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A few weeks ago I was invited by Charlotte Tilbury to attend a blogging event in Hotel Novotel Leeds, and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down due to Charlotte Tilbury being such a gorgeous and luxury brand. The event was based around the two new palettes that Charlotte Tilbury has recently launched, one of them being a John Lewis exclusive. Due to Leeds being a couple of hours away from me, we decided to make a little getaway out of it, and spend a night away in Leeds as well. Although more on that in a blog post next week! 

The event was held in ‘The soap factory’, which is the hotel bar. It is such a gorgeous cocktail bar and the decor is really my vibe… lots of dark greys, coppers and filament light bulbs! They even have a fairy light wall in the window, which is absolutely lush. I love that on the evening it was filled with cocktails and people meeting with friends and then when we went back the next afternoon there were many people having a coffee and working on their laptops. It was so versatile and therefore is worth checking out at any time of day! 

When we arrived at the bar we were greeted with a cocktail, which is actually rumoured to be Charlotte Tilbury’s favourite! It was a combination of chocolate and baileys served in a martini style glass. Im usually a fruity cocktail person but it was actually so nice to try something a bit different that I wouldn’t have normally ordered. 

Adam left me to it (beauty blogging is certainly not his sector ahah) and we started the event. There was only a small number of us but I really liked how exclusive it felt. I got to properly talk to people and it wasn’t too busy like some events that I have been to. We went into a little convention room where we were greeted by a group of girls who work on the Charlotte Tilbury counter in John Lewis. They were all so lovely and really informative whenever you asked any questions about the products.

The main portion of the event was spent watching one of the makeup artists apply a full face of makeup onto another girl, using all Charlotte Tilbury products. It was really nice to see her applying the products and talking us through them, it really made me want to try more Charlotte Tilbury! The main focus was to show us the new palettes, so the eyes were created using them. On one eye she created a daytime look and on the other eye she created a more nighttime appropriate smokey look, which just shows how versatile the new new palettes are. They were both so stunning! 

Whilst the makeup was being applied we got to sample some of the products, which was nice as it is often busy on counters and you struggle to see all the products. It often takes actually swatching the products yourself to see if you like them! I certainly want to try some of the Charlotte Tilbury skincare at some point, as it felt so gorgeous on my hand and I had never considered it before. We also got gifted a very generous goody bag with a full sized eyeliner in alongside some testers of the new liquid lipsticks. I am yet to try them but if I like them I will certainly report back! As part of the event, we could also book in a makeover in the John Lewis Charlotte Tilbury store during the run up to Christmas. Im not sure when I will have the opportunity to go as I am not from Leeds however I think that this is a cool experience and very generous of Charlotte tilbury to offer the complimentary service for bloggers.  

The stars of the show- the two new limited edition palettes 😍

When the Charlotte tilbury event finished, we left the little room that we were in and went back to the cocktail bar. There was a large table and the lovely team at the soap factory had prepared us nibbles and drinks so everyone could just sit and relax. It was really nice to chill out and to meet other northern bloggers, chatting over cocktails in a gorgeous bar…. What more would a girl want? I met two lovely girls, Lauren and Lucinda, who both have their own blogs as well. They are friends and met each other through blogging, which I thought was really cool! They were both so kind to me and we had such a nice conversation. I love meeting other bloggers at events as we all have common interests and blogging chat is some of the best. 

The beautiful warm lighting- great for the atmosphere, not good for photos!

Overall I had a lovely time and I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to attend. Thank you so much to the team at Charlotte Tilbury and the soap factory for inviting me, it was a really lovely night and thank you for looking after us all. 



  1. November 1, 2017 / 3:54 pm

    Great Blog post Tori, you sound like you had so much fun!

    • November 1, 2017 / 4:49 pm

      Awh thank you! I love going to events, particularly for when it is for such a gorgeous brand like Charlotte Tilbury!

  2. laurenjwilkinson
    November 5, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    It was lovely to meet you hon x

    • November 5, 2017 / 5:02 pm

      So nice to meet you as well! Hope you had a lovely night 💗

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