Costa Christmas 2017

Costa is arguably my favourite ‘national’ coffee shop, particularly around the Christmas time when they launch the seasonal drink collection. I am a huge fan of hot drinks and their festive range has yet to disappoint me so far, and this year is no exception to that. I have been trying and testing each drink since they released them back at the beginning of November, so I have had plenty of time to sample them and decide which ones are my favourite. Me and one of my best friends went for a coffee shop afternoon the other day to take some photos, and now I can finally upload this post!

Also I apologise for the lack of good photos in this blog post, incredibly warm lighting in costa paired with being distracted by catching up with my friend equals a disaster of a photoshoot!

There is something so festive about Christmas shopping and then going for a hot chocolate, and this is probably the reason why costa put so many different variations of Christmas hot chocolates on the menu. This year there are 4 on offer (and then the classic one) so there is definitely plenty to choose from. Every year they seem to keep the classics and also change a few up, the only thing that I am disappointed about is that they haven’t brought back the white hot chocolate, as I adored that one from a few years ago.

My favourite one this year has to 100% be Lindt hot chocolate. It is rich, creamy and just overall delicious. I honestly adore it and it is my go to drink when I got to costa at the moment, I am going to be so disappointed when they take it off the menu in January. A lot of people were disappointed when they were only releasing it in the small size, but I don’t mind as it is so rich that you probably couldn’t drink much more anyway! Certainly worth a try and one that I would recommend to any chocolate lover.

The Black Forest hot chocolate is probably the most classic costa drink there is and it has been coming back for a few years now… probably because so many people love it and demand it every year! It has a very sweet taste but you can still taste the hot chocolate, I think that it is a unique flavour and I definitely see why its a lot of peoples favourites. My friend Isy swears by this drink and she always has it when Christmas rolls around at Costa.

I can’t remember whether Costa brought out the mint hot chocolate last year or not, but I have tried it this year and I love it. When I go to other coffee shops I often get a mint hot chocolate, and it is one of my favourite drinks ever. Mint chocolate is my fave so you can’t go wrong with the hot chocolate version… it tastes like a melted matchmaker! This didn’t disappoint and I love the little mint toppings on the drink, it adds a really cute touch and taste amazing too.

A new addition this year is the billionaires hot chocolate, or actually the billionaires range in general (they also do a frosting and a hot latte). They have a caramel taste to them and I actually really like them, despite not being the biggest fan of really sickly sweet tastes. The only point that I would make is to remember to stir the drinks really well when buying a billionaires, because all of the sweet caramel syrup sinks to the bottom and you end up having a normal drink for 3/4 of it and then the thickest syrup for the last section… not good. I would check out the range though and I think it makes a nice new addition to the costa drinks family.

I always tend to edge towards hot chocolates when I go into costa, however they actually release some amazing Christmas coffees as well. I tried the honeycomb latte for the first time the other day, and I loved it. It was a bit sweeter than a normal latte (kind of like a caramel latte) and there were little pieces of honeycomb in the coffee. They tasted so nice and I would recommend it if you aren’t a hot chocolate fan or want something a little less sweet.

I hope that this post has given you some insight into the festive drinks at costa this year, I love them and I think that they have brought out a really good range. Im sorry that this post is so late into blogmas and you only have a couple of weeks left to sample them, but I wanted to properly try all of the ones that I wanted to before I gave you my opinion and chose my favourites. What is your favourite coffee shop? Let me know!


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