous in the makeup world. I always underestimated it and put off buying it for so long because it does just look like water, however it is such an effective product. There are so many things that you can use it for, for example spraying my face after my makeup as the last stage to set everything and also add a dewiness to the skin. Another amazing use is to spray my brushes before applying certain products (for example shimmery eye makeup). It’s almost magic how it works as it increases the pigment and reduces fallout in my opinion, it is a lifesaver for all glittery eye makeup looks. Even though I spray it a lot, the bottle lasts a long time and is easy to travel with because it is plastic and won’t smash. I would recommend this to anyone who is getting into makeup as it improves the quality of products and really helps with applying. Plus the scent is incredible, it is so subtle but quite fruity and I wish they made it into a perfume. 

So these are my top 10 products, and I hope this has given you a little insight into my everyday makeup bag and my favourite products. Are any of these your favourites? I would love to know! As always thank you so much for reading this, I am enjoying blogging so much recently ❤ 



  1. July 27, 2017 / 9:27 pm

    I’ve always wanted to try NARS sheer glow but I’m afraid it won’t cover all my flaws 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    • July 27, 2017 / 9:35 pm

      Well for a start I bet you are overestimating your “flaws”… you are gorgeous!! And honestly I would recommend it, at certain times of the month I breakout and get a lot of redness and it covers that fine, despite the name being “sheer” it is a pretty medium coverage… I would say treat yourself and go for it 💜 thank you for commenting and leaving your feedback Xxx

    • July 28, 2017 / 10:03 pm

      I’m exactly the same! Nothing beats them 💕

  2. October 14, 2017 / 7:49 pm

    I keep looking at the pomades! Im new to the how eyebrow thing! Great post Tori <3

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