Last month I was invited to the food festival at Castle Howard (if you haven’t seen that post click here), and whilst I was there I got talking to the people at Foodylicious. They had a stand in one of the marquees and I went over because their products looked amazing, it really stood out and looked professional. From talking to them, I found out that Foodylicious is a subscription food box service, where you order a personalised box of snacks/drinks to be delivered to your house. I loved this idea and I sampled a few products at the food festival, so when they offered to send me a free box to try and review I was so grateful. 

As soon as I opened the box ☺️

It arrived on my doorstep in a cardboard box with the logo on the side, I really liked this touch as you can see clearly what is being delivered and it looked really nice. I actually really like the branding of the whole company, and all of the products that they choose appear to fit with the ethos of the company with the cool packaging. I was a bit concerned about how it would be delivered because there are food items inside, but it was just delivered normally and everything came intact and well packed. 
The people at foodylicious were so generous and sent me a selection of items to try. I won’t be talking in depth about every product (as we will be here all day) but instead going to talk through my favourites and the ones that caught my eye the most. 

The packaging that I first noticed when I opened the box were the Belgian boys waffles, as the boxes were bright blue and bright pink. I love it! However when I looked at the products I saw that they are all individually wrapped, so I haven’t actually tried them and instead saving them for Leedsfest when I go in a few weeks. I think they will make a perfect snack for around the tent as you just eat them and go. 

The other product that was sent by Belgian boys is the pack of mini cookies. I am actually eating a packet of these as I write this post and they are so good! They are quite plain overall but do have a hint of cinnamon, I love them with a cup of tea as a little snack throughout the day. The packet is quite small but I actually think that is a good thing as it would make a good snack to throw in your bag. I would definitely repurchase these! Potentially my favourite item from the whole box. 

Two boxes of coffee also came in my package, and I was really excited about trying them as I am such a coffee lover and the packaging looked gorgeous. However I was so disappointed when I found out that my coffee machine doesn’t fit these specific capsules, so I can’t try them. Not to worry though, instead I am going to give them to a friend who will be able to get use out of them instead. From looking at the website I know that foodylicious have other types of coffee that they can put in the boxes, so even if you don’t have this coffee machine you can order the filter coffee instead. In the future I will maybe order some more to try as the whole brand does look nice, and I do love a cup of coffee.  

Next in the box were the ‘salty dog crisps’, which I really liked too. I often have a packet of crisps as a snack so it was nice to try a different brand that is not the classic supermarket ones (walkers etc). Salt and vinegar are my favourite flavour of crisps so I was destined to like them, and I would recommend them. They didn’t taste anything too incredible so I probably wouldn’t buy them individually, but made a nice snack and I really like that they are a small family business. 

Next were the drinks, and these are the ones I was most excited about because I had already tried a sample of them at the food festival. I was so happy when they appeared in my box as I really liked the ones that I had previously tried. Despite not tasting like it at all, the drinks are packed full of vitamins so make a really nice alternative to other drinks. I received the ‘apple and elderflower’ (the green one) and the ‘dragonfruit and Yuzu’ (the red one). I preferred the apple and elderflower one although they were both really nice. From looking at the website I have found that they actually do 8 different flavours of the drink, so now I know I like them it would be nice to order some more in different flavours (I have my eye on the berry one). You can even order a box filled with the drinks if you just wanted them! 

Overall I absolutely loved the box and I can’t wait to keep trying some the products (like the waffles) that I haven’t sampled yet. I think that the box it is a perfect idea for people like me who love snacking, as these products aren’t as unhealthy as reaching for a packet of biscuits but still do taste delicious. In the future I would like to try the other coffees that they do as I think they look gorgeous but I couldn’t try it, so I would love to try the filter coffee from the same brand. 
Thank you so much to the people at Foodylicious for being so unbelievably generous and sending me out the box to review, and if anyone does want to try a box you can use these discount codes to get 15% off. Let me know if you do try one and I would love to know what you think! 

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If you want to check out the website click here. 
(This box was sent to me for free, however as always all opinions are 100% my own) 


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