Gift guide: Gals

I find the girls in my life easiest to buy for, but maybe that is because I am a girl myself. However I often find that girls seem to ‘have everything’ and it’s hard to find something unique but still useful. That being said I love buying gifts for girls and there are so many good things out on the market at the moment, so I thought to share 5 gift ideas in case you are struggling to buy for the girls in your life. Let me know if any of these are useful!


I am such a stationary lover and I adore receiving pretty products, particularly at Christmas time as it is so useful to have a new stash waiting for the new year. It’s a particularly good present if you have students that you need to buy for, as not only is pretty stationary gorgeous to look at, but also very useful as well. It would be nice to create a little stationary box filled with some goodies, such as notebooks, fineliners and pastel highlighters.

Gift voucher/ticket

This is the ultimate last minute gift for someone who you find hard to buy for, as it is putting in more effort than just giving them money but they can still pick what they would like and is *almost* like a proper present. Instead of just getting one for anywhere (it seems a bit generic), I would recommend featuring it around an event or something in their local area. For example a ticket to a musical that is happening at their local theatre etc. Another idea is a restaurant gift voucher for their favourite eatery as who doesn’t love free food?

Beauty gift sets

Christmas gift sets are a classic product, and I think that most girls do appreciate a gift set. The brands have certainly upped their game at the moment with their Christmas launches, and there is always something to suit everyone. Lush is a classic go to (in particular snow fairy) and I also love The Body Shop and Yorkshire soap company for more toiletry based sets. As far as makeup goes, benefit are always the best for their Christmas sets in my opinion, the always have such generous sample sizes and it’s a great way to test their products before you commit to the full size. The packaging is also gorgeous as well!

Subscription box

This is quite a new thing but I love it, as it is the gift that keeps on giving. I think that such an amazing gift is to purchase a few months or even a years subscription to a box that you think that the will like. There are so many to choose from and it means that the recipient receives a free box every month filled with goodies, so their gift lasts for so much longer than just Christmas Day. Glossybox is an amazing choice for all of the beauty addicts that you know, but there are so many different styles of box… you can even get ones that are filled with snacks!

An experience

Last but my no means least is an experience that you and the person can do together. Personally I think that an experience is so much better than a gift that you open, purely because you can have an amazing time and make memories with your loved ones. I think a perfect gift for you and your best friend would be to book a spa day to just relax together, and I have been meaning to do this with one of my friends for months. It is often more expensive so definitely a splurge gift, but worth it if you really want to treat someone special in your life.

I hope that this post has given you some advice if you have any last minute gifts to buy any girls in your life. I love these gifts and I would be happy to receive any of these myself. If you buy anything inspired by this post please let me know as I would love to have helped someone with their Christmas shopping… I completely relate with how stressful it is!


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