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I am really enjoying the A chat with series at the moment, there is something so fantastic about chatting to and connecting with someone who you have followed for a long time. Todays chat is with the lovely Rhianna, the blogging queen (in my eyes anyway) and fellow Yorkshire gal. I loved being able to have a chat with her all about her life as a blogger and I hope you enjoy it as well.

As always my text from now on will be in bold and Rhianna’s will be in a normal font.
I want to start this interview by thanking you for taking part in this series, I am so inspired by your blog and social media and I was so happy when you agreed to answer a few questions.
Thank you so much for asking me to take part! I love doing stuff like this, I always find it so fun!

Why did you start your blog originally? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

It was sort of somewhere in between. I actually used to have a fitness/health “blog” on Tumblr that gained quite a few followers. (I don’t think a lot of people know this, but I got really into fitness when I was first put on anti-anxiety medication – it really helped me manage my mental health and I really need to get back into it because WOW am I unfit at the moment haha!) Anyway, from creating this Tumblr, I fell into the world of blogs and YouTube. I was on a year-long work placement at the time and needed a way to fill my evenings, so I figured I’d give “proper” blogging a shot. Created an account on WordPress, did some research into SEO, domains, self hosting etc and here we are almost 4 years later! Honestly, I didn’t think it would last more than a few months haha!
What is your favourite social media platform? I love your Instagram! 
Ah thank you! I have such a love-hate relationship with Instagram haha! In terms of my favourite platform, I love Instagram and Twitter for two different reasons so I don’t think I could pick one favourite! I love Instagram because I’m a very visual person, and I’ve always loved taking photos. It very quickly became my favourite platform last year, but now the algorithm is such a mess and they’re making it so hard for anyone to grow, I fall in and out of love with it on the daily. I have a soft-spot for Twitter because I’m a naturally chatty person and I love sharing my life/thoughts, so I love the instant gratification Twitter has. But, that said, it can be a really draining place at the moment, so it definitely doesn’t hold that place in my heart it used to!

You have recently won an award which is so exciting! How did it feel when your name was called out? You looked so gorgeous that night, I loved the lace detailing on your dress!

Honestly, I was buzzing. I absolutely, 100% didn’t expect my name to be called and I was already drunk from all the prosecco, so I was actually a little confused at first! Then I realised I’d won and ran up on stage with no shoes on. (Context: I have a bad knee and didn’t realise I couldn’t physically walk in my heels until after I’d put them on and not brought flats with me, so I spent the entire night barefoot, haha!) I was in a daze for the rest of the weekend and I still can’t believe it. And thank you! ASOS special! I must have bought 100 dresses before I found one I liked – I’m so fussy!

I know that a lot of bloggers look up to you because of how successful and professional your blog is. Do you feel the pressure of having a larger audience or does it feel the same as it did when you started? 

I’ve been asked similar questions before, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact people consider my audience large. I think when you blog, it’s so easy to forget people actually read what you say. I have very little pressure with my blog, because I don’t really think about it. Even when I do collaborations with brands, I tend to make sure the subject of the blog post is something I was going to write about anyway. I absolutely lost my mind at Slam Dunk Festival this year, because someone approached me whilst I was watching a band and said they read my blog. When I’d finished talking to her, I turned around to Joe and had a little happy cry! So, to answer your question, it still feels the same as when I started, and I think it always will!

I really connected with a post you wrote recently about being a northern blogger as I am from North Yorkshire, what has been your favourite event that you have been to in the north? 
I LOVE being a Northern blogger. Although, to be honest, I love being Northern in general. Especially Yorkshire – I know I’m biased, but it’s just such a beautiful county. My favourite Northern event probably was the Northern Blog Awards, you know. Not only because I won an award, but because it just felt so close-knit. It was great to have a whole night celebrating the talent we have up North, and I discovered so many bloggers I’d never read before. I’m all about repping that Northern pride. And, being from Leeds, I’m very lucky because the blogging scene is booming here! There’s always a new restaurant menu, or a bar opening or something going on – it’s brilliant.

You manage a job alongside your successful blog, do you find this challenging and how do you deal with the time management/having time to relax? 

