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This is the first post in my ‘A chat with’ series, and if you haven’t read the post where I explain the concept then click here first. I really wanted to interview Ellie as I have followed her account for a long time., and she really inspires me with my blog and Instagram. I adore her aesthetic and her writing style, I always keep up with her blog posts and social media. She seems like such a lovely person so when I had the opportunity to interview her I was so excited! Hopefully you will love her as much as I do and I will leave all her links at the bottom of this post if you want to have a look at her work more. 

During the interview, my words will be in bold and Ellie’s answers will be in a regular font. 

Hi Ellie! I hope you are okay and looking forward to this interview! 

Just want to say before we start, thank you so much for this interview. I have some followers who I recognise who are always so sweet and comment on my posts and as soon as I saw your name pop up, I knew exactly who it was! You’re always so sweet and supportive and make me soooo happy. Feel very humbled that you want to interview me because I feel like I am such an uninteresting person, ahaha!

What is your favourite social media platform to post on? I love your Instagram feed!  

Ahhh thank you so much! I often see your name pop up in my comments 😉 Of course Instagram is my absolute fave. Although the algorithm is crap at the moment, I take so much joy from taking pretty pictures, making my aesthetic perfect and just generally engaging with my followers.


Why did you start your social media and blog? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day?

 I would say that I started it because I just generally like pretty things. I have always enjoyed photo taking and writing (the amount of short novels I wrote when I was little is so funny- and I was used to always steal my dads camera to take pics). I kinda wanted a platform to showcase what I loved, express myself however I wanted and just generally get obsessed with the prettiness of my feed.

How have you dealt with growth online? Did you expect so many people to read your blog?

 Its so funny that you should say this because I NEVER thought that I would ever reach 1k, never mind 16. And I never really think of myself as a ‘big’ blogger, so I never really think about the growth. Does that make sense? When it comes to dealing with the amount of followers, I just try and stay true to myself, a short, sassy girl who really hasn’t got her life together!!

With being a student and having a successful blog, how do you manage your time effectively? Do you have any top tips?

 I have never really found an issue with my blog being a student. My top tips would be to prioritise and plan out your time. I am the kind of person who likes to get her diary out on a Monday morning and schedule in times and dates. I always give myself time for studying and my followers are always SOOOO understanding if ever I have to let my blog slide a little bit in order to make way for my work load!

 I am currently applying for universities so I am curious to know… What are you studying at university and how did you know that was the right course/location?

 I am actually studying a degree that literally no one knows about… Its called ‘Liberal Arts’, and no, I don’t paint!! (someone has actually asked me this before) It’s a very American degree and something really popular over there but its new to Britain and my class is actually the first class EVER to be doing this degree at my university (the University of Derby). The hard thing with my course is that every university does Liberal Arts VERY differently. In my university, it is basically a combination of a bunch of humanities subjects and involves a lot of essay writing. So far I have studies modules from history, English, American Studies, Politics, Philosophy, Media and Marketing. So its very diverse and perfect for someone who can’t decide just the one subject!

 How did you find moving to university and adjusting to a new place?

I was so worried about moving to uni. Especially because of my anxiety, I thought that I would struggle, and actually had a few moments where I nearly dropped out before even going. But I pushed through and actually LOVED IT. I settled in so quickly, found my people and just really enjoyed uni life. I’ve got to the point where being back at home makes me unsettled and I am just bouncing to get back to university!


I know that you and your boyfriend live quite far away from each other, how to you cope with not seeing each other very often when not at university? I couldn’t imagine being away from my partner for that long!

I love how you know this! You’re the real OG girl! So yes, we do live away from each other (386 miles) because I live in Southampton and he is from the Isle of Man. When we are not at uni, its really tough. Especially because we live together at university so going from seeing his face 24/7 to not at all isn’t easy. I guess we cope because we just have to. We can’t visit each other as regularly as we would like because we just cant afford it and actually managed to go nearly 2 months without seeing each other! I just want to give a lil shoutout to apple for inventing facetime because I don’t know what I would do without it!! The way we get through is we both put in the effort that is needed into the relationship, he regularly sends me flowers and I send him cards and presents. Showing each other we love each other is even more important when we aren’t together, but we get through!


Do you think it has made you a stronger couple when you are together?

Oh 100%. I feel like it has made us into a very soppy couple!! We never used to really show our true feelings that much and both kind of played it cool. But now we are both just like I MISS YOU I LOVE YOU I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU HELP ME COME BACK TO ME ahahaha! I think the distance has also helped my anxiety with knowing how strong we are, I mean if we can go 2 months without seeing each other and still me madly in love, I feel like we can face anything!!

What has been your favourite day of 2017 so far? I ask this question to everyone as I am always nosey!

 This is easy- my belated birthday. I went over to the Isle of Man a week after my birthday and Alex treated me like an absolute QUEEN. He covered his whole bedroom in balloons, bought me a cake, spoilt me with presents and took me out for a meal that night. Honestly I cried multiple times that day just at how thoughtful and sweet he was.

 As I write a lot about beauty on my blog, we will have the last question as something makeup related. What is your absolute holy grail makeup product?

Ooooh this is a tough one because I have so many products that I just love… I would probably say the Clinique superbalance foundation has to be. It’s such a fab foundation and one that I come back to again and again. I would love to know what your holy grail is!!

I think my holy grail has to be the Kat Von D shade and light palette, so good for both contour, bronzer, powder, highlight and eyeshadow! Makes it perfect for traveling and I have hit pan on every shade! 

Ooooh so that’s all the questions! I hope you learnt a little bit more about me (although BABE you’re such an insane follower I feel like you know far too much already 😉 ahaah) But thank you so much for having me on here and I hope my answers are good enough!

You are very welcome, I love your answers and I think it has definitely made me know you more! 

I am really happy with how this post turned out and I cannot wait to interview more people on my blog. Please give me feedback with how you find this concept, and if you have any requests for people to interview please let me know. 
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