Dublin: Day 2 

Just in case you haven’t already, it would be worth checking out the first post in this little diary series before reading this so you are all caught up on the holiday so far. Click here if you want to have a read!

Anyway back to the fun stuff… 

So this was our first full day in Dublin, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We woke up early and started getting ready for breakfast, so much so that we were out on the streets of Dublin by about 10am. One of my favourite things about the hotel that we stay in is having breakfast, as the restaurant (Wilde) is so gorgeous and the food is amazing. We were so lucky with the weather this day because it was so warm and bright throughout the entire day. I love it when the sun is shining and it was perfect weather for walking around, without a drop of rain in sight. 

Such a happy day ☺️

The first activity of the day was going to the trinity college for a guided tour. I was actually considering going to Trinity university for a while (annoyingly the course is not what I need though), so I wanted to have a look around the grounds and see what it is actually like. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the tour guides name, but he was so helpful and knowledgeable. He is in his second year of studying at the college (business and Spanish) and I really liked that he was a student there himself as it added such an authentic feel. I learnt a lot from the tour, and I was very interested in the history and how the college works.  

If you walk under the tower when the bell is ringing, people think you will fail your degree 😂

The most beautiful university

After the tour we queued up to see the ‘book of kells’, which is suspected to be the oldest book in the world. We also got to walk through the library, which was one of my favourite parts of the whole trip. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I wanted to take photos of everything, it blows my mind that students actually work in here. It made me a.) feel like I was in Harry Potter and b.) made me as confused as ever about my university choices. It was just so beautiful and made me feel so calm, it honestly didn’t feel like a university at all. 

Photos do not do it justice- so breathtaking 😍

A random fact that I found fascinating is that the books are not organised in a proper way in the library. Usually library books are organised alphabetically or in order of subjects, however this is not the case for the trinity library. Instead everything is organised by dimensions, so the heaviest/largest books are on the lower shelves leading up to the lightest books on the top shelf. I can’t imagine how stressful this must be to find a book (the tour guide said that he has to search for the dimensions online before going to the library) but it was such a weird fact that I wouldnt have known otherwise. 

After visiting trinity we decided to cross the ha’penny bridge and carry on shopping because we didn’t go to everywhere that we wanted to the day before. Like I said in my last post, I love shopping in Dublin as it is so chilled and I seem to pick up a lot of items. I also decided to treat myself to the new ‘naked heat’ palette, as I have been lusting over it for a few months and I thought it was the perfect time to treat myself. So far I have only tried the palette once but I really loved using it, although I won’t share too much of my opinion as I really want to write a whole review after using it for a while.

I always find a way of finding the street art 😂😍

Ha’penny bridge 💜

Something I have found and love about Dublin is how there is always something around every corner. For example I was on the phone so I decided to walk along the back street so it was quieter and I could hear better. This turned into me finding a side street covered in a hanging umbrella art exhibition, that I would have never known about otherwise. It was so pretty and its little things such as this that make me love Dublin more and more. 

That evening we got dressed up again, but this night we went to a different restaurant called ‘Alfies’ near the hotel. I have never been before but I did enjoy it, I had a steak and it was cooked with charcoal to give it a really different flavour. I wore the outfit that I wore for my birthday party (I’m still so in love with the top) so if you want a nosey at what it was like click here! Overall another amazing day in Dublin and I wish I could spend every day like this. As always thank you so much for clicking on this post and reading, and I hope you are enjoying the little Dublin series so far ❤



  1. August 16, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    Awesome addition to your adventures Tori! Trinity library sounds so intriguing in the way they organise their shelving and Alfies sounds delightful! Awesome pictures once again to capture the mood of such a beautiful city! Can’t wait to see Day 3! x

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