Winter lipsticks

A couple of months ago I published a post about my favourite nude lipsticks and a lot of you beauty lovers found it helpful, so I thought to post another with my favourite winter/festive lipsticks. These are perfect for Christmas parties or even just to get into the festive spirit a bit more. I adore doing my makeup in December and a darker lip is a good way to add a bit more into an outfit.

If you know me you know that I am definitely a nude lipstick kinda girl and nothing else. For 11 months of the year I stick to nude tones only, purely because it’s in my comfort zone. Don’t get my wrong, I experiment with my makeup quite a lot but when it comes to lipstick I am not an experimenter… at all. However this year I have worn a couple of darker shades and I actually do like them, and although they are more work than a nude (I am a lazy girl at heart), I do like how the richer tones look.

So here are 5 of my recommendations for if you want to experiment with darker winter shades…

Rimmel 107

This is surprisingly the only red in the list, even though it is the classic Christmas colour. Rimmel 107 is certainly my go to red shade, as it is matte (I dislike glossy brights) and very easy to apply. It doesn’t feel heavy on your lips and you can also layer it throughout the day without it going all weird and cakey. The only downside is that because it is a ‘classic’ lipstick bullet as opposed to a liquid lip, it does tend to come off with food or drink. That being said it tends to fade evenly so by the end of the day it looks more like a lip stain than a lipstick. Overall an amazing product and for the tiny price tag (around £5 I believe) it is 100% worth a purchase.


The plum tone of this is the route that I usually go down if I want a darker lipstick as opposed to a classic red. This is a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick, and if you remove all of the controversy surrounding him, you can’t deny that his products are pretty incredible. Once applied, this liquid lipstick lasts all day and doesn’t budge at all… I usually have to scrub at it with a flannel to remove at the end of the day. I absolutely love it as it truly is the lazy girls dark lipstick because of how easy it is and you don’t have to think about it transferring or looking terrible. I would recommend using a lipliner first as it can bleed a little when you apply it if. Probably my favourite one out of this whole post!


Kat Von D is actually my all time favourite makeup brand and they definitely do not disappoint when it comes to lipsticks. I own a fair few of their liquid lipsticks however Lolita is certainly the most wintery one out of the bunch. You need a couple of layers to make the colour completely opaque but once it is applied it does not budge at all. It’s such a pretty autumn colour and perfect for this time of year. It is arguably quite subtle in comparison to the others therefore perfect if you just want to dip your toe into the darker lipstick water. Like all Kat Von D lipsticks, they are incredibly matte but I don’t find them drying at all. Worth having a look at this one and all the other colours as well, I’m pretty sure that you will find your perfect shade because there are so many on offer!


Mac is such a classic lipstick brand and it’s always a good starting point if you want a new shade in your collection. I think that Retro is a pretty unique colour, as it is a medium toned brick red but not too bright. I really like this for during the day, as it is something a bit darker but doesn’t overpower the rest of your makeup look. The only problem is that it tends to slide off when eating and drinking, not the biggest problem in the world but worth noting that you will have to reapply after having some food to keep it looking as good as possible. Mac lipsticks are quite expensive but I do believe that they are worth the price purely because of the huge shade range and quality.


This is my classic day to day shade in the autumn/winter time and I love it. Again another Mac purchase, it is not too bold but still significantly darker than the nude lipsticks that I usually wear. It’s such a gorgeous shade and isn’t too drying on the lips, which is perfect for everyday use in the cold weather (my lips are chapped to start with and I don’t want anything making them worse!). I imagine that this type of plum shade would compliment every skin tone perfectly. I think it’s the most ‘play safe’ lipstick out of all of the ones that I have mentioned, so probably a good one if you are like me and are not used to the more wintery shades.

So there are my top winter lipstick picks. Hopefully these have helped you and if you purchase any of these please let me know! Like I said earlier, I am not very good at darker lipstick colours so if you have any advice or recommendations then I would love to hear them. In the new year I am considering doing a ‘costume’ version of this post, with all of my favourite crazy costume makeup lipsticks (all the blues and greens!). I really hope that you are enjoying blogmas so far, it is more stressful than I thought to upload everyday however I am loving every second of it and I hope that you are too. Still a long way to go before January and a lot of exciting posts to still come!


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