Christmas wrapping 🎁

I have such a love hate relationship with wrapping presents, I love decorating them and making them look all pretty but the actual wrapping itself I cannot stand (I think you either love it or hate it). I usually dedicate a December afternoon to sitting on the floor and wrapping everything up, so I thought to share my top wrapping ideas with you. Luckily our friendship group are doing secret Santa this year so I don’t have too many to wrap, just my one secret present and then my family presents.

Obviously the key to wrapping presents is the wrapping paper itself, which is actually pretty hard to find! You need to get the balance between thick enough so you can’t see what is inside but not too thick that every present is impossible to wrap. I have found that Wilko is the best that I have tried, it is pretty cheap but really good quality… plus there is a huge selection to suit every style! Some people like their wrapping paper to all be the same but I like a mix of different textures and colours, as I think it looks more personal. I think my favourite this year is the green and gold paper, because I absolutely love gold detailing! It makes it so pretty and adds a really nice touch.

Tissue paper is useful for fragile gifts to add an extra layer before wrapping paper. I also love wrapping special gifts with tissue paper first so the recipient has to unwrap two layers and the suspense builds up a little bit more. There are so many nice styles of tissue paper now, and I particularly like this glittery paper from card factory. It was only a pound for plenty of sheets and it just looks festive. You have probably seen it so much recently in all of my festive flatlays!

Once you have actually wrapped the present it is time for what I think is the fun part… adding all of the extras! Paper bows are a classic and you can buy huge bags of them from Wilkos for a relatively cheap price, this year I have a few of the classic colours that were left over from last year and then some bronze ones that I bought from this years collection. I think they make a present look really pretty but is still so simple and doesn’t cost a lot, I always tend to stick them on stocking fillers when I want to add a little touch but don’t want to go all out with the ribbons and other extras.

For the main present I love using string or ribbon to add more detail to the gift and another special touch. The classic brown twine is always nice because I love a traditional style for gifts. There are so many different types of Christmas ribbon in stores which are like plastic (hard to explain but I hope you know what I mean) and perfect for decorating presents with curls of ribbon. This year I have also purchased a large roll of white and red string from amazon, and this is so simple yet effective to add another touch to your presents.

A lot of people don’t do this but I can’t resist buying pretty gift bags when I am looking at the wrapping section, because they are just pretty and finish the present off (plus it makes it so easier to store all the gifts after you have wrapped them!). This year I have bought most of them from Wilko’s again, because they are good quality for a reasonable price. I love the green ones that say surprise on them! Seriously if you need anything to help you with wrapping then take a look in your local wilkos as they have so many good festive bits in recently and I would completely recommend them. I have also bought a few from Poundland which I really liked, so its worth looking in there for some as well.

I didn’t know where to include writing cards as part of blogmas, so I thought to just include it as a little extra in this post even though I tend to do this on a separate night. I love the sentiment behind cards and keep EVERY card that I receive ever, so I always put in a little bit more effort into writing my own in case anyone else does the same. I write as many cards as I can, to friends family and I often send them too my teachers as well… so theres a fair few! It seems like a really daunting task but once you start getting into the swing of things you will speed up and get through them all, eventually!

So theres my post on festive wrapping, its not the most informative post that I have ever written but I really wanted to share my wrapping style this year as I love seeing other peoples photos of their wrapped presents. I love how everyone has a different style and colour scheme, so I hoped you liked seeing mine and it got you into the festive spirit a little bit more. Please send me photos of your wrapping! I would love to see how you have decorated your presents this year!

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