In short: I don’t. Honestly, I am the worst person at managing my time. I sometimes wonder why anyone actually follows me because I’ve become so inconsistent recently! I’m not a morning person, so I can’t get up early and blog then, but by the time I’m home from work all I want to do is crack open a sharing bag of Twirl bites, drink a bottle of wine and watch Gilmore Girls until I fall asleep. If I am on my game, I’ll blog when I get home from work and try get as much done in one go, because I don’t know when the motivation will return. I also often write posts on my lunch break, because I tend to be more productive in the afternoon. I’m getting better, and it’s definitely about finding a routine. But it’s also important to allow yourself time off. If I get home and I want to write, I will. If I get home and I want a Netflix binge, I’ll do that instead.

How do you find your partner also being a social influencer? Do you know exactly how much to share of your lives and what to keep private or are the lines blurred? 

I really love the fact that Joe also has a blog. He started his blog about a year after me, and it’s the best thing he ever did! We both love sharing our lives online (although, I think I’m slightly more of an oversharer than he is) and because we both blog, we both understand how much of a commitment blogging really is. It means that sometimes we’ll both sit at our laptops all evening, but it also means we get to do some REALLY fun things together. We’ve definitely found a balance between our online and offline lives – for example, we dedicate evenings to offline-only time if we’ve been particularly busy. We’re so similar, we’ve been together so long and we’re so open that if anything ever did cross a line, there wouldn’t even be a second thought in keeping it private. At the end of the day, our relationship is more important.

I am always so in awe of your flatlay photography and I would love some tips, how do you cope with the lighting changes now we are going into winter? I love autumn but I hate how my photos turn out! 

Thank you so much! I bloody love a good flatlay! I really struggle with photos in Autumn, especially with having a full time job. I’d definitely recommend being hyper-organised, planning out your content and taking photos on a weekend. It’s the only way I can get anything done in the colder moths. And, in terms of flatlay tips, that’s a hard one because a lot of my tips are styling based and everyone has a different style! I like my flatlays to be quite busy, whereas I know a lot of people like a lot of blank space. I’d say the key is in the practice. Try different things, take inspiration from other people (but don’t copy!) and decide on your own style. People always ask me if I use a tripod but I don’t – I’ve just practiced a lot! It helps that my camera (Olympus EPL-7) has a flip screen, so I can hold my hand high in the air and still see what I’m photographing!

What has been your favourite day in 2017 so far? I always ask this as I’m so nosey!

Oh MAN this is a difficult question! I am one for the little things, so my happiest days are always the ones where me and Joe spend time together not really doing much. As an example, last weekend we had a long lie in, made bacon sandwiches, wandered down to Costa to get a hot chocolate, took a few photos, then went home and I cooked a spag bol. We ate, drank wine and watched Wonder Woman on Blu Ray and it was just lush. Relaxed days like that are always my favourite.
But I can’t answer this question without mentioning the happiest moment of 2017 so far. Thursday 2nd March 2017. I went for a job interview after I’d spent the last 6 months unemployed due to redundancy. I hadn’t even got home yet before they rang me and offered me the position. I got home and burst into tears, rang everyone I knew then swiftly went down to the put for a few celebratory pints. I spent the whole night crying and I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well in my life! If anyone has ever been made redundant, they will know how incredible and relieving this feeling is!

I talk a lot about beauty on my blog so we will have something makeup related as my last question….What is your holy grail makeup product?

WHAT A MEAN QUESTION. ONE PRODUCT? Nah mate, I can’t do that I’m sorry. I can give you a few, but I can’t narrow it down to one, that’s too difficult. My holy grail red lip is the Stila liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Fiery’ – I get SO many questions and compliments whenever I wear it. My holy grail mascara is Benefit’s Roller Lash – it’s the only one I’ll wear now. My holy grail brow product is Benefit’s Ka-Brow! And my holy grail base product is La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant – it’s like a BB cream but it also tackles blemishes. It’s fairly light coverage, but it makes your skin look flawless! I just stick a bit of concealer on any parts that need more coverage and bam! I haven’t worn a foundation in months!

So thats the interview! Thank you so much to the gorgeous Rhianna for taking part and featuring on my blog, I really appreciate every influencer who takes the time to be interviewed for these posts. As always if you have any future recommendations please let me know, Im always up for suggestions.

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