If you follow me on Instagram or other social media you will know that last weekend I hosted my annual Christmas party. I invited all of my friends and it was lovely to get everyone together to let our hair down and have a good time. I thought to share some of my favourite photos of the night in this post so I do apologise for how photo heavy this is, although I hope that you will enjoy having an insight into my evening.

It took most of the day to set up all of the decorations, food and drinks but it was actually such a relaxed day getting prepared. I put on some feel good singalong songs and had such a good time setting everything up, I’m strange I know! It really got me into the party mood and really excited for the evening ahead.

After setting everything up, it was time to get ready myself. You all know how much I love beauty and fashion so I adore getting ready for parties. There’s no feeling like taking your time doing your makeup, whilst listening to music and overall just getting really excited for guests to arrive. I went with my classic smokey eye with a dark nude lip, so I won’t go into too much depth because of the amount of times I show you this makeup look! It’s the makeup that makes me feel the most confident so I always tend to wear it at parties, so I feel my best. Next week I am planning on doing a New Year’s Eve makeup look so hopefully you will see a similar style then!

My outfit is probably my favourite dress that I have ever worn for a party, I absolutely loved it. It took me ages to find a dress that I liked, because I knew I wanted a black one but I am so fussy with styles and what I feel confident in. I am honestly in love with this dress and it is actually so comfortable and easy to dance in (priorities!). For the first time in months I even didn’t wear tights and just had bare legs, and although I felt self conscious to start with I’m really glad I did! I would definitely recommend pretty little thing for evening dresses, they are so reasonably priced and everything that I have bought have been of great quality. This dress comes in so many different colours, so worth checking out!

My outfit was relatively simple, because I didn’t need a clutch bag (I was in my house). I started off the night with a pair of heeled sandals from New Look, which you can briefly see in some of the photos but I gave up with them an hour or so in when my feet started to hurt!

So now onto the actual evening. I had a good night and spent the majority of it eating, drinking and being merry. Dancing and singing to the best songs with my friends and just spending some quality time with the people who I know. My friendship group aren’t the tightest knit but I do enjoy spending time with them and making memories, it’s definitely important to have a group of friends in your life. I think everyone else had a good time too which is the main thing!

I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing my evening, paired with yesterday’s post I think that you have had a relatively good insight into my weekend.


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  1. March 25, 2018 / 9:03 am

    lovely pics and out fits 🙂 velvety glistening thighs

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