Gift guide: Guys

Let’s start this whole post by saying that I am not good at buying for guys… which is strange considering that most of my family are male. I would say I’m pretty good at nailing girls gifts, but I always hit a blank when I get to the males on my list. I know the struggle all too well so I thought to make a blog post with some of my tips and a few ideas for last minute gifts. Yesterday’s post was the girls version so it’s worth checking out if you are struggling.

I'm so guilty of going down the chocolate route for guys!


Who doesn’t love a guy who smells divine? I adore aftershave on guys and I think it’s a really nice present as well. The companies often wrap them really nice and it is quite an expensive gift too, defiantly a treat present for you friend or partner. I recently bought my boyfriend his favourite aftershave from ‘the fragrance shop’ and they giftwrapped it so nice in purple paper and for free as well. If you know the person well I would defiantly recommend this gift however make sure you know what scents that they like or else it can be seen as quite a wasted gift… people will only wear a scent that they genuinely like.


Another go to present for both guys and girls. I used to think that toiletries as gifts were purely for girls, but recently the market for male grooming products have exploded and so many people love them. Beard care etc for guys is such a huge trend at the moment, and all of the big brands have got gorgeous gift sets. It’s not for every guy but if you do have someone who is into these kind of products it is definitely worth going to boots/Superdrug and having a look at the options available.


I mentioned this yesterday as a suggestion for the girls gifts, but I think it equally works well for guys. Plan to treat them and actually do something together, as making memories is always better than a gift in my opinion. The type of experience that you organise is all dependent on the type of guy that you are buying for. Some suggestions include Go Ape for the adventurous kind, booking a table at a nice restaurant or, if you really want to splurge, book a hotel room away somewhere for the night. It is so nice to feel treated and I think that guys feel the same, so this is the perfect way to do it. Plus often you are experiencing it will them, so it’s a treat for both of you!

Going out for a romantic date night is always a good idea ❤

Funny gifts

I always tend to buy guys funny gifts for guys and I have no idea why, I think it just works well as little stocking fillers. Most guys like gadgets and they are often pretty cheap as well, so it’s good to buy a few to put in their gift. This year I have bought so many wallet ninjas for all of the guys that I know, they are the best things and actually so useful. They are little metal cards that you put in your wallet and they have so many features on them, such as a bottle opener. I’ve also picked my boyfriend up a little Lego set as, despite him being 19, I know how much he will enjoy it!

Thoughtful touches

Last but not least, thoughtful gifts. I think these are some of the nicest gifts that you can receive and they are actually some of the cheapest to make. People get so caught up in the commercial side of Christmas (me included) so it is sometimes nice to just step back and actually make something nice. This is particularly good for your boyfriend or partner. Pinterest is the best place to get ideas for homemade gifts (some people have amazing ideas!) however some of my favourite ideas include…

  • A memory jar with your favourite memories on little notes and some photos, this is really nice as once it’s been given to your partner or friend then they can add to it in the next year and the present doesn’t really end.
  • Make him little vouchers that he can cash in throughout the eyes with little tasks on. You can even personalise it to suit him, so for example if he hates making dinner then give him more vouchers for ‘cook dinner’ so then he doesn’t have to.
  • I think that the adventure jar is another great idea. Similar to a memory jar but for the future, on little pieces of paper write different date ideas and places that you want to visit. When you are stuck for date ideas then just pull out a little card and then you have an idea there and then. I think this is so cute and almost like a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year as it is practical as well as cute.

I’m honestly not sure how helpful that this has been, however I hope that it has sparked an idea or two if you are struggling. I find guys so hard to buy for so please let me know what your go to presents are, as it might help me out as well! As always thank you so much for reading and I hope you are enjoying this little mini gift guide series within blogmas ❤


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