Planning my Christmas party!

This is the start of a two day post about Christmas parties. It was originally all going to be in one giant post however there was just far too much to share so I decided to break it down into planning today and then the party itself tomorrow. This year I have had two Christmas parties, well one of them was hosted by my nan for family and friends, then the day after I hosted a party for all of my friends. Both were so much fun so I thought to take some photos to share how we planned and organised everything. It was a busy week leading up to hosting 2 parties in 24 hours! A lot of people like my organisation and planning posts, this is a little different but still could be helpful to anyone hosting Christmas this year.

Make lists! Like seriously, make list after list after list after list. I don’t think I have enough brain space to remember everything that I needed to, and I found having numerous lists really helped me to organise everything. The main ones I had were

Guest list- I made a list on my phone of every guest that I was inviting, which was so helpful to visually see how many people that I needed to buy food for etc. Then when people confirmed that they could make it, I made their name turn to a bold font, so it was even easier to see who I needed to chase up for a confirmation. This list was so useful and I kept finding myself referring to it when organising, so it really sped up my organisation.

I would make sure that you don’t have too many guests. Obviously you need enough for it to be a party, but equally when you have too many people it is so crowded and loud… nobody talks to each other! For my party I invited 20 and it was the perfect amount. Obviously it is very dependent on the amount of space you have though.

Food/drink list- There is nothing worse than just walking around the supermarket not knowing how much to buy or even what to buy. Before I went shopping for my party, I made a big list of all of the drinks/nibbles that I needed to buy, but also the quantities I needed to reflect the amount of people coming (for example, ‘4 large bags of crisps’ instead of ‘crisps). Being more specific really speeds up the shopping process and avoids standing in the supermarket and having to work everything out… risking over or under buying!

To be fair, I didn’t actually have to buy that much for my party this year because I did the lazy girls method and ordered a takeaway. Saves cooking and it means that I can focus on having fun. However I decided to buy a few nibbles for the table for the first hour or so when everyone is arriving.

Must not forget list- To be fair I have one of these every single day of the year, but I thought to include it as it is so useful. I have the worst short term memory and if I think of something then I am almost guaranteed to forget it, so this is where the list was born. If there are any random little things that you need to remember write them down! Without it I end up an hour before the party remembering everything that I had forgotten in the past week. A good example of this is that I had ‘bring speaker’ written on mine, because I know that I would have forgotten to pack it otherwise!

So now that everything is in place, its time for decorations! Its a Christmas party after all so I try to make a bit of effort with decorations. However I didn’t have time to go too crazy and it was going to be too busy for lots of decorations, so I added some fairy lights, tinsel and a couple of little decorations. I also bought some mistletoe (mainly just to cause havoc amongst my friends!!) and Santa hats for everyone to wear! Not too mad but definitely added a festive touch. All of the photos throughout this post are of my decorations at the party… I loved them! They were quite subtle but still made everything look pretty and festive!

Music is something that I had completely forgotten about until the day before, and then it was a panic to create a playlist in time, so I thought to mention it here. I created a spotify playlist full of both Christmas and normal party songs, which I then shuffled throughout the party. To be honest it isn’t the most crucial thing to have a long playlist, just enough to start the party off and then after that people start adding their own songs anyway!

Tomorrow’s post will be filled with photos of my Christmas party and just generally sharing the night itself. It was honestly one of my favourite nights of 2017 and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout blogmas so far, everyone is being so supportive and I also grateful for the response that I have received.


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