Hello August 

July has been such a nice month, I have broken up from sixth form now for 8 weeks so I have spent the majority of my time relaxing and spending time with friends. It has certainly been the month of friends, as you will probably see from the amount of photos included with everyone this month! I’ve really enjoyed just having time with nothing specific in my calendar and instead having time for myself and to do whatever I like without any college work pressure or a time schedule. 

The night that we broke up from sixth form a group of my friends decided to go out for a meal to start the summer off right (because pizza is always the best way to celebrate). From what started as a quick meal out with friends turned into a very late night and probably one of my favourite evenings I have had with my friends. Potentially the funniest thing that happened this month was doing my friends Charlie’s makeup, honestly he is such a good sport to even let me do that to him… never mind walk around town as a dare afterwards 😂 he looks pretty great though don’t you think?

Such a pretty sunset 😍

The 7th is a day I will remember for other reasons as well but you will find out in time… I’m not quite ready to share but wanted to document the moment here for myself when I read back on these posts in the future 💕 

My friend Georgie hosted an amazing party this month, and it was so nice to spend time with a big group of friends… as usually everyone splits off into smaller groups. Georgie looked stunning as always and was such an amazing host, it was the first party I had been to at her house and I hope there is many more! I really want to make big group evenings turn into a monthly thing as recently it has turned into that by accident and I have really enjoyed it that way. Sometimes I find myself getting way too busy during term time and I need to step back and chill out with friends, as honestly I have such a good group of people around me and I love spending time with them all. My aim is to keep them up throughout the next college year! 

Dress: primark Shoes and clutch: New Look

Friends 💕

Georgie 💜

Isy ❤

So my MacBook broke 😭 I honestly wasn’t that surprised considering I have had it for just short of 5 years and I use it practically everyday, however it was *slightly* upsetting (to say the least) when it finally decided to die a couple of weeks back. It had been playing up for a while so I had been anticipating buying another, but after it broke completely I took the plunge and ordered an upgrade. A huge investment but for something I use everyday I didn’t mind too much, and I absolutely love it. It is slightly bigger and more powerful than my old one, plus I have downloaded new editing software on it. This means that hopefully my videos will start to be more frequent now, which is exciting! 

Something that was personally very exciting this month was the fact that I hit 1000 Instagram followers. Although I do have more on my blog, it was a milestone that I have been wanting to reach for so long and when it finally happened I was so excited. I have been properly posting to Instagram for nearly 2 years now, so it was so nice to feel proud of my account and what it has achieved. If you do not follow me on Instagram already, please go check it out as it is the place where I am most active social media wise… I try and post every day when I can. 

My account: @tori.tyreman 

The month ended very well as I was invited to a blogger event at Castle Howard, a beautiful home and gardens near York. It was for ‘the great British food festival’, so the day was filled with lovely market stalls and tasting gorgeous food. I took my grandparents with me and it was such a lovely day to spend some time with them and we even got to decorate biscuits with the other bloggers. I uploaded the post about the event a few days ago so if you haven’t already checked it out please click here. 

After the festival we decided to have a look around the house. The blog post about the afternoon and some photography is coming next week, although I thought to give you a sneak peek now as I really like how the photos turned out! I love dedicating time to taking photos, it’s always been a hobby but one I often neglect. 

So in conclusion this month has been pretty chilled out, and just what I needed to recuperate considering how busy June was. August is also really busy and filled to the brim with exciting days, which is going to be so much fun! I am away from sixth form for the entirety of the month so there is a fair bit of travelling happening and also I have a lot of blog posts planned because I have the whole month to dedicate to writing. I have lots of time on my hands! ❤ 



  1. Yvonne wildon
    August 2, 2017 / 3:33 pm

    Thank you for taking us along to the food festival. It was a lovely day out and we did come home with more treats than expected! Love castle howard it is so beautiful inside snd out

    • August 2, 2017 / 4:24 pm

      We came home with a lot more things than needed but all in the fun 😂 love you ❤️

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