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I saw this floating around the internet and I really enjoyed reading it so I thought to recreate it with my answers today. From my little bit of research I think these questions originated from so I want to thank that blog for giving me the questions and starting the tag. In case you aren’t aware, a tag is a series of questions that bloggers/youtubers answer that get passed on as the posts go on. Hopefully you will find out a bit more about my Christmas by me answering them!

I actually took these photos a few months ago but never had a purpose for them, but I love them so much so I thought to include them here!

What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?

It has to be Elf! I don’t know what it is about that film, maybe because of how easy it is to watch, or how funny it is, but I absolutely adore it. Im surprised if it is not on in my house everyday in the run up to the 25th… it’s just a classic! I think as a general rule of thumb, I love the modern Christmas films that are just so cheesy, so nativity easily fits that description as well. I also love home alone as that’s just a classic!

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

We always open our gifts on Christmas morning, and it tends to be the first thing that our family do when we wake up. The fire goes on and we all sit in the living room to open our presents. I always seem to open mine first because I’m the youngest in my family, and then the adults open theirs. I love the whole present opening part of the day, as not only is it nice to receive presents, it’s also really nice to watch others open them too.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Ooh I’m not sure! I think that every Christmas is filled with good memories as you are spending time with people that you love and also making time for all of your family, so it is always nice. However I think that the majority of my favourite memories are in the run up to Christmas, when everyone is excited and preparing. Although I think one of my favourite memories was last year, when I hosted the Christmas party for my friends… it was one of the best nights and everyone was so excited to be off college!

Favourite festive food?

It just has to be stuffing balls and pigs in blankets… they are the classic Christmas food. However I do tend to spend most of the morning stuffing my face and then don’t enjoy Christmas dinner as much, this year I am determined to wait for my dinner! I also love a chocolate orange as I only eat them around Christmas time and they just taste of festivities to me, they are so good.

Favourite Christmas gift?

I’m not sure. I have been lucky enough to receive some very generous gifts over the years however I think my favourite style of gifts are the little presents and stocking fillers. I love the thought that goes into them and they are often more exciting to open!

Favourite Christmas scent?

I absolutely love the scent of Christmas trees, as they just remind me of the bug real Christmas tree that is in our living room. So festive! As far as beauty goes, I love snow fairy by lush. It is the sweetest and most gorgeous scent, as the majority of the products are bright pink. There is no brand that does Christmas better than lush, and this is there most classic scent. If you haven’t tried it then where have you been?

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

My nan always treats me to a new pair of Christmas themed pyjamas, and usually we get matching ones which is also very cute. Most of my pyjamas are Christmas themed now so I wear them all year round! As far as Christmas Eve goes, we usually just spend time in the living room, relaxing and watching TV. We have also been known to play monopoly on Christmas Eve, but it always stresses me out 😂

What tops your tree?

Our Christmas tree is so tall it usually reaches the ceiling so we often have nothing on the top of our tree. The last year or two we have had a star, and I really liked that as I think it looks really pretty.

As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I have no idea! Knowing me, probably something really unrealistic like a puppy.

I think most children have asked for a pet at some point in their lives though so I don’t think it’s too extravagant!

What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

Spending time with family and friends, watching people come together and just have a really nice time with people who you love. Oh and spending all day on the sofa eating chocolate and not feeling guilty for it!

So there’s all of the questions! I really enjoyed answering these and I want to do some more Q and A style of posts in the future as I have really enjoyed answering them! If you decide to use this tag yourself please let me know and send me the link as I would love to see them.


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