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Leanne is someone who I have only met this year, and our friendship actually fell together pretty spontaneously. She is such a lovely lady and I do love her a lot, I’m so glad that I have made a proper friend from blogging! Leanne actually isn’t a blogger herself and instead has a YouTube channel, which I love. Her videos are so upbeat and positive, and her vibe always makes me more confident. One of her videos is actually the first video that I have ever featured on!

As always Leanne’s answers will be in regular font and my questions will be in bold.

What made you start YouTube? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day?

It was a bit of both to be honest. I was on the phone to my mum of all people, who was talking about some of the Youtubers she watches (Mainly American ones) and I just thought to myself I could do this! Also my history on the internet has mainly been in gaming communities so I knew about some Youtubers, just not much about the lifestyle way of things ie Vloggers and vlogging. I found myself researching how to record my screen and basic editing, and before you know it my YouTube Channel was born.

I chose Lecosanne because my name is Leanne, and my online nickname was and still is Cos- short for Cosette (I’m a huge Les miserables fan!). As Cos is inside of me I decided it was the best mix up of my actual name and my online name, the best of both worlds!

What has been your favourite YouTube experience so far?

Oh Wow, this is a hard question. Ive only being going a year and I love every aspect of it, but if I had to choose one moment it would be going to summer in the city for the first time, in august. The whole experience, of being able to go with my mum (who met some of her fave youtubers) meeting up with friends- some for the first time, making new friends and being able to vlog in public without batting an eyelid? It was just magical.

Also being able to just thank the creators in person that I have been watching for so long, it was just a humbling and satisfying thing on the same level. It was also then I realised how much I love the community that YouTube in the UK has created. I was in a hall of like minded people and for the first time in my life I felt proud to be part of something. I wasn’t just a small fish in the big pond, I was one of the fishes in the school- that felt amazing.

What is your favourite video that you have made so far?

This is a tough question, as after summer in the city I started to realise that the content I create is something I would enjoy if it wasn’t me but someone else. I really hope that make sense. Im Going to cheat here and say that my favourite video was my 1 Year of Lecosanne video. It took a long time to edit but the final product was amazing, to see how far I have come in one year has just added to my drive to continue.

We met at your job at a local hotel, do you enjoy your job? Would you ever go to YouTube full time if money would allow?

I really love my job. It allows me to be me and talk to guests from all different walks of life. The company I work for really do look after their staff and I love doing what I do. YouTube full time would be living the dream wouldn’t it? At this current moment in time it is a dream, but if I was able to do something I love full time it’s a no brainer really. The question really is would I be able to do it full time- which I doubt, as I procrastinate far too much!

Now for some Christmas questions! What does your typical Christmas Day look like?

Since moving away from home Christmas is pretty uneventful, if I am at home and not working, (hospitality does not stop for Christmas) its normally a lazy day, in PJs spending some quality time with my husband watching Christmassy movies, playing board games and just generally enjoying each others company! Every other year we spend time with our respective families- that’s what its all about really being with the ones you love.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

This one is an easy one, without a doubt home alone. I love the film and the thought of playing all those pranks on criminals! Its always funny too. I also LOVE nation lampoons Christmas vacation. Its so funny to see how different cultures celebrate everyone’s favourite holiday.

What is the best part about Christmas for you?

Spending time with my loved ones, and having time to myself. When you’re as busy as I am, in work and play time off to think and procrastinate is often the best. Also I love the sights and sounds of Christmas, everyone is always happy it really is the season of good will!

What has been your favourite day of 2017? I ask this question to everyone as I am always nosey!

This year has been a really good year. There are so many days to choose from- ive got to say though my favourite was January 18th which is coincidentally my birthday. My husband and I went to London to see phantom of the opera, but we also got to stay in the Conrad St James in London. I stayed here with dinner and breakfast as part of my prize for winning an award in 2016 from work. The hotel itself is owned by the same company I work for. It was just magical and yeah- was nice to be posh for a day!

What can we expect to see from lecosanne in 2018?

As a brand I have some exciting things coming round the corner. Im hoping to do more makeup reviews, and beauty reviews whilst still vlogging my life- my big happy adventure as I call it. Im also hoping to start a blog- this is an exclusive I guess as I haven’t announced this on the channel yet- im really hoping that I don’t procrastinate and I do actually do it.

As always I will have my last question as something beauty related, what is your holy grail beauty product?

This is an interesting one to answer as beauty products are really new to me, but as I read more beauty and lifestyle blogs and watch more videos based around makeup I have a better idea on how to answer this. My holy grail has got to be the sophdoesnail make up revolution eyeshadow pallet. It has a great big mirror and some wonderful shades for me to really explore how to work that eyeshadow. Also some of the colours double up well for contouring!

So that’s the interview! I hope that you enjoyed the interview and if you haven’t already please go and check Leanne out. I love when people support smaller bloggers and especially when we know each other, she deserves all the support in the world! Thank you so much to Leanne for featuring on this series!

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