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A couple of months ago I got in contact with Ben Robinson, who invited me to the play of Three people in October to review. Since then I have been excited to see the show and have enjoyed watching the preparation on social media, and then I finally went to see the show last week. 

Before the show I got the opportunity to interview the cast, so I thought to feature this in this post as a little ‘a chat with’. As always my text will be in bold and their text will be in a regular font. 

Give me a brief overview of the show! I would love to know more about the plot.

Ben: The show is basically about two friends and one of the friends’ sister who open a shop together. And it shows how friends kind of rely on each other a lot, it just captures what friendship is about, whether it is relationship troubles (as Lexie has lots of them in the show!) or just being supportive of each other when you’re down.

Lexie: The show is about three friends that open up a shop together and the ups and downs of doing so.

When did you get into drama and acting?

Ben: I first started acting when I was 11 years old and then I went into proper training at the Stephen Joseph Theatre when I was about 12, and ever since then people haven’t been able to stop me.

Lexie: I was first introduced to the world of theatre when I was in pre-school and was chosen to be the donkey in our nativity play. Needless to say it wasn’t the best role but I’ve been in love with acting ever since.

Eloise: I got into drama and acting only this year! But this year has been amazing, especially when I was asked to do this show, how could I say no!


How did you come up with this idea?

Ben: So I first got the idea one evening when I was working on a show called Grimm’s Tales, and I was just sat there in my pyjamas on my bed and I suddenly had the idea, lets put on a show! (I know, mad idea.) And I wanted people to see what a beautiful thing friendship could be if you portray it in a great way.

Lexie: I have no idea, it was all Ben’s idea really.


How did you meet the rest of the cast? Were you all friends before?

Ben: I obviously knew Lexie because we had been friends for years and we have worked on multiple shows together in the past and I love working with her as she just makes you laugh at every single thing she says, so I thought she was perfect for the role of Alexa.

Lexie: I was already friends with Ben and got to know Eloise through doing this.

Eloise: Obviously Ben is my brother so I knew him and when he asked me to be in it I said yes immediately. I got to know Lexie through this show.


How long did the creative process/rehearsing take?

Ben: I think we have been working on the show for about five or six months now, but the show itself only took me a month to complete writing which in writer’s time is literally hours!

Lexie: Six months, so a pretty long time.

Eloise: Well I have only been in it for a couple of months and it has been a long two months but the hard work has paid off.


Whilst I write this you have already done one show, how did it go?

Ben: It went amazing and I really loved our first venue as the stage is so close to audience and you could feel the intimacy, it’s absolutely nothing like when you perform in the big theatres.

Lexie: It went well, and we’ve had really good feedback from both of our first two shows we have done!


What is your favourite part of the show?

Ben: It has to be when we go down to the audience and try to get them involved because it feels so incredible to get to connect to your audience, and there is always that one grump who will never answer your questions which always cracks me up!

Lexie: My drunken scene (section 4), because I find it the most energetic of all the scenes, plus it is fun to act like a drunk!

Eloise: Section two, because I find it the funniest out of all the sections, so I’m sat there on stage trying not to laugh!

Part of the drunken scene that is mentioned! This was also one of my favourite parts!

I love the fact that all the proceeds go to Macmillan cancer support. Is there any reason why you decided to donate to that charity?

Ben: Yeah, well we all know people who have gone through cancer or know someone who feels strongly about cancer so we decided it was the right place for the money to go to.

Lexie: Yes, four years ago my grandad was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumour and after operations he lost his fight with cancer. So this show is dedicated to him and to everyone else who has been affected by this horrible disease.


Do you have any plans to do more dates in the future?

Ben: Personally, I would love to do more dates, but it is such a big thing to try and plan and then organise. And I have got other projects that are going on in the background, so it might not be long before I am back in the rehearsal room for the next show anyway! But who knows…maybe we could do a Christmas special.

Lexie: I don’t know, do we? I’d love to if we did!


Finally… Can you describe the show in three words?

Ben: Funny, exciting and unique.

Lexie: Different but amazing.

Eloise: Energetic, lively and joyous.

I really enjoyed the interview and getting to know the cast a bit more. So now onto the review. I went to go see the play in Scarborough on Saturday, and I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t what I expected but I found it really funny and unique. I particularly liked that there were only three cast members, as it really made the show feel personal and not a huge production. 

Overall I would definitely recommend the show to anyone, it was very family friendly. The show is ending now but if you are from Yorkshire they are hoping to tour again and if any tickets are for sale I would definitely consider it. Thank you to the lovely cast and particularly Ben for asking me to come along and share this with my audience, a really cool opportunity and I would love to review more theatre in the future. 

If you want to check out three people on Instagram click here! 


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