I had never been to Oxford before, but I am applying to the university so we decided to go down to the city to explore and also go to the open day, so we decided to make a weekend out of it. The university of Oxford is the best university in the world and I am so grateful to even consider applying there, and just going to the open day made me even more motivated to succeed next year. It was a very busy couple of days because of all the information but I did manage to get some good photos, which I am going to share here. 

I was at sixth form on Thursday morning because I didn’t want to miss too many classes, so we started travelling after I had finished my lessons. The drive wasn’t too bad and took about 4 hours overall, but I didn’t mind it because I wrote some blog posts and listened to music in the car.  

Instead of staying in a hotel room, we decided to stay in an apartment. It was a really central location and in walking distance from all the main university colleges and libraries, so was very useful for the open day. If you are going to Oxford in the future I would definitely check ‘castle mews’ out if you want something more self catered and independent. We had nothing planned on the Thursday because the open day didn’t start until the next day, so we just had a little wander about the main streets and tried to get our bearings. We didn’t have a lot of time after travelling but it was nice to get a feel of the city atmosphere, and have a meal out at “Marcos” (which is a nice American/Italian). 

Friday was an incredibly hectic day from start to finish, but that being said it was fantastic to get a real insight into the university life. We started off with breakfast as we knew that we would be on our feet the rest of the day, and then we headed to the main PPE building. In case you aren’t aware, PPE is the course that I am applying for and actually walking into the PPE building for the first time 100% confirmed that it was the right subject for me. There was an entire library dedicated to my course and it is potentially the same size as my entire sixth form is at the moment. I couldn’t believe it, every book you saw was relating to what I want to do… I could have honestly spent hours in there. There is even little rooms that you can lock yourself in to study, in order to get some peace and quiet when revising. 

After having a talk at the PPE building, we had the rest of the afternoon to explore all of the colleges. In case you are not familiar with the setup at Oxford university, there are around 30 colleges that you can apply for… each are like ‘mini universities’ that you have your accommodation and the majority of classes in. All of the architecture is stunning, and I love how each college is set around a little garden square, giving you a little escape in the centre of the city. From looking around so many I have come to the conclusion that I am very picky when it comes to a accommodation! I think I have finally come to the conclusion on which college I am applying for so it was worth looking around so many to see what I actually wanted from a college (all of them have pros and cons!). 

The open day really tired me out (there was a lot of walking from college to college and also a lot of information to take in), so we had an early dinner and then just came back to the apartment. Friday was a lot to get my head around and it takes a lot of thinking to make such big life decisions, but I’m so glad it all happened. If anyone is interested in my journey of applying and getting through the TSA/interview etc, I would love to do a series of posts on how I found my application process. Please let me know if this is something that would interest you as I would love to help others!



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    Amazing photos in this article!

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    Great words great blog you open doors on duration just patience me !!!! I wish you all the best .. !! I wish you success

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