Small businesses to support this Christmas

I absolutely adore smaller businesses and just finding out about their entire brand. I am so inspired by the people behind them, who are more often than not a one man band, and dedicate their lives to being entrepreneurs and creating such lovely products, for today I thought to spread the love and share some of my favourite independent businesses that you should support this Christmas time. These all go the extra mile, add personalised touches and overall create the most stunning presents. They are often slightly more expensive but they are so unbelievably worth it, and it feel so nice to support someone directly at Christmas time.

Sighh designs

If you have read my blog for a while you will know that Polly from sighh designs is one of my favourite people, so much so that she featured on ‘A chat with’ a couple of months ago. Her products are to die for and although she is not really a small business anymore, she still works on her products alone so I’m counting it. I have followed her online for years and I have taken great pleasure in watching her company grow and grow, she does a lovely variety of products and I’m sure that you will find a perfect Christmas present on her website. My favourites are her classic phone cases and also her new jacket pins. They are such a cool trend at the moment and a perfect present for a friend with a denim jacket. Definitely worth checking out, I love her and I would love if you went and supported her business.

Click here to be directed to the sighh website.

Darcey Strangeways

Meg is a mutual friend and she lives in the same town as me, so we do kind of know each other but not too well. Her work is absolutely stunning and the style of her work is like nothing that I have come across before, she specialises in drawing people but with the style being very unrealistic and almost spooky in some cases. This sounds like a weird thing to say about a cartoon style drawing but they are actually really attractive! I can’t explain it and I urge you to go to her Instagram and take a look. I think if you have someone to buy for that loves this style, I would recommend purchasing a print or even an actual painting. A lot of her work is done in a personalised style is it is worth dropping her an email and seeing what she can do for you, overall such a gorgeous girl and definitely worth supporting her small business.

Click here to be directed to Megs Instagram


I first found Jemma through blogging as she absolutely kills the blogging game, honestly all of her social media is incredible and she injects such positive energy into the community. Once I found out that she had an online etsy, I checked it out and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Her products are so bright and colourful, and would make such good Christmas presents. Her style is very pretty and abstract, and her products are often really useful too… she recently brought out self care wipeboards and they would make such a good gift in my opinion. She has a wide range of products in her shop so I would definitely recommend checking her out, especially if you like really strong colours and bold prints.

Click here to be directed to the dorkfaceshop etsy page.


I worked alongside planozo a couple of months ago to create my bullet journal post, and they very kindly sent me some stickers for my planner. I love their stickers and I think that they make a perfect present for stationary addicts like me, everyone knows a stationary lover and planner stickers are so useful as well as gorgeous. I love them for my planner as they help to keep me organised but they also look so pretty as well to add a pop of colour. This brand are so reasonably priced and would make such a nice present for someone who is trying to get organised in the new year. You could buy them a diary, some stickers and a pack of pretty pens and I think that would make such a good ‘stationary pack’ gift set. I would love to receive that!

Click here to be directed to the planozo etsy page.

Dot creates

I adore this company so much and they are only just over 2 years old, you wouldn’t think it considering how professional their brand is! They create the most gorgeous looking planners and other stationary sets as well, so it is again perfect for a stationary addict that you know. If you know any bloggers I would definitely recommend purchasing them the ‘blog planner’, it is so helpful and the gold foiling/dark blue combination is to die for. The prints and desk pads are also gorgeous. A bit more on the pricey side for stationary but they are such good quality and I would certainly recommend having a look on their website. The customer service is very good and I believe that they work alongside other bloggers as well.

Click here to be directed to the dot creates website.

So there are my favourites! If you have a look at any of them please let me know, particularly if you make a purchase. It’s so good to support smaller brands at Christmas, and often the products are better quality than the big brands! Hopefully this has helped you out for some unique Christmas gifts. As always thank you so much for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed the little gift guide section of blogmas. I can’t believe how far into the month we are already… uploading everyday is harder than I thought!


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