The prettiest delivery 💕

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive the most gorgeous package from Charlotte Tilbury. I had been talking to the lovely team at Charlotte Tilbury for a while so when they wanted to send me a package with some of their Christmas collections in I was so happy and overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s such an unbelievable feeling when brands that you have loved for years want to work with you, and I’m still getting used to it. I’m not sure I will ever get used to the feeling of working with a brand though!

I wasn’t sure how to structure this post but I thought that I will strip it back to basics and just run through all of the products that I received and what I think of them. Like I said, I received this box a few weeks ago so have been busy trying and testing them all out so I can share my opinions with you. I think this goes without saying but I just wanted to address that I am incredibly fortunate to receive products like this and I don’t want this post to come across like I am boasting about what I have received… because that is not my intention in the slightest. I just want to share my opinions and hopefully give you some helpful insight into the brand. So with that disclaimer over let’s get into the beautiful products….

The first product that I opened was their ‘scent of a dream perfume’. This is actually a really useful gift for me as I have been going on for ages about wanting to find a perfume to wear everyday. So many people who I know have a ‘signature scent’ which I can actually recognise them by but I never did… until now. This is such a lovely fragrance and that is coming from me who is so fussy about what perfumes that I like. It smells quite fresh but has quite musky and sexy undertones, and I love it so much. It is really strong when you first apply but then dies down, but you can still smell it all day which I like. I am so bad at describing smells however it is very unique and worth having a test at the Charlotte Tilbury counter! Definitely worth a look and could be a good present for any ladies in your life at Christmas time.

Next up is the ‘beauty icons’ gift set, which I believe is a Christmas exclusive (although I’m not 100% sure). This is a 5 piece gift set, with 1 full size product and 4 half size ones that are all the best sellers from Charlotte Tilbury. I love the idea of this gift box for someone who hasn’t tried Charlotte Tilbury before, as it shows them some of their best selling and most popular products, so they get an overall feel for what the brand is about. I loved receiving this and testing out all of the products in the set.

Magic cream

Arguably Charlotte Tilbury’s most famous product, and I can definitely see why after trying it. I tend to use it on a morning about half an hour before I put my makeup on and by the time I come to do my makeup my skin feels so much softer and prepared. I don’t think it had really done much for my skin in the long term (helps with spots etc) however I have only been using it for a few weeks so I may start seeing changes soon. I would recommend though and would consider repurchasing the full size once I have used it up. This would be the perfect product for anyone with quite dry skin!

Wonderglow face primer

I didn’t even know that Charlotte Tilbury made a primer, so I was really happy to have the opportunity to try this. I don’t tend to like primer because of the silicone content, however this one is gorgeous. It is nowhere near like a traditional primer and instead I would describe it as a cross between a subtle liquid highlight and a moisturiser. It adds a bit of hydration to your skin whilst also adding a glowy base for your makeup. Love!! This is probably my favourite product out of the whole set.

Mini Penelope pink lipstick

This is the cutest lipstick that I have ever seen, it is so small and perfect for your handbag! I don’t think I have ever seen a smaller lipstick but I love it, and you never actually use a full lipstick up anyway so this actually seems like a better idea. The colour itself is very pretty and unlike the name suggests, is actually more of a nude tone than a pink. As everyone knows, I love a nude lipstick so this was right up my street. I think I will purchase the full size once I have used the mini one up, as the colour is so pretty and the formula is lovely too.

Pillow talk lip liner

I have only started using lip liner recently, so I was really happy when I found this as part of the set. The colour is right up my street and actually works so well alongside the Penelope pink lipstick that is also in the collection. The texture is so nice and not too waxy, but still does hold lipstick in place. I like how versatile the colour is and could be used with many different lipsticks that I love, so I know how much wear I will get out of this. Plus it is a full size product so that’s always a bonus!

Full fat lashes mascara

I am not the best person to review this product, because I am very much a false lashes wearer. However I don’t wear them everyday and tend to have the weekends off from falsies, so that is when I have tested the mascara… so I haven’t had lots of chance to gather an opinion! From what I have found, I find that it adds volume to my lashes however doesn’t add masses of length. It’s a really nice mascara though and the key point is that it doesn’t flake off your eyelashes half way through the day! However if you want to purchase this, I would read another bloggers review first as I do not feel qualified to provide mascara advice with the amount that I wear false lashes.

Overall I loved trying out these products and there is not one item that I dislike. I can definitely see why Charlotte Tilbury is known as such a luxury brand as the quality of her products are so high and worth every penny of the high price tag. Thank you so much to the team at Charlotte Tilbury for sending me these gifts over, I am in love with them and I am so grateful that you have worked alongside my blog.

(These products were sent to me for no cost however all opinions and photos are my own)


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