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I really wanted to interview Evie as I have known her in ‘real life’ for around 4 years now and, although we aren’t as close as we used to be, we still try to make time for each other. I am constantly inspired by her story because although she is an A level student like me, she uses her social platform/blog to share her life with a chronic illness. I love that she has the confidence to share something so personal to her and even if you just look on her Instagram for 30 seconds you will see that she has a large following of people that also share a similar story, she has created such a community of likeminded people on her posts and its so refreshing to see! During the interview my words will be in bold and Evie’s text will be in a regular font. 

What is your favourite social media platform to post on? I love your Instagram feed!  

I absolutely love all social media!! I just love how you have a complete other world in your phone and how you can meet and connect with such a variety of people! I have met some of my best friends through social media too, but if I had to choose one it would be definitely be Instagram! I love Instagram as I really like the pictures and how people build up a theme and how you can literally find inspiration for anything and come across, and meet people that you would never meet in real life but have so much in common!! On Instagram there is kinda of a little community of people with medical complications so we all kinda help each other with things and it’s really nice to have that support.

You have recently restarted your blog, what is your favourite thing about blogging? 

Yes so I am back on the blog! I love blogging, I love working on something and talking about things that I really enjoy or are passionate about. It’s also so satisfying working really hard and then people really enjoying it or benefitting from it, it’s a really nice feeling. It’s also kind of a distraction from all the pain or when I’m not feeling well in hospital it is something really nice to do and a way to keep in contact with the world when feeling quite lonely and isolated stuck in a hospital bed. With my kinda “relaunch”  if you want to call it that I am going to be uploading a lot more regularly and also I’m going to be doing a lot more beauty and kind of lifestyle things obviously as well as my medical things but just want to really do a variety of things that aren’t solely focused on my health which obviously is a massive part of my life up, I want to just branch out and open it up to a much wider audience. Hopefully that kind of makes sense and hopefully everyone will enjoy it a lot more and maybe ,meet some more people with some similar interests aside from hospital life.  I’m also going to be getting my gallery back up to date soon as I love looking back through all my old pictures.
Why did you start your social media and blog originally? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

I already had my Instagram and didn’t really have many followers and didn’t really post very much at all, one of the biggest reasons was I became very poorly and was trying to keep it hidden meaning I wasn’t posting at all. I was also trying to stay in and just hide away I guess. Then I met my now best friend Fran in hospital, Fran just got on with her life with all her medical issues, she posted all about it on social ,she left the house and tuck pictures and didn’t high away she just got on with life. I then thought if Fran can do then surely I can! So I did I began to post pictures with my tubes, I went out and to school, and I then began to share my story on social media and in-particular on Instagram. After a few months I then decided I wanted to write about more things than with a picture on Instagram and wanted to share my story to a wider audience. So I decided to set up my blog. I followed a couple of girls already with similar conditions to me and found there posts really helpful so thought that if those posts  helped me then hopefully I could make a difference so that’s where my blog came from! Also family and friends really like to keep up with what’s going on so all round it’s just great.

I love seeing you open up with your health complications and I’m sure you have helped a lot of people, do you find that blogging has helped you connect to people in a similar situation?

Blogging about my health complications has really helped me, it’s helped me come to terms with everything and it’s also helped me kinda inform my peers without having say it too them myself so that people understand what’s going on indirectly. It has also put me in contact with  quite a few other people with similar complications and it has been so helpful to speak with them and help each other and just know that your not on your own and they are there and understand how to be there for you. 

I know that you have been considering youtube, do you think you will make a channel in the future?

I thought heavily about starting up a YouTube channel but have decided that I’m not going to. I am happy with my blog and am excited to get back at it and making content again. I just feel safe there as writing things down seems less scary than a YouTube video of you speaking as people seem to be a lot quicker to criticise on YouTube than they do on your blog but hey that’s probably just me! I just feel safe on there for the minute so am gonna stick at it! 

We are both lovers of stationary and staying organised, what are your top tips to manage your time? Keeping up to date with a blog and schoolwork is so difficult sometimes! 

I am indeed a lover of stationery and been organised! I find it helps keep my head in order and when I’m feeling really stressed and everything just seems to be taking over I get out my planner and write everything down. That’s one of my top tips getting a good planner thats got room for notes and to do lists so that you can organise and plan all those thoughts in your head and it sounds silly but once it’s all written down my head always feels so much clearer. I also really like planner stickers to help organise my appointments and other things such as, which prescriptions need ordering and phone calls I need to make. (I’m gonna send through pictures to help explain) I also like to use coloured pens so I can see college, medical and blog stuff for example, all clear rather than just lots of black pen, it helps a lot visualising everything that needs doing rather than keeping it all in your head.

As we are both in the same year at college, we are starting to think about universities and future plans. Do you think you will go to university and if so what are you thinking of taking? 
I am definitely thinking of going to university, I love the studying and learning and definitely want to continue learning. At the minute I am thinking of going to Coventry university, Scarborough campus to study Business Management. I really like the structure at Coventry of 6 weeks study and then an exam or an assessment. So there are no end of year exams so if for any reason you miss a unit your not trying to catch up whilst trying to learn current ones you just complete that unit and assessment at the end. Also with this system you also get a longer summer and just the whole system seems to fit for what I need.

What has been your favourite day of 2017 so far? I ask this question to everyone as I am always nosey! 

Mmmm my favourite day of 2017? That’s a hard one but I would probably say the day I past my driving test! It was something I had worked very hard for and was just so pleased once I heard the words “I’m pleased to say you’ve passed!” I was just so pleased as it is going to give me so much more independence as at the minute I rely so much on my parents as unfortunately can’t walk very far anymore, so been able to drive myself wherever on my own! Meaning if I want to go to the shops I can or take myself to and from college whoever rather than when my parents can. Also we went car shopping afterwards which was just lovely choosing and designing my car which I can’t wait for it to arrive! So in  2/3 weeks time I’ll be driving wherever and whenever I want and I can’t wait. 

As I write a lot about beauty on my blog, we will have the last question as something makeup related. What is your absolute holy grail makeup product? 

So finally my holy grail beauty product has to be my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow promade! I can leave the house with no make up but I always have my brows done! Even in hospital I just love having them done as it makes you feel more put together buts it’s just so simple! So if I could only have one product it would have to be my ABH pomade! It is a must to try if your looking for something new for those brows. 

Thank you for asking for a chat with me Tori! Looking forward to seeing this series on your blog and seeing what the others have to say:) 

So there is the interview! I’m so glad that Evie wanted to feature on this series and if you want to check out any of her socials I will leave them below! 

Find Evie: 
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