Hello October 

September has been a content month. It hasn’t been a busy month filled with photos and exciting days, although it has been a month of settling back into college and just doing life really. I apologise in advance for how short and unexciting this post is, but I promise that next month will be a lot better as my calendar is already pretty much full for October anyway!

This is the time of year where everyone goes back to school and I am no different as I started my last year of sixth form at the beginning of this month. It is scary to think that this is my last year of formal education, but it does have the essence of excitement because it means that this time next year I will be starting a completely new chapter of my life. As far as this academic year has gone so far, I have decided to continue with four A levels as I wanted to challenge myself…. and oh my goodness it is a challenge. I had underestimated the workload greatly and quite frankly I spent the first two weeks drowning in work and considering whether to drop one but I’m SO GLAD that I didn’t now. Once I had got used to the extra work and settled back into college it does feel a lot better and although a challenge, I’m now looking forward to properly getting back into college.

Most weekends of this month have been spent travelling to university open days. Its so weird that I am at the age where I need to apply to university, it doesn’t feel real just yet and I still feel like I should be at school! I enjoy looking around the old university buildings as they are so pretty, and I cannot wait to study in such a gorgeous place. It took me so long to choose what I am applying for (mainly because I am so indecisive but also a perfectionist) but I have finally come to the decision and I am content with my choices. I have actually already applied as due to my choices I am having to go through early entry, so I applied in September instead of January. It was a rush to apply so early but I am so glad that I don’t have to think about it now!

One of the highlights of my month was the gorgeous Ruby starting her blog. We have been following each other for a long time on Instagram and I love how she finally had the confidence to press upload even though she put off starting for so long. She even wrote a whole post about me being her inspiration to start her website and I honestly can’t express how happy that makes me to think I have motivated someone enough to start their own platform. If you have chance please go check out her website and support her as much as you can! ❤ Click here to take a look at her blog.

This month I was allowed to tell everyone about the event with the Body Shop that I am hosting next month. Obviously I’m not going to talk too much about it now as it will be the majority of next months content, but I wanted to mention it here as this is the month that I found out about it. Its so surreal that such a lovely brand have asked me to host an exclusive event, it’s honestly a dream come true to me. Definitely the most exciting moment to come out of my blog so far! This month also marks the month where I hit my one year blog goal, my blog is a year old on the 24th October so to think I have hit that over a month early (20th September) was a very nice feeling!

The event is now no longer that day but the 15th October 💜

September was the month where my very first car was bought. I haven’t learnt to drive yet and I have only just started learning, however we thought it would be best to buy a car early so I can practise alongside my driving lessons in my own car and get used to it. It is a little black Citroen C1 called Percy and I am absolutely in love, we haven’t picked him up yet because we still have to sort out some paperwork but hopefully we are collecting him in the next week or so. Im so lucky to have such a gorgeous car as my first car, he is so pretty!

Overall September has been a quiet month but a really nice one and filled with many exciting moments. I am very excited for October because there are so many things planned and it always seems to be my favourite month of the year. This post actually marks me doing a whole year of the ‘hello’ posts, so every month has now been covered which is very satisfying. I was considering changing the name for next year but my hello series is very close to my heart so I have come to the conclusion that I am carrying on.

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  1. October 1, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Love your car its so cute! I recently brought my first ever car but couldn’t afford the costs of a brand new one, it has taken a while for me to get used to it as you will find a bit of a difference between your car and the instructors. It was quite a nerve wracking thing at first…


    • October 1, 2017 / 1:32 pm

      Thank you! My lessons start tomorrow and I’m so nervous but I have already been out in my own car so I feel slightly more comfortable! Looking forward to being out on the road though and finally having some freedom instead of having to rely on lifts. 💗

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