Hello November 

October has actually been a lovely month, it has been incredibly busy and I feel like I haven’t had a moment spare but its all been fun and exciting. So much has happened and I’m really glad that they have, although to be honest I’m quite looking forward to November for a bit of a rest! October has seemed to go at 100mph, and I still can’t quite comprehend that we are nearly at the end of the year…. It doesn’t feel like 5 minutes ago since this time last year! 

This month I have started my driving lessons which is incredibly exciting. I was so nervous at first but it actually isn’t half as bad as I expected it to be. My first lesson was really good, and I feel like I learnt quite a lot so hopefully it will continue that way. I have found that it is slow and steady progress, but now that I have had a few lessons I am starting to get the hang of everything and I am improving by going out with my grandad in my car as well. Still a long way off before passing though and a lot to learn! I think one of the biggest things is the confidence and not being scared by the car, and I need to work on that more. 

I was invited to the showing of ‘three people’ this month and I really enjoyed it, although I have written a blog post reviewing the whole play so if you would like to read that click here. Overall the evening was amazing and afterwards me and my best friend went for cocktails to start the weekend of my event off perfectly. It was so nice just to chill out and get excited, and it was such a good weekend. 

Which leads perfectly onto the most exciting thing that happened this month (and potentially this year)…. my body shop event. You will have seen this over all of my social media but I was invited to collaborate with the Body Shop on an exclusive bloggers event, and honestly it was the most incredible evening. A visual representation of how far my blog has come in a year! I was so happy all day and although I was so nervous before, it was one of the best days and everything went so perfectly. Also that event was the first time I had ever uploaded to YouTube, so the start of a new little era of my blog and the progression of Indigo Rosee. I have actually been to a couple of blog events this month and I think October has been the month where I have noticed a considerable difference in the ‘brand’ side of my blog, I’m finally starting to feel like my blog is turning more into a little business than a hobby and I’m really liking that shift. 

This month my blog turned 1! I can’t believe that it has gone so quickly and that I have been sharing my life on this little space on the internet for over a year now. I am not going to ramble on too much as I wrote a whole post on the 24th, but it has been a crazy year filled with opportunities and I am so glad that I have been able to document it all. I can’t believe that it has happened to me and that so many people now read this blog, I have built up a community and I am genuinely really proud of myself. 

A giant pink balloon is always a good idea- I want to do it every year!

The last week of October was spent off college for half term, and my goodness I was craving a break. It was very needed!! I spent the majority of the week catching up on schoolwork and relaxing, and I definitely feel refreshed and ready to go back to college. I attended a couple of parties with my friends, one of them being halloween themed where I dressed up as a mermaid and felt absolutely incredible. If you follow my Instagram you will know that mermaids are one of my favourite makeup looks to create and now I have finally been able to wear it outside of my house! I am not going to talk too much about my makeup look though as I have a tutorial/ “get ready with me” style video going live in the next week or so. 

A whole lotta love ❤

Loved wearing a wig as part of my costume!

Towards the end of the half term I was invited to a blog event in Leeds (read that post here) and, although Leeds isn’t too far away from me, we decided to book a hotel room and make the night of it. A spontaneous decision but certainly a good one! We went shopping, ate amazing food and drank a lot of cocktails… it was lush! It was the first time that me and my boyfriend have been away together and it was so perfect, lots of memories were created and it makes me so excited to go away together again soon. 

The final thing to happen in October is my nans birthday, which is actually on Halloween. We had a pretty chilled day (I was at college) and then we went out for a meal in the evening with my uncle. I’m sure you have heard me talk about how much my nan means to me before, but she is truly the best and most supportive person in my life and I am so lucky. I think she had a good day that was very well deserved 💕 

So that was October! An absolutely crazy month but a good one and now Halloween is over it is now the run up to Christmas… I’m so excited! I apologise if my blog is a little slow in November, I’m spending the majority of the month prepping for blogmas, so there may be a few less posts than usual. 



    • November 1, 2017 / 4:49 pm

      I hope that I manage to do everyday! Thank you! 💗

  1. November 6, 2017 / 4:55 am

    I’m a first timer on your blog and fell in love with it. Being new to blogging your growth in a year really inspires me and I can imagine the hard work that must have gone into it. Love your story telling and photography !

    • November 6, 2017 / 7:09 am

      Awh thank you so much! This comment has made my day 💖

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