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Autumn is my favourite time of year and I love darker evenings where I can cuddle up under a blanket and just relax. That’s why I was delighted when I was asked by the lovely team at Panasonic to write about my cosy night in essentials on my blog. Cosy nights by the fire are one of the best things about autumn, and this time of year is perfect to create the perfect chilled night in front on the TV. Im not the biggest party animal and I think I actually prefer staying in and cuddling up on the sofa with a big mug of hot chocolate… oh how I do live life on the wild side. If you want to find out more then click here: Oled Tv by Panasonic 

Having a soak in the bath is a good idea to get your cosy night off to a fantastic start. Popping in a bath bomb and just switching off for half an hour is sometimes all you need to destress and completely relax. A long hot shower is also lush on cold winter days to warm you up and really start the cosy evening. What you wear is also pretty crucial to your night in. There is no better feeling than getting out of the bath and getting comfy in pyjamas. My go to is leggings and a slouchy top, and fluffy socks are a must! The best that I have found are from Primark, and they are so cheap as well… perfect for the winter months. My dressing gown is also my favourite to cosy up with, I got it as a Christmas present a few years ago and I still love it now as much as I did then. It’s fluffy, pink and even has ears… what more do I want? 

One of the most important things about a cosy night is setting the scene. I love turning on all of my fairy lights (I have so many!) and lighting some candles. Bright lights are too harsh and don’t relax you in the slightest. Instead warm lighting is the best and really makes you feel cosy, particularly in Autumn! A blanket is also a good idea to snuggle up and watch a film or TV show with. 

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite drinks and it’s perfect for a cosy evening in. There are so many types of hot chocolate now and I love trying them, but my favourite has to be the classic cadburys. It is so comforting and I love having a warm drink when it is freezing cold outside. If I don’t fancy treating myself to a hot chocolate, I tend to have a cup of tea… which is equally as lovely! Snacks are also crucial to a perfect night in, plenty of chocolate and sweets are needed to indulge in. I love matchmakers or any form of mint chocolate in general, they just remind me of Christmas and that’s perfect considering it is coming up to the festive time of year! A takeaway is also a good treat and amazing for nights when you just want to relax and don’t want to cook anything, plus who doesn’t love a takeaway pizza? 

Now onto the actual activities of the evening. I love curling up on the sofa or on my bed, turning on the TV and watching something that I love. I am not the biggest TV series watcher (I know I’m missing out!!) so instead I turn to reality TV or documentaries. Also I have been watching Sherlock a lot recently and I absolutely adore it, I can’t believe I didn’t jump on the hype years ago! I really like watching TV on a bigger screen than my MacBook, so I tend to sit downstairs and use the larger TV or use the TV in my bedroom, it makes the whole experience so much nicer and more immersive than a tiny MacBook screen. Even if I do tend to fall asleep halfway through the show because I am so comfy! 

Overall cosy evenings are the best and I really hope that you have enjoyed this post on how to create the perfect autumn evening at home, for very little money as well! I hope that you take time to completely relax and have an evening like this in a couple of weeks. The run up to Christmas is often stressful so it’s nice o just switch off for an evening with someone that you love. It’s such a nice idea to invite a few friends or you partner round and just do nothing together. If you do have a chilled night in the next few weeks please take a few pictures and send them to me, I would love to see them! Thank you so much to the lovely team at Panasonic for supporting this post and letting me share my night in essentials with my followers, I really appreciate it. 

(This post was sponsored but as always all opinions and photos are my own) 



  1. November 8, 2017 / 7:03 pm

    With the fast pace of nowadays and managing work/life balance, this is the perfect post to read right now. Wonderful relaxing photos, the lighting is warm yet subtle! great suggestions and descriptions, which in itself I found relaxing to read. Another wonderful post Tori! great to see support from 3rd parties such as Panasonic, who I actually plan on checking out their hardware for a TV soon πŸ˜‰

    • November 8, 2017 / 7:05 pm

      Thank you so much! I’m also very happy that brands are working alongside me now, as I love sharing my creativity and working with other people on my blog… it’s always so much fun! I agree with you on the photos, they are some of my favourite on my blog and I love how cosy they are. Thank you for your continued support! πŸ’–

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