The winner!

This is a very short post because I have already revealed the winner on twitter but I thought to announce it on here too in case some people only follow my blog. Two weeks ago now I posted my very first giveaway on here and on twitter, for everyone to enter (click here if you haven’t read that post). Well people entered and after closing the competition yesterday, I finally have a winner.

I chose the winner by using a random name generator, after inputting the usernames that entered into a software which chose a name completely randomly.

And the winner is….

@Life0fbrooke !!

They have already been contacted and their package is on the way to them, hopefully arriving by Christmas! Congratulations to Brooke and thank you to everyone else who entered. I think my first giveaway was a success and I will definitely consider doing another one in the new year. So much fun!

As always thank you so much for reading my blog, and I hope you are enjoying (and keeping up with!) all of my Christmas posts! Remember that my blogmas is continuing on until 2018, so you have an extra week of posts coming your way soon ❤


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